Barcelona’s Mole Poblano Sauce/Stone Ground, 16 oz

The signature sauce of Mexican Haute cuisine, Barcelona’s Mole Poblano is a slowly cooked sauce with over twenty ingredients. A careful blend of balanced flavors and aromas create a symphony of sensations. Deep and complex, the taste keeps unfolding with a hint of chocolate at the end. True to the original sixteenth century recipe, our Mole Poblano is an authentic masterpiece to enjoy with family and friends. Made with stone ground whole raw ingredients including whole bean organic cacao.

Quick facts

  • Gluten Free
  • NonGMO Verified
  • Refined Sugars Free
  • Refined Oils Free
  • Animal Product Free

Top reviews

Gourmet sauce, incredible convenience.

Anyone who has prepared mole poblano from scratch knows that it is a very labor intensive process, involving lots of ingredients and many steps before achieving the final result. Barcelona’s Mole Poblano eliminates the hard work and allows you to be a creative chef in an instant. Whether you want to impress guests at a dinner party or simply want to dress up some leftover chicken or turkey, this delicious sauce adds an authentic Mexican flavor to any meal. This recipe has been in the Riquelme family for generations and they take great pride in using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Barcelona’s Mole Poblano is more complex than most commercially available mole poblano sauces and the flavors open up on the palate like a fine wine. Although it is recommended as a topping sauce, it also makes a spicy and unique fondue dipping sauce. And even though it is recommended for use with poultry, it is equally delectable on hearty winter vegetables like roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash. A simple bowl of brown rice becomes an exquisite snack with a drizzle of this sauce. If you are a fan of mole poblano, I cannot recommend Barcelona’s Mole Poblano highly enough.
ArvillaHockessin, DE

So Delicious, So Easy!

Bring home a plain roasted chicken, make some Spanish rice and a green salad and you have a Gourmet meal, literally in minutes! Heat the sauce up and just spoon some over the chicken and serve.I love mole,but I don’t love making it from scratch.This is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a party. Delicious! I’ve had this sauce many times as well as the other flavors of Barcelona Sauces. Each one is phenomenal! Enjoy!
ArturoGlen Lyn, VA

Barcelona’s Mole – simply delicious!

I’d give this sauce six stars if I could. Most bottled mole sauces are bland and predictable – not this one! Barcelona’s is the real deal – all the heat and chocolate/cinnamon flavors of the best home made. A real winner!
CatherinaRutledge, GA