BEABA Babycook Classic – Sorbet

A patented compact countertop appliance that functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby. Quickly steam cook vegetables, fruits and meats in 15 minutes or less, while preserving their vitamins and flavors. Puree and blend food to the desired consistency making it super smooth, chunky or anywhere in between for baby. Clean up is quick and easy with a top-rack dishwasher safe bowl and basket. Comes with a spatula and recipe booklet.

Quick facts

  • Plastic
  • France
  • Prepare fresh, tasty and healthy mealsfor babies and toddlers in 15 minutes
  • Prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish
  • Make any stage baby or toddler foodfrom purees to solids
  • Preserve vitamins and nutrients
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

Top reviews

Much better options out there

This has been around in Europe for ages – many of my friends have it in London and I can see the apeal of this little steamer/grinder combo gadget however the price in the US is unbelievable!! It makes no sense to buy this when a regular “adult” steamer (such as the Black & Decker I reviewed) with a basket 4x the size is $30! I make my own baby food and love having a large basket to cook 4 sweet potatoes at once or a whole bag of baby carrots and freezing the extra portions in ice cube trays. With the Babycook, one would have to steam & puree almost every day — who has the time? Secondly, with many baby foods, you have to remove the skins after steaming anyway, so it completely defeats the purpose of steaming & pureeing in the same basket. Lastly, when doing some reasearch into this product, I found that it may leech BPA chemicals so please look into this if it is important to you.

All in all, I think the Babycook looks adorable and has a cute little name and packaging but if you are a busy, tired mom, do yourself a big favor and get a regular, adult-sized steamer (like the B&D) that can make a month of purreed baby food at a time to freeze and re-heat when needed. The baby will outgrow this machine in a few months and then you are stuck with a $150 useless appliance. With a regular steamer, you can make dinner for your family simply and easily for years

BaileyNightmute, AK

Save yourself some money

Use a saucepan — cut up the fruit, add a bit of water, cover. Steam for about 10 min. Use the immersion blender right in the saucepan or in a tall cup. Voila. Baby food! for about $20. I was worried too, but just gave it a shot, and it was a breeze and baby loves his applesauce! If you are doing sweet potato, just bake it for an hour first. It should be nice and soft. And about the same amount of dishes to clean as this thing. Plus it takes up less space.
DeeDuncan, NE

BEWARE BPA – Read fine print.

Buyer BEWARE….

I have this item and it would be great if it was BPA Free. Take note, it says “The machine has no traceable amounts of BPA.” does not mean “BPA Free”

This machine should be “BPA Free” it can’t be that difficult to remanufacture.


RayleneLakeside Marblehead, OH

MOLD forms due to DESIGN FLAW, and company will not return!

Please DO NOT buy this product or anything from HEALTHCHECK SYSTEMS! I don’t know how they can call themselves by that name. I happened to read another reviewer who found mold in the water reservoir, got an exchange, and had the same thing happen. I used this as intended with the splatter shield, and ran it through multiple de-scalings by using vinegar/water, and the mold did not go away- except some gets into the food basket each time you steam! So, your baby is eating his/her food with mold in it. The company says they don’t have this problem- probably because they are ignorant and don’t care about me sending it back to test it, and people don’t know because it is hard to see into the reservoir. I have only used this for about 4 months and am very clean. The manager hung up on me! They refused to listen to what I had to say, and stand by their 30-day return policy! Mold does not grow in 30 days! They must know their product is garbage with that kind of return policy. I can’t believe they are allowed to sell products under that name that can cause babies and children to get sick! It’s no wonder my baby had a temporary “unknown” allergy! They do not have any concern! They should not be able to sell on Amazon!
KaitlynSilver Star, MT

Great except for one huge design flaw

I got the Beaba Babycook as a gift, and adored it for several weeks. I work and have very little spare time to spend in the kitchen, so I loved being able to steam and puree my baby’s food without having to clean multiple pots and pans. Then, after about a month of regular use, I noticed a foul odor coming from the well where the water goes. I looked inside and saw that a brown crust had formed there. I figured it must be lime deposit that had turned brown from being exposed to the hot temperature of the babycook, but when I tried to descale the well, the vinegar did almost nothing to remove the brown deposit, even after several attempts. I was also very worried to see that the water that ended up in the steamer basket was brown, thus suggesting that if I tried steaming more veggies, the deposit would end up in my baby’s food.

I contacted the manufacturer, and they recommended using distilled water (although there was no mention of this in the manual). So, I exchanged my now completely dysfunctional Babycook for a new one, and tried again. Within two days the brown film had developed, even though I was using distilled water. I don’t know much about appliance design, but I figure there must be something really wrong with this gadget if it takes only a few days for such a deposit to form. And the odor is truly foul – no way I want my baby’s food within a foot of whatever it is that collects there.

I don’t see any mention of this problem in other reviews, but at the same time, I can’t imagine that I am the only person this has happened to, given that it happened TWICE to me. Too bad – I really loved the idea behind this product!

SharellYorkville, CA

Serious Danger to Baby’s Health-PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING

I cannot urge parents enough to NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT for your child or, for that matter, ANY other child. I normally hate it when people use caps to voice a strong opinion, but for this review, I make an exception. I feel it is my duty as a fellow parent to inform others so they can protect their children from the effects of this product.
What some of the other reviewers have written is true: this machine grows mold. The only reason why other reviewers haven’t written the same is because they either cannot see the mold, are mistaking the mold for water deposits (or the type of water they used) or are mistaking the mold for food build up (or food accidentally getting into the water reservoir).
I ran the vinegar cleaning through it so many times, I was sure it boiled out any kind of buildup that could possibly be in there, but I was wrong. I do not believe you can ever fully rid the reservoir of every last trace of mold and no matter what you use to clean it (though I would doubt anyone would use anything more harsh than vinegar or anything edible because of the purpose of the water reservoir), it will come back.
I am worried that parents have trusted that this “cleaning” gets this clean and sterile for continued use.
I also noticed decay of some kind on the side vent, which is impossible to even TRY to clean.
This machine is not safe for food preparation of any kind for anyone, MUCH LESS a baby.

If you are looking at this babycook, you are wanting to give your baby a healthier start in life. You will do that if you do not cook their food with the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker.

If you are reading this, ask yourself: if even just a FEW of the comsumers of this product found mold growing inside of it, WHY RISK BEING ANOTHER? Keep your baby safe from this machine. DO NOT BUY.

JerrieEast Fultonham, OH

A Slacker Mom’s dream

I love this gadget. Compact, all-in-one, easy to use, FOOL PROOF, and … gives me the CONFIDENCE to make my baby’s food.

I’ve read tons of web reviews and blogs about this product, and detractors seem to miss/misunderstand my ‘category’ of mom. I cook when I can. I bake when I get the chance but… mostly, I dont have the time or confidence to pull it off anything ‘new’… AND clean up multiple utensils!

So many blogs out there chastise the Beaba buyers for wasting money–telling us to buy cheap steamer inserts and dust off our blenders, food processors and food mills… For my first baby, I listened to these moms (and the Beaba wasnt in the USA yet). I bought the food mill; I pulled out the steamer insert… and.. I froze. My baby ate NOTHING BUT JARRED (organic) FOOD! till she could chew the foods in my comfort zone. Baby food, all the prep and the coordination of all these tools was all so daunting. I was terrified I’d get it wrong… or couldnt keep sterile enough… or would get lost in all the piles of things I’d have to clean after each prep!!

THEN THE BEABA! Little to clean, nothing to get wrong, no digging through drawers and juggling appliances in my limited space! I LOVE IT! Call me a slacker mom! But dont call me frivolous with money!! Organic Baby food is $1.10 a jar and my baby would go through 4-6 a day. I’ve had my Beaba for 6 weeks, and it’s already paid for itself.

BTW, you can adjust the consistency to your baby’s taste as he grows. I figure soon I’ll just be using it to steam, not blend. And… I doubt it will be a permanent fixture in my kitchen! But … its paid for itself! Carrots smell like carrots!!! and … its given me a confidence that I hope extends to other culinary projects! Slacker moms, buy it.

PS Careful if you’re reading those blogs re: Beaba and BPA. Read ALL the blogs. The most uptodate will lead you to the latest info promising this product IS BPA free. There are blogs that appear current but have not updated this info.

BurmaLaurelville, OH

Beaba Babycook – Wonder appliance?

I hope so – bought it for a shower present. The parents want to make all their own organic baby food so this looked like the perfect item.
HildaClaremont, SD

Ah! There IS mold!

I have been using this product for about 2 months and was soooo happy with it! I came on here to see if any other reviewers had written recipes, (I think my baby is getting bored with the ones we have been using). Then I saw a couple reviews about mold build up in the water resevoir. So I go over to look in mine with a flashlight and about had a heart attack! There was mold AND the brownish buildup. I cant belive my daughter hasnt gotten sick from the food I have been making her! Of course we are now past the 30 day warrenty and Im stuck with this nasty nasty machine. Please do not buy this product. I use vinegar to de-scale once a week and its still all moldy in there!!
ArthurPleasanton, NE

Useful especially if you have a small kitchen, one safety concern though

I live in a small apartment and don’t have room for lots of gadgets (not even a microwave). I find this appliance to be worth the counter space. I like that you can steam and puree in one appliance, and that I don’t have to lug out the steamer and blender to whip up some food.

Some reviewers say your baby will outgrow this machine’s usefulness in a few months but I disagree. My baby eats mostly finger foods but still I use the Beaba a lot. I use it to reheat leftovers (again, we have no microwave) and also use it to chop or puree adult dinners that are two hard for baby to eat.

It’s not a huge capacity but that doesn’t bother me. After spending whole weekends steaming, blending and freezing veggies, just to discover that my kid’s taste buds changed and what he once loved he now refuses, I’m over large scale baby food production.

One safety note! There is a little hole that the lid clicks into. That hole leads to the water chamber and I once accidentally tipped the machine over and scalding hot water came out of the hole and landed on my hand. I got a nasty burn. Definitely keep this machine well away from the edge of counters!

AsleyOmro, WI

There is another way…..

So my wife and I wanted to make baby food for our wee lass. We started out excited about the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker and after reading the reviews and getting our hands on it we changed our mind. Simply put there are three BIG problems.
1. It is hard to keep clean especially the reservoir.
2. It has a limited lifespan since all it makes is baby food.
3. It is very expensive for what you get.
Since we were free of the Bebycook we now had some money to spend so I bought a beautiful Mauviel M’Cook 5 Ply Stainless Steel 8 Inch Steamer Insert to cook her food in. Then I bought a restaurant quality 1-quart “Mouli Food Mill” made by L. Tellier to puree her food in. Finally I use the Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray – Green freezer tray to store her food. Believe it or not the Beaba Babycook cost the same as a Mauviel steamer and a LT Mouli food mill combined, both of which are top of the line dishwasher-safe 18/10 stainless steel cooking masterpieces made in France. After your little one starts eating ‘real’ food the Beabe Babycook is just a hard to clean useless plastic paperweight made in China. But the steamer and the mouli are both essential kitchen tools that will last a lifetime of steaming broccoli and making home-made apple sauce. Yum…
YahairaPemberville, OH

total ripoff…don’t buy

I had high hopes for this gadget to make my life easier. I have not had a good experience at all.

1. This food chopper is cheaply made and it really does not puree as well as I would like for my daughter. My cuisinart is much better at pureeing.

2. I had a friend who forgot to clean the water part and it has excess mold/mildew…

I just think that paying $150 for this food maker is over the top…I am very disappointed

CharlesChico, CA


PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Seriously, all of the reviewers are right about the MOLD and disgusting brown stuff that collects on this machine. It is a horrible feeling to realize that you have probably been feeding your child tainted food for 2 months even though you have cleaned and cleaned the product. This grows MOLD, no doubt about it. I thought I was doing a good thing for my baby and i was basically feeding him food full of mold and bacteria. What a terrible experience — never again buying from this company.
MagalyRuthton, MN

not worth the money

This is a nice idea, but you can only fit half a sweet potato in it at a time. You should instead buy yourself an immersion blender, which is super easy to clean and useful for other things too. Steaming your food in a regular pot with a steamer basket is much faster and easier, and you don’t need to be plugged in to do it. The Babycook is so cute and the idea is so nice, I just had to buy it.

I have some issues with the design as well as the function – the lid is awkward to close, a little lip on the lid has to slide into a little crevice on the body before you can use it. Very annoying to use, and you cannot get the thing off when you are done unless you use two hands. The food chopping function only happens when you have the switch turned, so its never hands free except when you are steaming, which takes longer than steaming on my gas stove. The cord is also too short, which is never good in the kitchen.

I did a test last night, half of the sweet potato in the babycook and half on the stove (chopped). Stove won, it was done first. But wait, the babycook will puree too right, so that was handy. But in order to puree a potato you need additional water, and that means a two handed removal of the lid and then the same thing to get it back on again. If there are chunks, its off again with the lid – very annoying. You can’t fit much in the babycook to puree even after taking out the steaming basket. You are still limited to one half of a sweet potato, so I had to puree in batches.

An immersion blender is nice because you can move it around to get all the chunks, you can tilt the container etc.. I got this as a gift, I asked for it actually. But now I would love to return it.

Save your money and invest in an immersion blender for when you are making larger batches and a hand held food mill that doesn’t need to be plugged in when baby eats what the family is eating but in a softer form.

Definitely not recommended.

BuddyLa Crosse, KS


Absolutely LOVED this product until it started spewing out black stuff into the food. Spent weeks contacting the company and got a nasty response to read the manual and the black stuff is from build up. After follwing the manual, it STILL produces black stuff and the company won’t back up their product. Absolutely disgusted by the customer service.
YoulandaDycusburg, KY

LOVE it, great for toddlers too

Received this as a gift from my mom. I am basically a lazy (or is it busy and overwhelmed?) person and I love the convenience and easy cleanup. The device, container and basket are BPA-free, as recently confirmed by independent testing by the Svan company who is taking over distribution of the Babycook in the USA. The steamer basket holds about a 1/2 pound of peas at a time, which purees down to a full baby food freezer tray, with a couple of servings extra. Just how much of one thing do you want to make at a time anyway? I expect that the Babycook will pay for itself, given the high cost of those little jars of babyfood from the market – over dollar ($1.29!!! in some stores) here, even more for the organic ones. Although I don’t have hard water I always use filtered water, so there has been no brown stuff anywhere, like another reviewer complained about. Also, love the fact that I can use the Babycook to defrost and heat the frozen portions. Microwaves slightly change the molecular structure of foods. The best part? My three year old loves to cook her own veggie combinations in it (with adult supervision, of course) and eat what she cooks. Since she is a picky eater I am over-the-moon about this. I am also excited to be able to prepare meat in it because my husband has religious dietary restrictions and you can’t get suitable prepared baby food. Again, love this product.
MarlynWicomico Church, VA

Love it!!

I love my Beaba Babycook. My daughter is a year old now, and I still use it to make applesauce, purees for casseroles, and soups. It’s really easy to use, and I’m a single mother so I love anything that is quick, practical, and easy. As far as another review that said the Beaba is too small to make enough food, I stuff mine pretty full, that way I can make quite a bit of food at once. I don’t like tons of leftovers and I don’t freeze, so the amount it makes is perfect for my daughter and me. Definitely worth every penny!
WilfredoCovington, OH

Had a bad problem – now it’s solved and the Babycook works fine.

This is the first product review I have been compelled to put on Amazon. Bought this because most prepared baby food is disgusting and I wanted an easy way to serve fresh food to our son. This product was highly reviewed and I like gadgets so it seemed like a good fit. It worked well in the sense that it was convenient and cooked baby food, but after about 3 weeks, I noticed that the water used for steaming was brown and sweet smelling. I looked in the reservoir and noticed brown grime on all of the metal and a sickly sweet smell. I assumed (unfairly) that my mother-in-law had mistakenly put food into the reservoir hole and then was embarrassed to say anything, so I cleaned the unit with vinegar as per the instructions and tried again. We’ve only had the unit since Feb 2010, use it only 2-3 times a week and now had the same problem 3-4 different times. The water used to cook the food is brown and disgusting and I have cleaned (physically scraped) brown grim the reservoir multiple times. I have contacted Beaba and they have suggested that it’s a descaling issue and to descale the unit once a month. I completely disagree as we have had the same coffee maker for three years and never descaled it once. I don’t know if food is being spun into the reservoir or what, but at this point, we have a $150 baby food maker that we are afraid to use. What’s the point of fresh baby food if it’s covered in some kind of unknown detritus? Beaba has so far been unresponsive about a replacement/ repair. Will update with any new developments.

Update 2/25/11- this is an update to the review above. I’m not sure, but now think the problem of the brown water had to do with not properly using the plastic cover when blending the food (aka user error) allowing particles of food to enter the water chamber and be subsequently reintroduced into the baby’s food. I say this because while no one in my family would admit to not using the plastic screen when blending, as soon as I reiterated that everyone should be using it, the problem stopped and we have used the Baby food maker without incident since. So not sure what caused the problem, but it seems to have gone away recently and we are now happy with the product again. I revised my rating to 4 stars.

JoshuaDexter, KS


I just open my baby cook, I read very quickly the instructions, because I was very exited to make my baby food, So everything was OK, I put some carrots and potatoes in dices. they cooked perfect, then I mixed them using the water that i got from the steam. the mixed was fine and creamy, so i started to give the food to my baby, she made a funny face for the 2 first spoons and then she eat everything, almost by the end of her food, I tried a bit of the foood, AND OH MY GOD!!!!! the flavor was BITTER, so I was very concern and worry, I started to look after this bitter flavor,…..I FOUND THAT THE STEAMER MADE A FUNNY SMELL, so I decided to stream only some water, after the cycle stop, I TASTED THE WATER AND FLAVOR WAS BITTER!!!!!!!!!! I TRIED ALMOST 5 TIMES, I PUT SOME VINEGAR AS THE INSTRUCTIONS SAID FOR CLEANING, BUY THE BITTER FLAVOR IS STILL THERE, SO ANY TIME THAT YOU WILL MAKE OUR FOOD, YOU WILL GET THIS FLAVOR; IS THAT HEALTY?, PLEASE…..DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT, THERE ARE MANY OTHER WAYS TO MAKE HEALTY FOOD FOR YOUR BABY. I BELIVE THE STEAM RESERVOIR HAD A VERY BIG PROBLEM:::::::…………BE SERIUS CARFUL
PiedadParon, AR

Beaba baby cook the best

I love this product caz its fast easy and more healthier for my baby i recommend this to moms. I dont recommand buying the baby food jars at the store caz they dont tell u when its made. I love this. And its safer and healthier for my baby and i now wats going in my baby’ s tummy.
HarlanAvon Lake, OH

Food prep unit warped on first use

That’s right parents, the unit warped on the first use and basically became a $150 paper weight.

We contacted the company and they did happily send replacement parts but geez, you can’t have a product going to the crapper after one use. Totally unacceptable.

On the bright side, it did do a good job of making the sweet potato goo but it was nothing that boiling a sweet potato and throwing it in a real food processor can’t do.

RogelioGlasgow, PA


As other reviewers have noted, this thing grows mold in the well. I’ve tried vinegar AND bleach to remove it to no avail. A waste of money if ever there was one.
MistieLongville, MN

great to use but steamer function brokedown!

I would have given it a 5 star just as any other – easy to use, saves countertop space, less mess to wash… if not for the steamer function that has just died after 8 months!
ShaundaNahunta, GA

I have a solution to the black mold problem in the Beaba!

Like most of you, I noticed the black mold problem and was horrified. I tried the vinegar solution to no avail. Then, I got to thinking….Why not try CLR! CLR is a green solution to rid your home or coffeemaker of calcium, lime or rust. I figured if it is safe to use in a coffeemaker then, why not give it a try!
It WORKED!! I put in about a 1/2 cup of the product (undiluted)into the water reservoir, let it sit a few minutes and THEN scrubbed the inside with a toothbrush. Keeping the CLR in the reservoir, I ran the unit to steam, the black mold particles started pouring out.
Then, I ran it several times with plain water. Particles kept coming. I took a look inside with a flashlight and after a few more touch ups with the toothbrush, the reservoir looked BRAND NEW.
For safe keeping I ran it again with more fresh water.
In the future, whenever you use your baby food maker, I would recommend emptying out the residual water (this is what caused the mold problem in the first place) then re-attaching the food basket/processor/bowl with the lid on and running the steamer with the LID OFF. You will be able to see the water bubbling, turning to vapor and then the reservoir will be completely dry. This step is KEY as you want to will ensure that your water reservoir is completely dry while you store it. Once this is done, you can re-attach the lid. It’s also a good idea that you make sure your food basket/processor/bowl is dry as well.
Hope this helps!
JesusIslamorada, FL


Got this for my daughter who was using an old fashioned blender to make her baby’s food which was a messy ordeal. I gave her this newfangled thing and she LOVES it! It is small and tidy and easy to operate and has a powerful little motor which steams food quickly with just a little water and then promptly turns the steamed food into perfectly pureed baby food.
Easy to clean too.
Probably not the machine for you if you like to whip up and freeze large batches at a time.
IrwinSizerock, KY

buy a baby brezza instead, save money and time and health

from reading all the reviews about black gunk and mold i have decided to forgo this product and i have lucked up on the baby brezza. it’s a wonderful machine and it cooks and steams without having to do 2 steps. simply put the food in chopped, press the steam and puree button 1, 2, 3, or 4 times depending on how long you want the food to steam, and it purees or chops the food for you. you can also use the steam only or puree only button. save steps, and money, this product is only $99 and has adorable useful tools to buy separately for under $8. the website for the product is great, with instructional videos as well.
i’m really glad i found this before i spent the $$ on something that might disappoint me in the long run. i hope they offer the baby brezza on amazon soon. i hate that i can’t support amazon’s great service by buying from them.
InellMars Hill, NC

Was a good product until…

I LOVED this thing, I used it everyday and it was great for 3 months. Well the plastic cracked in the cooker. So now I have this thing that wont steam and would leak everywhere and it was a mess! I contacted their customer service- who got back to me quickly and said they would send out a replacement bowl. It’s a month and half later- NO REPLACEMENT PART! Also the plastic part around the blade grows mold and there is NO easy way or a way I’ve found to get it completely out!!! I have to much as I did love this I would NEVER spend that kind of money on a baby cooker again.
ShakiraHinckley, IL

Nice, but not necessary

This item falls into the category of nice, but not totally necessary. While it steams and purees in one cup resulting in fewer dirty dishes, if you already have a stove top steamer and a blender you can get the same results.
RedaLimon, CO

Love it!!!!!!

This product is better than I thought it would be. I truly enjoy making my daughter’s baby food with it. My husband has been impressed that I am making her food. It is easy to use and doesn’t take much time. Plus, I feel good about giving my daughter fresh, whole foods that I know what ingredients are in it.
IsisOxford Junction, IA

Great Item – Very Simple to use.

I purchased this item after deciding to make my own baby food.
I like that idea that it can both puree and steam in one appliance.
This is a lot less on my counter top.
I like that I can make ahead a weeks worth of food and freeze it or make him applesauce to eat with his oatmeal in the morning or just puree a banana very quickly.
I know that with in a fairly short period of time, I can make him meals that I know exactly what are in them and that they are healthy.
It is a great peace of mind for a mother.
Also do not think that you are really busy that you have to buy store baby food.
I was scared of that at first, would I have time????
But this item is so easy, it is possible.
EmmettFremont, NE