Barkworthies Natural Elk Antler

Barkworthiesb Elk Antlers are a great way to give pets something to chew on that they’ll love and is good for them too. All of our Elk Antlers are all-natural, naturally shed and are sourced from the Central Rocky Mountains. No bleaches or chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing process.Elk Antler chews can last for months as your dog gradually grinds them down slowly over time.These antlers are packed in an attractive display case shipper, and cases are not able to be broken, however refill packs are available in quantities of 12. All antlers are individually barcoded for ease of use in the retail environment. Each case is also marked with the item UPC and a Case UPC for inventory purposes.Like all natural products, there is some degree of size variation, but on average these antlers are about 7-9-inch long and weigh less than 0.6-.85-pounds.All these factors allow Barkworthiesb” to be a premium quality product that is “Naturally Worth Barking For.”, As with any hard chew, Elk Antlers are very hard and can break teeth if your dog works them too agressively. Once the chew is small enough to swallow, it should be taken away and given a new one to replace it.

Quick facts

  • Free-range grass fed all natural beef bullystick
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • 100-Percent all natural product containing no hormones, steriods, pesticides, antibiotics, or fillers
  • Fully digestible and safer than rawhides
  • Single ingredient and odor free

Top reviews

Powerfull chewers choice

I have 2 pitbulls who are VERY strong chewers. The adult male is an 85lbs “red nose” and has proven to chew through ANYTHING (metal and plastic crates, kongs, tires ect.) and these antlers definitly last more than anything else he has tried, to include the “Jumbo Kong” which lasted a literal 30min before it was in pieces. The same goes for my 9month old puppy, a 55lbs female “blue nose”. I have not noticed any smell from the antlers after chewing and the dogs seem to go crazy for these things. I have yet to find any other type of toy that satisfies and lasts against my dogs. Like most chew toys, I take them away from time to time to keep them lasting as long as possible and so my dogs dont get bored. Although I have tested out how long the antlers would last through daily chewing and most, depending on size, have lasted about 3 weeks. Still longer than most so called “indestructible” and more expensive toys I have bought. All in all, I am just as pleased with this purchase as my dogs are. I recommend to any owner of a strong chewing dog. Even just to try. What do you have to lose? Cant be no more than that last “Kong” you bought and was destroyed the first day. This review is for antlers as a whole and not specific to any particular brand, they all are close to the same. I hope this review helps.
AshliGarvin, OK

How many do you get?? Correct size?? A bit confused…

I absolutely LOVE giving my two Labrador Retrievers elk antlers… They are the only chew that I have found that actually works and is not destroyed within a day or two! I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that these two antlers were for $28! I bought them immediately. They arrived early this week, and upon opening the box – there was only one of them. The picture has has been shown, is showing two of them (same size but different color/shape). I am confused as to how many I should have gotten. I kind of feel led on, even though $28 isn’t bad for an “X-Large Elk Antler”. My husband also measured this antler to be approximately the tip of the middle finger to the bottom on the hand. Maybe I have just been spoiled, but to me that does not constitute as an “X-Large Antler.” Regardless – I am very happy at how excited my puppies get, will continue to buy antlers, but may have to do a little more research.
EboniCooper, TX

elk antlers

I just adopted a new dog and he loves these elk antlers. They do seem to last much longer than rawhide.
TammiBullard, TX