Baronet Coffee Decaf French Dark Roast, 18-Count Coffee Pods, 10 Gram Pods

Baronet Coffee has been hand crafting fine coffees since 1930. Specialty grade coffees from all over the world are slow roasted to perfection and transformed into an extraordinary assortment of coffee pods. This is our darkest roast, a blend of Central and South American coffees that offers rich smokey flavor, with a bold finish, but in a decaffeinated blend.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 18-count pods (total of 54 count)
  • Fresh roasted ground coffee
  • Darkest roast

Top reviews

Not for all espresso machines

POD is a generic word, and nothing in the description said that it was for Senseo machines. I’m glad it works for Senseo because it sure doesn’t work in my espresso (Starbucks) machine.
LadonnaKincaid, IL

best decaf pods for senseo

I love the convenience of the Senseo machine but hate most of the decaf pod options. Can’t drink much caffeine anymore but still love a good tasting cup of coffee and I’ve found these Baronet Decaf French Roast pods to be the best to my taste. I like my coffee dark roasted and somewhat strong to balance out the sugar and half&half I put in it.

These pods are loaded up a lot thicker than other Senseo pods… so much that I have to use the 2-pod filter instead, which isn’t a problem and beats using 2 pods to get a mug full of joe. Also I love that they’re individually packaged so that unused pods stay fresh longer.

JaniYork, SC

So so

These pods are nothing special. The coffee flavor is somewhat bitter. They normally cost more than other brands. I would not purchase this again.
RobinMooseheart, IL

Smooth & Strong

I enjoy a good cup of Arabica coffee and this coffee does not disappoint. You need to use the double insert because this pod has about twice the normal amount which provide a strong yet smooth cup like the Italian coffee I used to drink in Torino.
HollyCollinsville, VA

Rich flavor

I was looking for a replacement for dark roast ( now hard to find in grocery store) senseo pods, this was a great find. I use one of these pods and one vanilla senseo pod, in a two pod holder, push the 2 cup button twice, and really enjoy a big mug full of this rich coffee. Thank you Amazon for offering such a wide variety of pods that are getting harder to find for my senseo machine.
KarmaMill Shoals, IL

Good choice when you need decaf

I mostly drink decaf, and it’s difficult to find many decent dark roast decaf pods. Fortunately the Baronet French Dark Roast pods came to the rescue. I like the taste and the “bitterness”. They fit quite well in my Bunn brewer and reasonable well in my Senseo (in the latter, I usually use the double pod holder, and put the bottom half of an Ecopad filter in that to make sure the pod seats firmly).

I just hope the cost of these pods doesn’t go up any more (a $3.50 increase since the previous Subscribe and Save order) so that I can continue to enjoy these pods.

LucretiaAlvo, NE

Actually tastes like REAL coffee.

It’s the only decaf Ive ever tasted that tastes like real French roast instead of dishwater. If you like a dark French roast, this is for you.
MinhSan Luis, CO