BEABA Silicone Multiportions Container – Baby Food Storage Silicone Tray

Beaba has over 25 years of experience producing everything you need to make and store baby food at home. The Multiportions baby food storage tray is the world’s most popular baby food storage container. The versatile silicone design is dishwasher safe and can be used in the freezer, oven and microwave. Food won’t stick to the container with our premium FDA grade material allowing moms and dads to easily pop out one or more servings of delicious homemade baby food. Save time in the kitchen by storing up to a week’s worth of food in our 7-cup design. The Multiportions tray grows with your kids and is great for tasks outside storing baby food as well. The tray can easily be used to make desserts and snacks like popsicles, chocolates and even for baking cupcakes. Multiportions is a great serving tray to give kids multiple snack options in one container that can easily be resealed. Beaba’s Multiportions makes baby food storage and container clean up a breeze.

Quick facts

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave Safe
  • Non-Stick Silicone for Easy Pop-Out of Frozen Foods
  • FDA Food Grade Silicone is BPA, Lead & Phthalate Free
  • Stores 7 individual 2oz Servings for a week of meals
  • Use Mold for Other Foods Including: Chocolate, Popsicles and More, Serves as a Great Snack Tray for Kids of All Ages

Top reviews

Made in China

Unfortunately, Made in China. I do not trust their manufacturing standards. Looking for an alternative….
GilFresno, CA

Buy from another retailer for 1/3 the price!

This listing sells the freezer tray for nearly $50 when all other retailers sell for 19.95. Make sure you look before you buy.
LianeNoorvik, AK

Terrible food pods

These food trays are terrible. I requested them in my baby registry, and thank god I only got one. It is very very difficult to scoop the frozen food out, and frozen food even bends spoon if you try to spoon it out. I’m donating it first thing in the morning. I highly recommend purchasing single food pods that you can just toss into a lunch bag and go, and defrost independently wherever you are.
SharlaMiles, TX

Total waste of money

I am a total sucker for kitchen gadgets, but this just goes too far. The price is insane for what is essentially a glorified ice cube tray, which does not work as well as your basic ice cube tray. It’s difficult to get the cubes out of this tray, it has an odd shape that wastes space in your freezer, and it makes 2 ounce servings, which are fine if you know you want 2 ounces, but I prefer to make 1 ounce sizes so that I can combine different flavors, or make just 1 (or 3) ounces if my baby is not as hungry and I don’t want any waste. The only reason I gave it any stars at all is because of the lid – that IS handy, I must admit. But you can buy ice cube trays with lids too, that will actually fit in your freezer and stack well. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. Okay, it IS cute. I wish it wasn’t so cute…
IrisSouthard, OK

Works, but expensive

Basically my title sums it up. This works, so I like it, but I really wish it wasn’t so expensive. Something that also works are ice cube trays (if you don’t have the ones with lids you can put them into a large baggie before putting in freezer or cover with aluminum foil) and spray the tray with Pam before filling. It really does make it so that the frozen food pops right out. The one nice thing about this tray over ice cube trays is that it freezes bigger cubes, but right now my baby only eats a little bit so smaller portions/cubes are actually better for now.
CoreyGrand Lake, CO

Lid was chipped but I like the product

Came to me with a chipped lid. I wrote an email to the company to see what I could do and no one responded.
SalleyFort Mc Coy, FL

not airtight

this freezer tray is not airtight — so the puree will get freezer burn. I’ve had to enclose the tray in a plastic freezer bag before storing. I would expect it to work better for the price. However it is very easy to pop-out when ready to defrost.
JosephTuttle, OK

Not the best and does take up room.

My daughter wanted 3 of these so she could make my 1st grandbaby her food. I bought them and then 3 boxes of the One Step reusable stackable Fresh and Freeze as i thought the latter would be better.
These are hard to remove when frozen and you end up touching the other sections and contaminating them. You have to run hot water over the section you want to remove. You cannot see thru the lid if you put different food in a container.
These are way too expensive when you can buy the other Fresh and Freeze by One Step Ahead that can go from the freezer, microwave then the dishwasher.
I do not recommend wasting your $$$ when yoy can have the same results with ice cube trays covered to freeze than placing them in baggies. Idea is to make the food freeze it and leave it until ready to use:)
MedaAtkins, AR

Not worth the money

I bought one of these thinking I would try it out and go back for more if it worked out. They are cute, but I won’t be buying more. The Stay-Fresh Baby Food containers are MUCH better and cheaper. The Stay-Fresh containers each hold 2 ounces and can go straight in the microwave. Once the food is frozen I find it difficult sometimes to get the portion of food out of the Beaba container. Not the best design and totally overpriced.
BryannaHamilton, GA


I absolutely love these Beaba Multiportion Freezer Trays!!! They are wonderful for children, grandchildren of several age levels. My daughter and I are using them for her 3 mo. old for home made food. We prepare food, portion out, and chill or freeze and needed. We can mix multiple items in one tray and it is ready for the babysitter to use.

I love the soft bottoms because we can pop out the frozen portions we need. I love the close fitting top which keeps in freshness. I wish I’d had these when my girls were little

We also use these as carry along snack trays for the 3 1/2 year old. She gets to choose and portion her snacks for the day. Wonderful!

TamekaVan Wert, OH

gift was good choice

I bought this as a gift. The person who received it really likes the product
TravisCentereach, NY

Monkey Platter!

This tray makes a perfect monkey platter for a toddler! Before purchasing this I was putting items directly onto my son’s booster tray or using several small dishes, but this is a way better solution. There are seven deep wells, perfectly toddler-sized. I can put a few heaping spoonfuls of yogurt in one, some brown rice in another, diced squash, some chopped apple, steamed spinach.. a bit of this and a bit of that. The monkey platter approach is a great way to encourage small children to try a wide variety of foods without overwhelming them and this tray is PERFECT. It’s also cute and easy to clean.
LyndaAubrey, TX

perfect for homemade baby food!

I bought these trays because I was originally using plastic ice cube trays and they kept breaking everytime I would take the food out. These trays work wonderful! They slide right out and are the perfect portion size! Love them! A little expensive, but worth every penny!
ReidMilford, NE

Worth the money

These freezer trays are expensive, but worth the money without a doubt. They are the perfect size for freezing individual baby food portions, and the frozen food pops out easily when you want to transfer it to ziplock bags. Great product!
LatonyaGay, WV

crappy lid

The lid merely sits on the top, and is a huge pain to get on and off, especially since we use this to freeze milk. Half the time it spills everywhere while I’m moving it to the freezer. Sooo annoying but at least the bottom is silicon. It will be useful for baby food and less-liquid things.
MaraGlen Gardner, NJ

Great for homemade baby food

Love this freezer tray. great portion size, easy to use, dishwasher safe, and bpa free for baby. would purchase again (I actually wish I had a few more!)
NorrisAnawalt, WV

Not just for baby food!

I am just so in love with these trays! I now have four!!! I have used them for baby food and have even whipped up a batch of pesto and frozen it. Once your food is frozen, they literally just pop right out! I couldn’t be happier with these!
HaleyOcean Park, ME

Great Item

I purchased this when I was planning to make and freeze baby food for my daughter. What I like about them is that they are easy to pop after food is frozen, unlike regular ice trays. After they freeze, I just put the baby food in freezer bags and it’s working great. Gave it 4 stars because they are a little pricey.
TamicaToutle, WA

Great product but not airtight

This product is a must-have for any parents making their own baby food and looking for an easy and convenient freezer storage solution. The 7 compartments can hold 2 oz each and the frozen food easily slips out of each compartment, thanks to the flexible silicone.
The only downside to this product, is that the plastic lid isn’t airtight, despite claims that it is exactly that. Instead of the lid snapping onto the tray all around the edge and closing tightly, it only clicks into place in 5 different places, allowing air to get in and resulting in freezer burn. To prevent this I plastic wrap the tray before putting the lid on.
EbonyCedar Ridge, CA

Happy With Product

This product is sturdy and well made. The portion is perfect. It has a lid which keeps food clean and easy to stack. I have one in orange as well as green. My baby is 11 months now. I wish I would have purchased more in different colors but I got by with freezing and storing in freezer bags. I think I can reuse Beaba freezer trays after I stop making baby food.
GeorgiannArmagh, PA

great product!

We recieved our first freezer tray as a gift and I loved them so much that I bought another! We also use the bpa free oxo ice cube trays when we want smaller cubes! Having the two sizes is very helpful!
BetseyWicomico Church, VA

Love the style/benefits, but hard to get some frozen items out

I am a mom concerned about BPA and wanted to find something I could safely use in the freezer, and found this one among others and I liked that this one came with a lid and they style of it is pretty cool. The only thing I don’t like is that when I am freezing things that are more dense, like my homemade rice pudding, they are hard to push out when they are still in their frozen form. When I freeze the same thing in a traditional ice tray, I don’t seem to have that problem (I think because it is flexible rather than ridged, the tray flexes rather than releasing the food)… things that are more watery like frozen juice are not as hard to get out. Over all, I like it, and it makes really fun round popcicles!
EufemiaLa Russell, MO

Great product, but carries a bad odor

I have the Beaba baby food maker and two of the trays. I also use my food processor to make food. I have twins and make a lot of organic food to freeze. I freeze the food in the trays and then transfer then to FoodSaver bags so they never get freezer burned. The one thing I HATE about the trays is that they have a weird, unpleasant odor to them. The odor does not smell like the foods I stored in them. For the most part, I wash them by hand. I tried soaking them in vinegar and figured the steam from the dishwasher might help, but nothing gets rid of the odor. When I first got the trays, I had to run hot water over them to pop the food out.

Now that I’ve been using them for a while, I can easily pop the food out without water. I do try to transfer the food as soon as possible b/c the seal on the trays is not perfect and freezer burn can happen if you let them sit for too long. I do feel the trays are overpriced. I have 2 trays and could easily use 2-4 more to freeze the batches I make. It’s annoying to have to keep rotating the food to try to freeze it before it goes bad.

HaydenCentury, FL


We have 6 of these trays in various colors. My husband and I both work and make our daughter’s baby food instead of buying jars. We make large batches on the weekends and having multiple trays allows us to make a variety of foods that we can then combine when defrosted during the week. I love that they stack neatly in the freezer, have a lid (which a lot of other baby food trays don’t have), and the frozen portions pop out easily. Another reviewer wrote they use it as a serving tray for baby instead of many bowls–I will most certainly try that when baby is ready to feed herself.

As a tip…the lid isn’t completely airtight (as other mentioned) so I wouldn’t recommend leaving the food in the tray until you’re ready to serve. We pop food portions out after freezing over night and store in labeled bags. This is very handy for grabbing foods quickly.

CoreneSykeston, ND

Easy to get food out

I have several types of baby food molds and this is my favorite. It is soft and rubbery so I am able to push up from the bottom of the mold to remove the food. I don’t like having to run hot water over the back, like I have to with my other molds, because I don’t like tap water getting on the food. (I’m a little obsessive, compulsive) Just make sure not to fill the molds all the way to the top because the food expands and then you’ll have food on the lid. Makes for easier cleaning if you don’t get food on the lid.
CletaIrvington, KY

great ice cubes for baby food

I bought one of each color, blue, orange and green. I love this cubes. They are 2.5 oz, perfect portions for my baby. Now that he’s eating more, for example at lunch, I thaw 2 cubes for his entree (salty) and one for desert (fruit). Once the cubes are frozen it is very easy to pop them out and store them in a zip-lock bag, they are also very easy o clean. I highly recommend this product.
MaryroseDurant, IA

Perfect storage for homemade baby food

This is the perfect storage for the baby food I make at home. I am a working mom, so time is not on my side when it comes to doing things for my son. But, it’s important for me to make him healthy homemade meals and this container helps me by allowing me to make large batches of food on the weekends and fill them up for the freezer. I have 2 of these storage containers that are kept in the freezer with the food I prepare on the weekends. Each night, I pull out my son’s food for the following day and allow it to thaw in the fridge. The flexible material makes it really easy to pop out one portion at a time. Highly recommend this food storage.
SanfordWindber, PA

Great for homemade baby food

I have used this a couple times when making my own baby food and I love it. It’s really easy to freeze food in. When the baby food is frozen you just run hot water on the back and pop out the food. It washes up nicely in the dishwasher. I think the ammount of food that it holds is good too. I would highly recommend this product.
LoisBrookline Station, MO

superior quality…worth every penny!!

I received this freezer tray along with the Beaba foodmaker and spoons from my in-laws. I am totally told on all Beaba products due to the high quality and great designs. The food pops out easily and leaves no waste behind.
EttaCanton, MI

One of my favorite baby products

The Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray is one of our favorite baby products. We use a steamer and a food processor to make baby food. We put the food in one of these freezer trays, freeze for a couple of hours, and then pop the food out and store it in the freezer in Ziplock bags, labeled with the type of food and the date.

I saw a previous comment that the serving sizes were too large. Um, no they are not. If you want less – don’t fill the cup all the way. Crazy how that works! I fill the cups to the top, and my son eats almost the entire serving. I am glad that the cups are as big as they are.

Clean up is a breeze – we don’t put it in the dishwasher, we just run it under hot water.

To prepare the frozen cubes, I pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds – then stir. Another 15 seconds, and another stir. Sometimes, another 10 seconds if I want to serve it warm.

Great product for those who want to make cooking their own baby food even easier.

ErnestinaPiermont, NY