Barkery Chewy Bites 6-Ounce

Barkery Chewy Bites Peanut Butter Flvr 6-Ounce

Quick facts

  • Made in the USA
  • Contains omega fatty acids
  • Low fat for weight management
  • Peanut Butter Flavor
  • Highly digestible
  • Low Fat

Top reviews

What dog can eat these?

Not really sure if I got a bad batch of them, or what? They don’t expire for a year, but they were so hard, that I had to use a knife and 20 plus pounds of pressure to break in half. After breaking it in half, I gave my Jack Russell/ Chihuahua half of it, 20 minutes later, she is still tossing it around my living room, chasing it, and running from it. I think that she thinks it is a toy, because she cannot chew it. So unless your dog has shark teeth, I am not sure he or she would be able to eat these. Only 3 dollars, but I learned my lesson with these. We have used many other treats with her, and she has never had a problem before, impossible to train your dog with these, because they cannot chew them.
KeciaGoodrich, TX

Non-Chewy bites

As raven wrote, these bites are not chewy nor are they extra chewy as the package states. In fact, these bites are just a tad softer than some rocks. They are approximately an inch long and shaped like a bone with a pink filling (I bought the bacon-flavored version). I cut them – a feat in itself – into 6 pieces to use as training treats. My puppy does like them, but she is in the middle of losing her baby teeth and she can’t chew them that well. She takes awhile eating 1/6th of a bite.

I am soaking a couple of bites in water to see if they will soften up so my puppy doesn’t have to gum the pieces for 5min.

ElliotJarbidge, NV

They were NOT chewy

I dont know if they sent me an old bag but they were hard, not chewy. I bought them because my dogs love the chewy treats. My dogs do like the flavor and smell, but they were not chewy. To my dogs, it is almost nothing more then the dry dog food they eat. I bought 2 bags and both were hard.
CierraHarper, IA