Bavarian Wine Sauerkraut


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  • Hengstenberg

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YUM! Yum yum!!

This is the best tasting sauerkraut I’ve ever had! This review is for Hengstenberg Bavarian Style Wine Sauerkraut. OMGosh this is delicious!

Usually I use sauerkraut for reuben sandwiches and put the rest in the fridge where it will eventually be visited again. But this brand I just sat down and ate! Never made any sandwiches. lol

EdgarColumbus, NJ

Never had better in the U.S.

BY FAR, without a doubt the best packaged Sauerkraut I can get in the U.S., and can’t remember any better when I lived in Germany. Texture, taste, color, and freshness are just perfect. Comparing that water logged, sulfite wreaking and tasting, mushy gray GARBAGE found in most cans/poly bags calling itself Sauerkraut, is an absolute joke compared to this stuff.

Put this on your favorite sausage, or hot dog, and be prepared to be floored by the flavor it adds. I totally agree with the other reviewer; I dare you to be able to stop eating it right from the jar till its all gone!… It’s really that good. I will add as a closing comment, you had better have a grip like King Kong to open these jars… I can scarcely recall jars this hard to open, at least the ones I have opened.

GalenGoldsboro, TX

Fantastic and authentic…

… true German sauerkraut. I lived in Germany for a while and this is by far, the best sauerkraut there is! I use it with hot dogs, smoked sausage, I even eat it straight out of the can. It is so good. I found it at a local store near me and now they don’t have it anymore so I’ve been looking online for it-and now I found it! Try it. I know you’ll love it if you’re looking for original German sauerkraut.
LenaDisputanta, VA

OMG so delicious

I’ve had hot dogs with sauerkraut from vendors at every imaginable place where you might see them,
but nothing compares to the taste of this heaven in a jar.
I grilled up some uncured hot dogs, I’m off bread so I just put mustard on the dogs,
piled high with this sauerkraut after following directions on jar, Lordy, how delicious.
Highly recommend; will continue to buy and buy. Thanks to my beloved Amazon for offering this to us.
TarshaPickering, MO

The best Sauerkraut ever!

If you like mild “kraut”, you will love this product. It is the best. In fact, I am having it tonight.
UteLongmont, CO

Warning – You’ll never go back to the canned stuff….

I bought this for my sweetie who is a sauerkraut connoisseur. You know those other reviews about people eating this straight from the jar? It’s true. It’s that good. This first jar lasted under 6 weeks. We are ordering 2 more today.
ShadWessington Springs, SD

Best sauerkraut!

Best sauerkraut I’ve found in the U.S.! Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find, and the Amazon price is too high! I hope some supermarkets start carrying this item, instead of the low-quality krauts they usually have.
ConceptionHartley, TX