Baronet Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Medium Roast, 18-Count Coffee Pods

Rich chocolate combined with the sweet flavor of raspberries

Quick facts

  • For use in Pod Brewers only-Not for use in Keurig, K-Cup Style or Tassimo machines
  • 3 boxes of 18 count each box Baronet Chocolate Raspberry coffee pods Flavored–Medium Roast
  • Pod Size: 61mm Flat top Pod Weight: 10 grams
  • Each Pod makes one single serving cup of coffee
  • Total of 54 coffee pods

Top reviews

Tasty Coffee

We have enjoyed this flavor from Baronet. We also really enjoy the fact that one pod makes an entire mug of coffee (as opposed to two Senseo pods). We intend to purchase it again.
AdrienneHague, ND

great taste

This is a great tasting pod- we drink it alone or make a double cup by brewing it with donut shop or vanilla to create a new flavor.
LatanyaCarson City, MI

baronet coffe pods

Baronet Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Medium Roast, 18-Count Coffee Pods (Pack of 3)
this is great tasting coffee. just the right amount of choc/ras flavor. Pods are slightly bigger than normal for a senseo pot but they still work.
LillianaMiston, TN

Just OK, not great and not a value

Purchased this to use in our Cuisinart Cup-O-Matic and were not impressed. I only use creamer, no sugar in my coffee. It’s mostly the aroma with flavored coffee and this one just didn’t do it for us. Not bad, but did not stand out at all. Really were hoping this was good, Baronet has a good name. We’ve tried a lot of pods and so far the one favorite is the Melitta Vanilla Creme Brulee, has a nice aroma, smooth taste and good balance. Not to mention that for about the same price you get an extra box of 18 pods with Melitta.
CheryNottingham, NH

Reasonably Priced, Well -Balanced Blend

For those of us that have a Senseo coffee maker, flavor choices are few and far between. Chocolate raspberry coffee has long been a favorite of mine. I was thrilled when I found this product on Amazon. It’s super tasty – not at all the watery, mild blends that a lot of flavored coffees have.

Love it!

JacksonVanceboro, ME