Barry’s Tea, Gold Blend Loose Leaf, 8.8 Ounce

Tea drinking is one of Ireland’s longest and most loved rituals. It helps us open up, helps us freshen up, helps us find the right words. There’s nothing that can’t be solved over a cup of tea with friends or family. When you drink Barry’s Tea, you can be sure you’re getting the best. But then, we have been blending tea since 1901 (luckily, we don’t look our age)! We only select tea from the best tea estates in the world, so you get the perfect cup every single time. Our teas are sourced from the Assam Valley of India, Kenya and Rwanda, guaranteeing the distinctive taste you know and love. Our blenders are experts in their field and have carefully passed their knowledge and expertise down through generations. This means our quality is never anything but exceptional. You could say we have it down to a ‘tea’. We’re proud of our tea, and you can taste the pride in each and every cup.

Quick facts

  • Features a rich, refreshing taste and a bright golden color
  • Great on its own or as a companion to crispy tea biscuit
  • Made with leaves selected from the finest tea estates around the world
  • The perfect peak morning pick me up or ingredient to a relaxing afternoon
  • Ireland’s finest tea since 1901

Top reviews

this is the best black tea in the world

I have been drinking Barry’s gold blend for years. Make it in a small teapot(1 to 2 person teapot — Japanese teapots are the best and with a removable strainer to easily throw out the leaves). Wouldn’t think of using tea bags (made of tea leaf dust NOT real tea leaves). My oldest son who is working in Singapore now asked me to send a couple of packs because it’s hard to start the day without it. Barry’s is never bitter — but it is strong and has depth. Love it, can’t start the day without it. I always drink with non-fat milk.
ShawneeSwea City, IA

Best Tea!

I Love Barry’s tea. I got a Keurig Machine so I purchased the loose leaf tea. WOW! Very sooth, not bitter.
EarleenMerna, IL