Baronet Coffee Decaf Hazelnut, 18-Count Coffee Pods

Medium Roast – Delicious creamy hazelnut complements this 100% Colombian coffee caffeine free

Quick facts

  • For use in Pod Brewers only-Not for use in Keurig, K-Cup Style or Tassimo machines
  • 3 boxes of 18 count each box Baronet Hazelnut DECAF coffee pods-Flavored-Medium Roast
  • Pod Size: 61mm Flat top Pod Weight: 10 grams
  • Each Pod makes one single serving cup of coffee
  • Total of 54 coffee pods

Top reviews

Hazelnut flavor was way too strong

I read a previous review that complimented this hazelnut flavored coffee as having just the right amount of flavor. I could not disagree more. From the first sip until I threw all 3 boxes away I could not tolerate the overwhelming hazelnut flavor and I love hazelnut. I tried using one regular pod with one hazelnut but it was still intolerable. Live and learn I suppose, but all that that was offered was the 3 boxes of 18 servings.

On another note I really enjoy the Baronet Decaf Medium Roast is excellent and I have purchased it multiple times.

JacqualineNooksack, WA

Great pod coffee

Love this coffee! Tastes fresh and can taste the hazelnut flavor (but it’s not overwhelming). Also, I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine and this is one of those decaf coffees that is truly low caffeine (some decafs have higher levels). But best of all, it tastes great.
JacintoAcme, PA

For Good Coffee

Baronet coffee pods make a great cup of coffee and it is always fresh. Thanks to the sealed pouch for each pod.
LindyWrentham, MA

PERFECT flavoring!!

After trying several, and I mean several, other brands of coffee pods, I can tell you, flat out, Baronet, in ANY flavor, blows the other brands out of the water (no pun intended!) PERIOD! It is the difference between “artificial” tasting flavors, and the real, true, extract of whatever flavor you want. DO NOT go any further in your pod experience without knowing what “excellence” is…’s Baronet. Enjoy,
SharellTwin Bridges, CA