Batavia Pure Green Tea, 50-Count Boxes

Batavia was founded on two principles: first is our commitment to providing you with a tea far superior than its competitors. Second, is to make this tea available to you at an affordable price. We believe strongly that quality does not need to be sacrificed in order to offer you reasonable pricing.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 50-count boxes
  • Plucked by hand at our plantations in Indonesia
  • Batavia teas are steamed, not pan fried
  • With all the health benefits of Batavia Green Tea, you can’t go wrong
  • The Smooth Tea

Top reviews

ordinary gree tea

I had high hopes for this green tea based on the reviews. Having had a few cups of this brand, along with other brands, I can say Batavia tastes like the green tea one can purchase from any Asian grocery store at the tune of $4 for a box of 100. It is not bad, but it is not exceptional either.
SonyaStandard, CA

great price for great tea!

i have been drinking this tea for years and it is the least bitter green tea I have ever tried. There are 50 bags in a box instead of the usual 24 other teas supply. Excellent value for the money.
DeidrePowhatan, VA

Hands down the best green tea in my opinion.

I’ve tried a lot of different green teas and this one from Batavia is by far my favorite. It doesn’t have the harsh taste I’ve noticed from other green teas. I actually enjoy this tea better without sugar. I never would have thought I could drink tea without sugar.

Anyway, give it a try. It’s very good.

Roger Williams
Albany OR

GeoffreyChampion, MI

batavia tea

like batavia black tea this tea is far superior to all other teas that i have found i especially enjoy it when i use one black tea bag and one green tea bag to the cup highly recommend this tea
StarrEast Greenville, PA

Best green tea ever!!!

I have tried other green teas in the past because of all the media attention given to the health benefits, but I never really enjoyed it and had to force myself to drink it. However, after finding this green tea I look forward to drinking it and honestly enjoy it. It is a FABULOUS tea!!!
ZoraidaPembroke, MA

Awesome Green Tea

I tried drinking Green Tea because people say that Green Tea is good for your health. However I could not find any that is good until I try Batavia tea. Most of the Green Teas taste bitter, smoky, burn and leave an awefull taste in your mouth but not this tea. I like to brewBatavia Black Tea, 50-Count Boxes (Pack of 4) both of their green and black tea.
LaurynEast Bloomfield, NY


Great taste and great price. The caffeine in it seems really wiry. If I steep the bag too long I actually feel nauseous from the caffeine high. I’m not really sensitive to caffeine usually and drink very strong coffee without it bothering me. I’m not sure what it is with this tea, but it just feels edgy.
SharriArroyo Seco, NM

Some of the best green tea ive had

This is some of the very best green tea i’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Each 50-pack container has 2 separate sealed 25-count bags (the bags come with the hang tags, which a lot of green tea doesn’t come with). It comes fresh, and makes a great cup of tea. What else could you possibly ask for??

LovellaLanai City, HI

Not so great

Batavias Pure Green tea is a mediocre at best. While the tea itself I would give 4 stars, the packing of the tea is what brings it down to three. The tea is NOT individually packed which kills it for me. Overall, its GREAT Bang for the Buck. Amazon had 50% off this tea so I got a great deal. Overall I’m contempt with the tea, it has good taste and does its job well.

Edit – July 14th

I’ve moved down my review to 2 stars, as I find there is clear evidence of some coloration with this tea. The tea is mediocore at best.

BrigidaTriplett, MO