Barkworthies Natural Elk Antler

Barkworthiesb” Elk Antlers are a great way to give pets something to chew on that they’ll love and is good for them too. All of our Elk Antlers are all-natural, naturally shed and are sourced from the Central Rocky Mountains. No bleaches or chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing process.

Quick facts

  • Ideal for tough-chewing small and medium sized dogs.
  • A durable chew that will give your dog hours of chew time.
  • Contains essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron.
  • 100-Percent all natural product containing no hormones, steroids, pesticides, antibiotics, or fillers.
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums, 4-5″ long

Top reviews

Misleading, Overpriced

I ordered these elk bones for my dogs thinking there would be 3 bones in the order. When I received it there was only 1 bone in the package. In the picture there are 3 bones shown and being priced around $8 I thought that was reasonable for 3 bones. However, paying $8 for 1 dog bone is overpriced in my opinion. I called the company and they refunded me 10% but honestly I would have rather had the 3 bones that I thought I ordered instead of a refund. Even on the packing slip it said “elk antlers” plural. They should change the picture and wording so it is clear you are only ordering 1 bone.
OwenSigel, IL


I thought I would be receiving 3 medium-size antlers as per the photo indicated. The description did not state that there was one either. The ad is very misleading.
TracyRockwood, TN

6 month old puppy did not really go for this

I have a 6 month old Pomeranian puppy who loves chewing. I introduced this product to him, along with a compressed rawhide stick, and a Himalayan Dog Chew (Himalayan Dogs Chew 3 to 5-Pieces for Dogs Up to 20-pound, 3-1/2-Ounce) at the same time. He JUMPED on the compressed rawhide and did not stop until he’d eaten it all about a week later. He looooooved this thing – it must have tasted super good! He then tried the antler for maybe a day… it had an interesting smell coming from the part that was cut, and so he chewed on this for a little bit and got some of the hard interior out, but that was it. He’s LOVING the Himalayan Dog Chew though and now carries it everywhere… it’s VERY hard but can be bitten through and eaten if he works at it long enough, and he seems to like the flavor of it. He’s totally forgotten about the antler. It’s just sitting on the floor now. It’s just too hard for him.

I tried at least – I want him to have more natural treats and chew toys! Like another reviewer said earlier, it definitely depends on your dog and you won’t know until you’ve bought the product and tried it out.

DiannaForestport, NY

Deer antlers preferred

I have 2 three year old lab mixes. 45 & 65 pounds. Neither went gung-ho over the Elk antler like they did for the deer antler.
AngelicaBrohman, MI

Depends on the Dog

I have several dogs and got one of these in medium to see how it went over with my pups. Most of my dogs nibbled on it for awhile and moved on, but one of my beagles LOVED it and carries it around with him, keeping it away from the other dogs and chews on it for long periods. Most of my dogs are all about instant gratification and want their chewing to produce something that they can actually eat without a long wait for it, so they tired of this when it didn’t ‘produce’. If your dog likes to chew for the sake of chewing though, like my Mr. Good Boy, then this will be a hit. It’s sturdy, very long lasting and the medium was the perfect size for my beagles, beagle mixes and pit bull that range in size from 17 pounds to 60.
ApoloniaKiowa, OK

Favorite chew toy!

This is the second one of these antlers that I’ve ordered (the first one was stolen by a friend’s dog, because he liked it so much!). My dog absolutely loves these antlers and carries them all over the house with her. It is the perfect size for her (she’s about 30 pounds) and provides hours of chewing time. I highly recommend this to anyone with a dog who loves to chew and is looking for something other than a bone for them to chew on.
TaunyaKaysville, UT


My problem is moreso with the antler size than anything else.

Amazon says these ‘Medium’ antlers are 6″ long. Well, mine was barely 5″ .

It might not seem like a big deal, but as anyone who has purchased an antler for their dog knows, and inch can take a couple weeks to a couple months to chew down…

So, yeah, basically, I feel a bit ripped off. Sorry Amazon, but this time you dropped the ball.

JohnnieReedsburg, WI

She loves it and long lasting

Our dog Ella loves chewing, and being a young beagle, she still chews through most chews very quickly, with some lasting only a day, and others, like rib bones that stink, are greasy, and tend to splinter and leave behind little splinter bits to step on (ouch!) and are just gross in general. We’ve tried these antlers before with great success, and they generally last about a month. Although they are more expensive than some, compared to other chews that only last a short time, the expense make up for it. The benefits are hard to beat. The calcium is easily digested, no splintering, which is dangerous for her intestinal tract (and our feet). These are ecologically sound and completely natural, coming from antlers shed from the deer or elk. Other animals in the wild are known to chew on them, too.
WinfredCameron, MO

Great price and quality

My medium-sized terrier mix loves to chew, and he seemed to like this elk antler initially. However, he quickly lost interest in it and doesn’t chew on it anymore. Nevertheless, it’s good quality and a good price. It seems like it would hold up for a long time even if my dog were to chew on it regularly. Also, it’s not messy, greasy, or smelly, and I like the fact that these were made from elk antlers that were naturally shed (so no animals were harmed!). I do wish my dog would like it more because then it’d be the perfect chew toy.
KacieWoodford, VA

Short-lived chew for heavy chewer

I purchased two of these – one for each of my 50 lb mutts. The older one (4 years old) chewed hers completely GONE within 45 minutes. The other dog (1 year old) chewed it for a while, and then left it to play with something else. I don’t know how long it would have lasted with him, because my other dog found it and finished that one off too. While the dogs really liked them, I was disappointed at how much they were considering how short of a time they lasted. My dogs are heavy chewers though, so that certainly played a factor. My next purchase will be for something harder.
LashondaFreeport, OH

Great Price and Quality

I noticed some reviews with people complaining about the price. $8 for an elk antler this large, non-bleached, is a fantastic deal. You won’t find that price at Pet Supplies Plus, where I usually buy my (deer) antlers at $6 for a teeny tiny one.

I also saw some people saying their dog – used to getting deer antler instead of elk – wasn’t interested in this one. I was worried about that, but my Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix could not be happier right now and has fallen asleep cuddling this monster of an antler after a solid hour of chewing! He’s still a puppy, so his energy level is outrageous along with his chewing habits, but this thing is so big it’s going to last a long time.

Of course, with a natural product like this, shape will vary. I uploaded images of my dog enjoying the product to give everyone an idea of what they may get.

ETA: Fast delivery – arrived the next day instead of two days.

CelindaAllison, IA

antler chews

my dog is a very aggressive chewer and these keep her busy for awhile. for a 20lb. dog she can chew through most anything. She is a dachshund mix.
SomerSaint Clairsville, OH


My Lab-Lacy mix loves this treat! He would chew through all kinds of toys right away, but not this one—but more it keeps his interest and doesn’t make a mess.
AlvinaFouke, AR

Great for puppies and small dogs!

I bought this product because my sister had a mixed breed puppy that was chewing on anything and everything. Nothing she did worked to break the puppy from destroying whatever was available, even if it was the corners on the baseboards. I decided to buy the product to see if it would help after I read the many positive reviews. The fact that it was priced far lower than a lot of other brands was also a deciding factor for me. My sister says it’s been amazing. The puppy now rarely chews on anything but the antler. Since I ordered two of the antlers, even her 5 year old toy poodle likes to chew on one of them.

I’m so grateful that I ordered these as it’s made my sister’s life so much easier. Thank you! I’ll be ordering more in the future, if these ever wear out 🙂

AndresMc Connelsville, OH

My dogs loved these

My dogs absolutely loved these. They are a little pricey but I’ll be ordering these again. They can be chewed down to a small size, so be cautious about that.
LuellaHonaunau, HI

Good, long-lasting chew

My puppy really loves these antler chews. It took six months to chew through her first one, but she never lost interest. And I like that it doesn’t have a smell (like the bully sticks). She doesn’t chew on it for longer than about 10-15 minutes at a time, but she gnaws on it so fiercely that it completely tires her out. The medium is a good size for her – the first one was about 5 inches long and from 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter; the second one was the same length, but thicker (about 1-1/2″). Note that there is only one antler per order, but it’s a great bargain as long as they last!
VernieMartindale, TX