Barista Prima Coffeehouse “Italian” Dark Roast Keurig K Cups 36 per box

With a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright clean finish, our Italian Roast is a hearty and flavorful testament to the art of dark roasting. The ideal accompaniment to sunrise, or the perfect ending to an unforgettable meal. 36 K-Cups, Italian Roast

Quick facts

  • 36 K-Cups, Italian Roast
  • Made from the world’s finest Arabica beans
  • Bold flavor, heavy bodied yet ideally balanced and smooth
  • Brewing occurs inside the K-Cup so no flavor residue is left behind to spoil the next cup.
  • Enjoy your favorite brew anytime!

Top reviews

A Really Great K-Cup for a Dark Roast

I really like (not love) this k-cup, but only due to preference of medium roasts over dark roasts. I really like having some of this blend on hand for variety when I want a dark roast with very strong flavor. Within the Barista Prima line, I absolutely love the Barista Prima House Blend, and love the Barista Prima Colombia which are more medium or medium-dark. But for a complex, well blended dark roast, this is excellent.

I agree with their text that states a more complex flavor. The claim is that this is a premium line for those who expect a premium coffee more like a coffee shop. I tend to agree, except you just don’t get as much per cup. The italian blend is a stronger flavor, but not quite as burnt as a very dark french roast can be (not having tried the Barista Prima French Roast yet but comparing to french roasts in general). To me, no specific note stands out other than a strong coffee or maybe being a little more bitter.

What is nice about K-cups is you can easy switch blends per cup or over time without having to exhaust a whole bag of beans or grounds before moving on. And preferences change as you have the same day in and day out. I certainly don’t like to have dark blends constantly (but many do). But what I can say is that when I do, I think this one is great. I prefer variety and usually have House Blend in the morning, and a Colombia blend in the afternoon. On more rare occasions, I’ll have this roast when I feel like a dark roast with very strong flavor. I prefer this over another somewhat similar Green Mountain Espresso Blend which is more bitter and seems to hurt my stomach occasionally however quite good.

The Barista Prima tends to be more expensive, and depending on the sale price, can be only a little more expensive than other varieties. For a little bit more, it is worth it to me. For a lot more, maybe not. Paying about 12% more yields about 30% more in value in flavor to me. But paying 50% more is costly when there other flavors are plenty good too.

FelishaMannsville, NY

Very, Very Good, but also Expensive

As frequent K-cup users, our household coffee mavens, if reluctantly, really like this roast–“Barista Italian.” It can be almost twice the price per cup as the usual range of offerings. We’ve tried many others, but grumbling at our economic excess, we come back to this rich and adequately strong blend (even at the maximum number of ounces).
PenniReeseville, WI

Nice Discovery

I found this great coffee at a friend’s house and loved it.

I sent her more today.

I actually had 2 mugs this morning.

Having spent the last 2 weeks in Italy, it is a serious competitor to many there, and I did get tired of Espresso and Cappuccino.

RubiCrystal Lake, IA

Love this coffee wow what a great cup of coffee!

I love a good strong cup of coffee and that is what this is. I have had lots of K Cups but this is my new favorite one. This is a great price for this coffee!!
YevetteScottsburg, OR

better than starbucks

waited months and spent hundreds on k cup makers even though tassimo a better machine starbucks k cups suck this is a decent italian roast
CarlineMallory, NY

It’s the best – and worth the price

A great cup of coffee is rare. We’ve been getting k-cups for several years now, and have enjoyed a couple of french roast brands very much, but this Italian Roast by Barista Primia is Phenomenal. Worth Every Penny.
RobbieCedar Ridge, CA

wow very pleased

I have to say the new offerings are great. the french roast and the Italian roast have a nice strong coffee flavor. I would say remember your first cup out of a keurig, the reason you bought a machine, these two flavors remind me of that.
KristinGrand Cane, LA