Bayer Advanced 701710 2-in-1 Insect Control Plus Fertilizer Plant Spikes, 10-Spikes

Protects and feeds for up to 8 weeks. 2-in-1 formula kills insects while feeding your plants. No spraying necessary. New applicator. For indoor and outdoor potted plants. 10 Spikes treat 10 five-inch potted plants. Fertilizer analysis: 8-11-5 (slow-release)

Quick facts

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  • Bayer 2 In 1 Insect Protection Plus Fertilizer Spikes 8-11-5 10 Pack
  • Protects and feeds for up to 8 weeks without spraying
  • For indoor and outdoor potted plants
  • Easy-to-Use Plant Spikes
  • Kills Insects and Feeds Plants for up to 2 Months
  • Use in Potted Plants, Indoors or Outdoors
  • Kills Aphids, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Plant bugs, Scales, Thrips and Whiteflies
  • Use on potted roses, palms, ficus, houseplants, hibiscus, flowers, vines, and containerized shrubs and trees.

Top reviews

Amazingly Easy & Effective

I have used these many times. They are a wonderful product. All you do is push the spikes in the dirt around your plants and it fertilizes and releases insecticide that the plant draws up into it’s tissues. Any bugs, like aphids, that want to chew on your plants are history. No spraying or mixing and you don’t have to worry about applying on a windy day, or trying to get it on the under side of leaves. I LOVE it.
ChristiForestburgh, NY

Worked like a charm

I bought this product becuase i had a infestation of what I called “gnats”, in my plant at work. It is a vine plant, im not really sure the name of it. Anyway, I had lots of little flying bugs that multiplied over the last few months, and after getting a nice warning from my boss, i thought i would get something to save my plant. I threw one of these fertilizer/bug killer sticks into the soil, and within a week or so i am yet to see one. Pretty amazing actually, as I didn’t think it would actually work. If the bugs look like gnats, and fly around this product will kill em!

You also get 10 of them in the package, which will last quite some time

MinhGrover, WY

Problem solved

Because of cold weather, I have to bring my tropical hibiscus plants indoors during winter. Every year, they would get aphids and generally be a big mess. Until I discovered these Bayer pesticide/fertilizer spikes. No more aphids. The plant leaves stay green and healthy-looking. And a bonus — right now, one of my plants has more than 20 flower buds. It’s beautiful.
SuziHillsdale, NY

Bye, bye bugs!

This product works exactly as advertised. It takes a few days for the systemic action to get going and begin to be noticeable on the bugs, so don’t panic if you don’t see results overight.
AureaCarrier Mills, IL

orchid pest

I really like this product. I grow orchids and scale is a problem. This product breaks the cycle and no more bugs. I highly recommend this product.
MaxwellKipling, NC


I have these oober annoying bugs infesting my plant (a Dragon Tree) that can only be described as “look like gnats” and many people said this product worked for them for the same problem. It is labeled for a very specific bug and did NOT work for whatever it is I have. I’m sure it works for those bugs on the package but not for tiny black flying things. Just so you know.
TamiCroton, OH

Mealie Bugs

I have fought mealie bugs on my adenium and hoya for years. One application and wow…no more mealies.
My Adenium look the best they ever have! My troubled Hoya is putting out new sprouts. The best thing
about this systemic is ‘no mess’. The liquids and granuals always worried me.
Just came here to purchase some more.
JacquesAltoona, IA

Systemic insecticide, fertilizer

This systemic insecticide and fertilizer has kept our indoor bouganvilleas free of mealybugs, which have heretofore been an annual midwinter problem problem.
GuadalupeBenton, CA

they work!

i have 26 african violets, i was losing alot of leaves due to thrips and a few had cyclemen mites. i used these 2in1 fert/pesticide spikes in all of them, and now (3 wks later) i no longer lose any leaves and my violets are now healthy and growing strong. i’ve tried everything on the market to rid my violets of the pests but nothing worked until now. these spikes are great! but you have to wait for them to work, so don’t give up on them, just when i thought they were not working, i saw a big improvement so give them time. i gave them 4 stars because you have to wait for results.
MiguelinaWaldron, MO

Poor results

I purchased 2 of these to kill off some white fly I have on 3 hibiscus trees that are now inside my house for the winter. Four weeks have gone by and no progress. I even added one more to each pot than what was suggested on the product directions. There’s still plenty of white flies – and I’m extremely disappointed. Would not recommend.
JudePrairie City, OR

Bayer insect protection

If you grown ivy indoors or out…this is a must have. You never have to was off spider mites again!
MaryannaArdoch, ND

be warned- you need multiple spikes per plant

I have a rather large container garden outside on my lanai (anywhere from 75-100 pots and planters depending on what I’ve got growing). Pests *can* be a problem, especially mealybugs. I usually treat with either tons of power misting from the hose (takes care of almost all pests- do it several days in a row and it usually eliminates the problem altogether) or Safer spray products, because I try to be mindful of environmental factors. Plus we live right on a bay and we’ve got three cats who roam the lanai and a bunch of tiny lizards and frogs that live *in* and among the plants.

However, every so often the pests get out of control (mealybugs…. ARGH) and the eco-friendly options don’t do anything, and instead of tossing ten plants, I have to get something stronger. I like these Bayer spikes because I can control the application. I like that they are buried in the soil and treat from the inside out. I also can control how much water I give the plant after the spike has been buried, so that there’s no runoff. It’s a VERY controlled pest control solution.

However, unless you are growing plants in pots the size of teacups, you will need multiple spikes per plant. I can usually treat about 2-3 plants per pack, which isn’t really a great bargain. However, if you have an infestation on a prized plant, this might be a good option instead of dousing the plant with liquid chemicals or pouring in gradules on the surface of the soil, which will likely be run off when you water.

So be aware you won’t get much use from one pack, and there are much safer options, but if you are looking for a controlled way to kill pests from the INSIDE and not be applying toxic chemicals to the surface of the plant and soil and area surrounding, this is a great option.

FrankieMuncie, IN

They dont work

I have little flies all over my plants. I used the whole package on 3 plants and the flies are now worse then ever. This stuff just does not work.
ElayneCrete, IL

Did not do much, slow

I would not recommend this product. It takes a long time to dissolve into the soil, and even then I don’t think it does so evenly at all, not enough so to be effective. I dont like the fact that it has fertilizer in it also, as this will complicate any feeding regimen you’re giving your plant already, and will persist in the soil for a while. Long and short of it is these don’t really work. I would recommend […]details as a solution over these. I had soil gnats like a m** f** and if anyone has had the same, they know its not fun, pleasant, or anything similar. After applying the one linked and watering well, there were one or two stray gnats within two days, and none within a week.
LakitaAbrams, WI

Aphids Beware!

I originally bought this for a lemon tree that was being over run with ants and aphids. I discovered that the product is not designed for fruit or vegetables that people eat. I think the manufacturer could have done a better job with the labeling, as I learned this only after contacting Bayer. I did use two packages on a large hibiscus bush that had the same problem, and the spikes seem to have eliminated the infestation. If the labeling was better and more specific regarding safety for humans, definitely 5 stars.
RenitaVictoria, KS

Great product.

Works really well for indoor plants. I used to have fungus gnats and they don’t exist anymore. It is a great product.
AldaShandon, OH

early results suggest this is going to work!!

after a couple of weeks the infected plant seems to be recovering. Too early for a definite answer .
MarinSundance, WY

goodbye white flies

Bayer Plant spikes have solved my problem with white flies on my hibiscus plants. I have quite a few plants which I bring in for the winter and in the past–ugh pests everywhere and nothing seemed to help. I just use as directed. The fertilizer is good too.
HsiuWilbraham, MA

Best solution for “scales” on Sago palms

We have a sago palm. In Florida these palms are getting killed by an insect called scales. These spikes we believe saved the palm.
BeatrizSouth Yarmouth, MA


This stuff worked to kill mealy bugs on my hibiscus and some spider mites I have on another plant. I could use a much larger size for all my plant that I have to bring in for the winter to protect them from the dreaded gnats that they get in the winter inside.
KayleneOxford, WI

Helped withbugs

I am always skeptical about the claims of most products. However, I noticed very little insect action after I inserted the Bayer tablets as instructed. The bites on the leaves all but disappeared. I cannot attest for the growth as much but the insect/bug claim works.
DebbraBuffalo, IL


Easy to use. Had no problems with this product. I used it on potted plants. I will purchase this again.
WillardTurbeville, SC

Fertilizer works but wont control white flies!

I bought several of these fertilizer/pesticide stakes and was mildly disappointed in the product. Our garden has been over run by white flies lately and after reading these could kill them I bought 3 packages and followed the directions in placing the stakes in my pots. The product comes with a bunch of stakes and an applicator to place the stakes in your soil. Simple enough so I added 4 stakes to each pot. After a few days the plants looked greener from the fertilizer but the white flies were still out of hand.

After a week the flies were still there in great numbers so I applied another 2 stakes to each pot. Fast forward 3 weeks and the flies were still out of control. As a fertilizer they work well but in my experience the have no effect on white flies which is unfortunate because it says right on the labelling that it kills them…

For the price I think you are better off looking at other options.

EthanPittsburgh, PA

Effective but may need repeated application

I had some insects in the soil that were eventually killed, but it took replacing the spikes a few times to get rid of all of them. If you catch the insects sooner than I did, they might work in a single application. Keep in mind that the process is slow, unlike a spray, since the insecticide has to spread through the soil and the plant to work.
If your household has children, you might want to be careful with keeping these out of reach, as the spikes resemble large tablets, and they can be dispensed easily by pressing them through the foil backing.
TifanyJackson, WI

Whitefly & fertilizer

This product works wonder. After a week or two of inserting the
stakes into the ground by the hedges, we started to notice
a film of dead whiteflies on the top of our pool.
RonaldGuadalupita, NM

Does the job!!!

Does a great job. Takes care of the insects and black spot. Easy to use. Would buy again. Works as adverised.
ElsieNewtown, MO