Barry’s Tea, Irish Breakfast, 80 Tea Bags

Tea drinking is one of Ireland’s longest and most loved rituals. It helps us open up, helps us freshen up, helps us find the right words. There’s nothing that can’t be solved over a cup of tea with friends or family. When you drink Barry’s Tea, you can be sure you’re getting the best. But then, we have been blending tea since 1901 (luckily, we don’t look our age)! We only select tea from the best tea estates in the world, so you get the perfect cup every single time. Our teas are sourced from the Assam Valley of India, Kenya and Rwanda, guaranteeing the distinctive taste you know and love. Our blenders are experts in their field and have carefully passed their knowledge and expertise down through generations. This means our quality is never anything but exceptional. You could say we have it down to a ‘tea’. We’re proud of our tea, and you can taste the pride in each and every cup.

Quick facts

  • Features a brisk, refreshing flavor that you can enjoy any time of day
  • Great on its own or as a companion to crispy tea biscuit
  • Made with leaves selected from the finest tea estates around the world
  • The perfect peak morning pick me up or ingredient to a relaxing afternoon
  • Ireland’s finest tea since 1902

Top reviews

Fabulous Service – Great Product

I have bought from this store before and will continue to do so. They are really fabulous people and have great products. All purcahses have arrived well within the expected time frame; customer srvice is outstanding
AugustineKirkwood, CA

A true touch of the “Auld Sod”!

My family are from County Wexford and my wife and I travel to Ireland often. The Irish like a strong cup of tea to wake them up and this is the real thing from Ireland. It makes a robust and flavorful cup to get you going in the am, although it is good anytime you want a good pick-me-up. It completely blows others, like Twinings, into the weeds for value. Twinings is good tea, but this is better and half the price. Each bag makes two good cups, too.
StarIngleside, IL

The best

I went to Ireland 20 years ago, and my family served Barrys irish tea. I found it at a few places not in the area. After a few years I found in Milwaukee, Wi. at the Irish fest grounds. I then started buying there, but now I find ordering from amazon is fast and conveint. This tea is the best compared to other brands. Try it one time and you will not want for another. Barrys breakfast green box is my choice of irish tea.Barrys Irish Breakfast Tea 80 Tea Bags
MistieKelleys Island, OH

Barry’s Irish tea

We have been “hooked” on Barry’s since our first visit to our Irish butcher shop. Although it is a little pricey, the quality of brew has no comparison. We moved out of state and still order it 4 boxes at a time. No other tea makes such a deep rich cup, and we use 22 ounce cups!!
ShawanaCedar Grove, WV

Good, not great tea. Bags need better quality control

The tea was good, not great. I’d have bought it again, but the bags came apart easily and/orleaked leaves making some bags unusable or leaving tea leaves in the cup which made the bottom of the cup undrinkable. I don’t enjoy having tea leaves in my mouth when I’m trying to wake up.

They need better quality control. I saw it here and thought I’d pass that along. I’m ordering the Trader Joe’s as it’s a similar value and to me a better tasting tea with a good bag construction. I’d also buy Twining’s if the price was comparable.

KaBovill, ID

Tasty and affordable

I love a good cup of tea and I’ve purchased very costly teas from In Pursuit of Tea and other companies. While this can’t compare to a good cup of Darjeeling (what can?) its also not $30/lb tea and its flavor is quite good. If you like an English Breakfast type tea blend you will not be disappointed with Barry’s green.
TishaWilmington, CA