Bassetts Jelly Babies Bag, 215g

Bassett’s Jelly babies were oginally launched in 1919 and were known as “Bassetts Peace Babies” to celebrate the end of the First World War. All natural colors and flavors these Jelly Babies are the most popular Jelly Baby candy in England.

Quick facts

  • All natural
  • Originally launched in 1919
  • The most popular Jelly baby candy in England
  • Made In England.
  • The Original Jelly baby

Top reviews

funny texture

The gellatin is from beef, not goat, which I think explains the texture of them. They are chewy, more of a soft candy, and there is some grit to them.
MarilynnNew Windsor, IL

Not What I was expecting

I’m sure you’ve seen the candy on Doctor Who and decided to pick up a bag for a taste of pop culture. Just a warning, if you think Jelly Babies are essentially Sour Patch Kids without the well sour, then you’re absolutely wrong. They’re more of a larger sort of juice filled chewy candy. What I’m trying to say is they tasted a bit… off to me.
BarberaCottonport, LA

Artifical, soft not chewy, and not so tasty

Given that these have almost exactly the same ingredients as my favorite candy Wine Gums, I was hoping they would be nice. But they taste pretty artificial, and the texture has no chew to it. Fine if you like that sort of thing, but I was disappointed.

They are slightly redeemable if you let them sit open for a couple weeks, so I gave two stars. Still, I’ll never buy them again; I’ll stick to gummy bears and wine gums for my rare candy indulgences.

CathyMaryus, VA

Jelly Babies: The Fourth Doctor’s Favorite

We tried these because of my daughters interest in all things Doctor Who , and as most fans of the show know, the Fourth Doctor always had them. Living in the states, you can’t buy them here, so when I found them on Amazon, I jumped at getting them. We weren’t disappointed, they are different from any jelly type candy we’ve eaten. They are a little grainy in texture but softer than any gum candy, and the flavors are natural. This is the only brand (Bassett’s) we have tried, and they are supposed to be the best. The shipping is a bit pricey because they’re imported, so if you order, order several bags while your at it.
MauriceFiskeville, RI

Bassett’s are Best. (You Are What You Eat.)

I’ve munched on these most of my life and haven’t regretted a single calorie.
If they are good enough for a Time Lord, they are certainly good enough for me.
Everyone mentions these sweets along with the fourth Doctor Who,
it’s a shame no one remembers the fact they are first offered by the second.
A word of caution, don’t have too many at one time. (They’re very filling.)
(If you like these why not try Bassett’s “Liquorice Allsort’s” the Doctors sweet of choice in “The Sunmakers”.)
ElinGuadalupe, CA

jelly babies

great candy that dr. who eats all the time. was available at epcot in walt disney world, but is no longer sold there. glad to find a place to obtain it again.
GinetteMontville, OH

Best thing you’ll ever taste

Like others, I heard about this candy from Doctor Who (4th Doctor). The moment I had one bag, I began to order even more. To anyone who wants to buy these Jelly Babies, order 2 or 3 bags. You won’t be disappointed by the taste. This is what I call a candy. I’m SO ordering more in the future. If I ever got fat from eating these, I would have no regrets.
NilsaArcadia, NE

Great Candy Even if You Don’t Know who Dr. Who Is

I bought these as a gift for my husband who is a Dr. Who fan. I was very happy with the seller and my husband loved the candy. He gave me a few to taste and they’re much better than the gummy-type candies we have here with delicious flavors and texture.
ArielleBurlingame, CA

Love UK Candy!

I lived in Scotland for a year and absolutely fell in love with Jelly Babies! The blackcurrant flavor baby is fantastic. Wish we were able to run down to the store and buy them here in Texas!!!
AntoineWilson, WY


I absolutely love these, and living in a small town, there’s no place to buy them. I’m so glad Amazon carries them! Woohooo!
KarinDryfork, WV

Amazing! but expensive to ship to the States

I, like most here, love Doctor Who & absolutely needed these. But since they are not sold in the USA I had to order them from here. They were WONDERFUL! Everything I expected. I just wish they were cheaper to get.
TyreeHooper, WA

Didn’t care for them

I didn’t care for them, I had never had them before so I can’t really comment on quality or anything. The price was high. I was hoping I would like them but didn’t too sugary for me.
ClintClemons, NY

Not good in hot weather

I ordered these British candy jells not realizing they don’t travel well in hot weather. They arrived stuck together in one mass. To taste them I had to cut out a chunk. I live in Las Vegas with hot summers. My advice, don’t order if delivery would be in hot weather or to hot locations. Other than that they seemed fine.
EricTable Rock, NE

Consider the time of year when you buy

I absolutely am in love with these Jelly Babies. Do not hesitate at all to buy these Jelly Babies. I purchased them just like everyone else, I am a fan of Doctor Who and I was curious. Now I know why the fourth doctor was obsessed with them. I have been ordering them one bag at a time now for a little bit. The most recent time I decided to buy two bags. It would have been a brilliant decision if it wasn’t 95 degrees out the day they were delivered. Needless to say my Jelly Babies were basically just….Jelly. It was a complete disaster and I wanted to blame the shipper but I can’t. I ordered candy online in the middle of August, I should have known they were going to melt. So as much as I hate to have to wait I am going to hold off until it gets a little cooler out so I don’t have to suffer the pain of seeing a Jelly Baby massacre again. Buy Buy Buy you will not regret the decision they are awesome.
HarmonyCroton, OH

A must for Dr. Who fans that like their sweets!

I’m a recently converted “Whovian” harboring an immense curiosity regarding the Fourth Doctor’s favorite snack/conversation starter/peace offering of choice (although Beatles George Harrison and Ringo Starr reportedly liked them, which often resulted in fans throwing them at the both of them mid-concert), so I ordered a bag at a decent price. It took its sweet time getting here, but I’d say it’s worth it.

First off: I don’t know what other people were complaining about with respect to the portion size: the bag may not be huge, but you’re actually are getting a rather large portion, particularly because of the size of each individual candy. Each “Jelly Baby” is about an inch long (the same length of a Sour Patch Kid) but about 3/4 of an inch thick (more than twice as thick as a Sour Patch Kid, and about twice the size overall as an average gummy bear). In other words, these things are pretty big as far as soft/gelatin based candy goes: so for the size you actually get a lot even with the fairly small bag. To put it in perspective: a whole bag of Haribo Gummy Bears is about 450 calories. A bag of Jelly Babies is about 720. If you’re watching your figure, keep that in mind!

Jelly Babies are nothing like gummy bears, contrary to appearance or rumor. Their texture and flavor is more akin to an American Jelly bean. They have a soft outer shell of gelatin and starch and a softer “jelly” (gelatin) center where most of the flavor is concentrated. Basically, imagine a jelly bean with a really, really, really, really soft outer shell in the shape of a person, and that’s the closest approximation you can get. The flavors will taste a bit off or peculiar to Americans, because most of the flavor is derived from actual fruit juice and real sugar (in contrast to most American gummy candies, which use artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup). The flavors are also based around British sensibilities, so flavors like blackcurrant might be a little peculiar tasting as well. There also is a slightly grainy texture to them: this is from the starch coating used to break the candies from the molds.

All and all, I enjoyed them, but not enough to say I could eat them every day (like the Doctor did). I’d say they’re sweets best suited for a particular mood.

KristanOwasso, OK

Good flavor, interesting texture

A co-worker of mine recommended this candy and I was anxious to try something new. I thought the flavors were nice and distinct. However, the disintegrating/grainy texture was less than desirable of a sensation to me. Also, the product was quite expensive for a small bag (but my rating does not reflect my unhappiness regarding the size of the item).
HoseaGibson, GA

Very small bag for the price.

I ordered three of these for my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I failed to note the size of the packages when ordering. Adding the cost of shipping, I ended up paying about eight dollars per bag, with each bag containing about one big handful of candy. The quality of the candy was just fine, but wow, were they pricey!
TrumanWest Covina, CA

Love these

I love these Jelly Babies. I learned about them from and English facebook friend who told me about how good they are. I bought some of a different brand to try from a candy store near where I live. Those were good, but the Bassett’s, I love even more. They have to be my favorite gelatin candy now. There’s something about the firmer texture on the outside and the softer inside that I love, and then the taste is wonderful.
I can easily see why these candies are so popular in the UK.
FletaClay, TX

Jelly Babies by Bassetts

The Fourth Doctors favorite snack which I have not been able to get here in the US in a long time. They are simply wonderful, I have purchased these time and time again and see no reason to stop now.
ColeneSinnamahoning, PA

Candies for English friends

Much fun for friends from England and Dr. Who fans. This just as we expected it to be and it was well received.
MerrillLeominster, MA

Different, but good.

I searched for these after watching some Tom Baker Doctor Who streaming on Netflix. When purchasing them please understand that these are made with animal products (bovine gelatin). This does not bother me, but could cause others to go into a tizzy.

In regards to texture, think more like a Circus Peanut crossed with a jelly bean. It is not a gummi bear, do not expect a smooth texture. The flavors are good and these are not overly sweet.

LavinaTaylor, TX


Perfect Doctor Who themed gift for someone not fortunate enough to live in the UK. Tasty as well, I like that it’s less sweet than american candy. They’re like jelly beans and fruit chews mixed together perfectly.
IngridVienna, IL

Unusual if you are a gummy bear eater

I purchased these as Dr. Who always eats them so I thought Dr. Stew should give them a try. At first I didn’t care too much for them. The outside is close to a gummy bear but softer and the inside is like a thick sugar/jelly substance. They do not taste bad and are made with natural fruit juices and colorants. One thing about them is that I found I ate far less of these per snacking session than I did gummy bears so it might be a good choice for parents. My next try will be wine gums…
EleanoraUnion, SC

The Flavor’s the Best!

The Jelly Babies were a hit with my family. I made a recent trip to London with a specific request to get Jelly Babies, but I mistakenly bought Jelly Bellys instead. When I surprised them with the order from the British Shoppe, they were delighted. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a craving for a sweet and tasty treat.
IdellaMiddleburg, NC

Good treat

My daughter had these while studying in London. Treated her for Xmas & she

said they were exactly the ones she had had while there. Very flavorful &

fresh. The co. did a great job packing & arrived

very quickly. Thank you again.

ShannonAmery, WI

Jelly babies

My granddaughter wanted these jelly babies and I ordered her two bags. The first bag came so quickly and she was totally excited.
CesarScammon Bay, AK

Not Only Does The Doctor Love Them–

But I love them too. Actually, I think the first time I had seen these candies on Doctor who, I was hooked. Fortunately there’s a Scottish import shop in town where I can get them at $5 a bag. Unfortunately though, they never have enough in and I’m addicted to jelly babies so while they cost a bit more at Amazon, this is a nice back-up source for the wee jelly babies.

Four stars for the jelly babies, but only three stars for the price hich could be just a little bit lower, a little bit better.

FernDorr, MI

Not bad

I got 2 packs of these. One for a friend who is a huge fan of Dr. Who and one for me (out of curiosity). I liked them, they are cover in a powdered sugar and very flavorful. My wife however, hated them. I suspect she was expecting more sugary sweet American type gummi type candy. These are more fruity, less sugary.
SavannahIrvine, PA