Bauducco Panettone, 26.2-Ounce Box

Bauducco Panettone 750g. The delicious combination of the finest ingredients with the world renowned Sun Maid Raisinis, results in a unique sweet flavor and an exquisitely moist texture.

Quick facts

  • Contains gluten. 0% Trans Fat.
  • Made with candied fruits and Sun-Maid Raisins. Moist and ready to eat specialty cake.
  • Contém glúten. 0% Gordura Trans.
  • Produzido com frutas cristalizadas e Sun-Maid Rasins (Uvas-Passas). Pronto para consumo.

Top reviews

Worst Panettone I have ever had.

Please don’t be fooled. I thought I was purchasing a brand that was international, but it is made right here in the good ole USA.I have had a lot better! The taste is like a raisen bread.
CherishSelmer, TN

Great taste, great ingredients.

Panettone is a delightful fruity Bread. The dough is very smooth and chewy, sweet and confort. Ideal for tee, coffee and fruity wine (not sour). In some countries like Italy and Brazil they are very traditional specially around the holidays. In Brazil they are traditional as eggnog for us at Christmas. With that said. Bauducco is one of the best in the world, the consistency and texture is just right on this one, (and thats a big deal) hard to find, so if you know how a panettone should taste like, this is the best one for you. We love it. We normally go through 20 from November to New Years eve. I recommend, totally. : )
PearlBerwick, LA

Excellent Panettone

This is just the best thing ever! I’ve been able to buy it around the Holidays at Walgrens here in Florida. I buy several at a time and sometimes have 3 or 4 sitting around the house especially as the season nears its end. We’ve tried three different kinds, chocolate, one other that we didn’t like, and the classic “Panettone Specialty Cake” (26.2 oz) which is our favorite.

This product will never end up as French Toast of Bread Pudding in this house – it’s just so delicious on its own.

KingWildwood, FL

The best panettone

I tried several different kinds and this one is the absolute best. It is so moist and chewy, with an amazing smell when you open the box. Highly recommend!!!
KelleyMount Holly, AR

Best breadpudding ingredient EVER!

I love when this stuff comes out in stores every year, because that means I get to make bread pudding! This bread is incredible for bread pudding, as it has spices and dried fruits already built in. Just cube up, let sit overnight (or if in a hurry, just use it as-is), and use it as the bread component in a good bread pudding recipe (I recommend one from the Food Network). This stuff is incredible! It also makes fantastic stuffing!
WendiClinton, SC