Bear Creek Country Kitchens Hot & Sour Soup Mix, 7.0 Ounce Bags

Bear Creek Country Kitchens Hearty Dry soup. We use the highest quality incredients to make the best healthy hearty soup you will taste. Makes half of gallon of the best tasting just like grandmas soup with no transfats and lower sodium. Make it you own b

Quick facts

  • Hearty Dry Soup cooks in minutes No Trans Fats and lower sodium Makes a half gallon of great tasting soup
  • No Trans Fats lower sodium makes a half gallon cooks in 15 minutes

Top reviews

This stuff is pretty nasty

It’s pretty gross. Too bad you have to buy such a large quantity to try it. First of all, “Hearty” no way. it’s plain and gross. Nothing hot and nothing sour about it. I added lots of chili oil and vinegar to make it more like what you get in the restaurant, but it’s no good. I was looking for an alternative to what you can get at the supermarket, but this is not it. Also… it has NOODLES. I’ve NEVER had hot and sour soup with noodles EVER. Weird. Noodles must be cheap.
HaywoodNew Berlinville, PA

Bear Creek Hot and Sour Soup Mix

The absolute BEST one pot meal ever.
Economical, easy and quick, just add water…cooks in 8 minutes. As is, it is far better, and less expensive, than any hot and sour soup I have had in a restaurant or a packaged mix purchased at a supermarket, including stores which specialize in Asian products.

I have added chopped fresh garlic, cilantro, brocolli. For extra protein, have added cooked chicken OR turkey, tofu, or may drizzle in raw scrambled egg just before it is finished cooking.

Made according to package directions, it yields a gallon of soup, far more with the add ins.

Please do note that this product is high in salt, which for me is no problem, as MD advised to add more water and salt to my diet.

PLEASE Country Kitchens and Amazon, do not discontinue this product!

PiperSouth Prairie, WA

Love this Hot Sour Soup!

This soup is restaurant quality taste – I added chicken, mushrooms, water chestnuts and some green onion. DELICIOUS – my hubby had two bowls!

Favorite of the Bear Creek so far!

HalWaco, NE

Not quite as I expected

The hot and sour soup was good. I’m not sure what it needed, but I couldn’t make it taste as good as some of the restaurant hot and sour soup I have eaten. It was tasty, but not like I wanted the Hot n Sour soup to be.
KarolynAneta, ND

Great soup!

I’ve been buying this soup for years at Fry’s, but when they stopped selling it I panicked! Now that I found it on Amazon I’m very happy. It’s the type of soup no one else makes. You can add your own ingredients to it as well or its great by itself. Better than most Chinese restuarants make.
PaulitaBrenham, TX

This mix definitely does not produce Hot & Sour soup!!!

The one good thing that I can say about this mix is that it does produce a very large amount of soup. That’s the only good thing that I can say. I have had this soup many times while living on Long Island. Been to Chinatown in NYC many times and
I can tell you this mix absolutely does not taste anything like Hot & Sour soup. I currently live in Orlando and have been here for about 10 years. I find this soup is inconsistent among the various Chinese restaurants here, so that is why I tried this product. After making one package worth of soup(?) and trying it, I threw out the remaining 5 packages of mix. Talk about false advertising. I need to find a book that will provide a correct recipe for this delicious soup so that I can make the soup from scratch.
AlvinaKersey, PA

Wimpy and definitely NOT restaurant quality.

I bought this soup based on the glorious reviews. With the Armageddon news scared and how we should stocked up on food I went ahead and picked this up. I am very sorry I bought it now. Boy, am I ever sorry.
Follow instruction to the T. I also add some tofu and bamboo shoots. The soup turned out to be very runny and not as thick as it should. I have to whipped in a little cornstarch mixed with water to thicken it up. Sour enough but hardly spicy hot. In addition, I never have noodle in my hot and sour soup before(homemade or restaurant), but hey, anything go, as long as it taste OK. But the noodle taste like overcooked spaghetti. Thank god there is not very much of them, and I can easily spooned them out. Also, there are specks of what I believe to be mushrooms, they so tiny, can’t tell for sure.
Unless you add stuff to it, this soup by itself is wimpy and will leave a sour taste in your mouth!

Five more packages to go…. Next time I will use less water, and see how it go.

JameNelson, NE

Hot and sour soup mix

The seller was prompt in sending my soup mix and there was no problem whatsoever.
LillianaOldhams, VA

Hydrogenated oil…why??!

I love Bear Creek products, but why on earth are they still using hydrogenated oils?! (Note, you can’t see it in the abbreviated ingredient list but on the package all the oil is specified as “partially hydrogenated”. For no apparent reason they’re taking a wonderful, low-calorie and otherwise reasonably healthful product and turning it into an artery-clogger. Please, Bear Creek, update your recipe and use un-hydrogenated oils!

This soup mix, with some added hot sauce (I like a little Szechuan stir-fry sauce and some sichimi/nanami togarachi Japanese chili pepper mix), corn and mushrooms (wood ears, straw mushrooms and /or shiitake, maybe some oyster mushrooms too), with some potstickers cooked in the soup to absorb the flavor, makes a wonderful one-pot meal.

All in all it’s an otherwise terrific product, with totally unnecessary hydrogenated oil.

BreannaByron, NE

Easy Fixin’s and Authentic Taste

Love, love, love this soup. They discontinued it at both the supermarkets near me (not the brand, just the product), so I am forced to buy it on line. As good as take out. Add a few drops of hot chili oil to “kick it up a notch.”
GaylordBlackshear, GA

Flavorful and good … but not actually “hot & sour”.

This was my first experience with a Bear Creek soup product. Their hot & sour soup mix couldn’t be easier to use (boil water, open package) or faster (ready in 10 minutes) but it doesn’t actually taste like real hot & sour soup, and I’ve enjoyed Chinese cuisine all over the United States. But that’s not to say I don’t like Bear Creek’s effort! It still tastes distinctly Asian, has a nice kick to it, and if you reduce the water from 8 cups to 7 it’s a little more robust. I also add cubed tofu, a package of Miracle Noodle Shirataki Rice, 8-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) and a couple of beaten eggs, all of which turn this soup into a very flavorful complete meal.
EdwinaTemperanceville, VA

Great product, but not at this price

Hot and sour soup takes a long time to make from scratch. This is a great product for mking a much quicker and easier version. I add cooked ground pork, tofu, soy sauce, black vinegar, and whatever else I think of at the time. Its always very good. Other online stores sell it for about $26 for 6.
MarlinMontrose, SD

Great Soup

I’m a repeat customer. Serves my hot and sour soup craving well. I add tofu and straw mushrooms. Also have tried some leftover chicken. I’ll be buying again. Great to keep on hand for a fast 10 minute chinese treat.
KayceeOrwigsburg, PA

Soup Lover’s Review

I love soup anytime – Winter or summer, breakfast or lunch or supper; and this one is one of my very favorites. I like to add cubed tofu and chopped dry mushrooms (such as wild dried mushrooms from COSTCO). Any leftovers keep for many days in the fridge. Can only be purchased in cartons of six packages online, but is well well worth the trouble.


EarleanHoward, OH

Love this soup.

Our family loves this soup. It’s easy and fast. I usually add cooked pork, white wine vineger or red wine vinegar, soy sauce, egg drizzled in (i.e. like in egg drop soup)bamboo shoots and/or water chestnuts. Fry up some cut up wonton wrappers to add on top. Always a great go to when you’re short on time.
TatyanaWagoner, OK

Great Hot & Sour, the easy way

What a grrreat surprise. We had tried, and loved their chicken noodle mix and our little grandson, Dylan, exclaimed, “that is the best chicken soup in the World”. We live in an area where good Chinese food is not to be found and this Bear Creek product may be the closest thing to what you can get in Chinatown in NYC or San Francisco. I have, on occasion, added some of our excellent Low-Country shrimp or scallops and made the best hot n sour seafood soup we have ever had. Good stuff and worth the price
FrankNew Salem, MA

with some add-ins, it’s delicious

I love most of Bear Creek soup mixes, and I chanced on this bulk buy since I love hot & sour soup. It was a good bet.

I added tofu & bamboo shoots which they suggested. But they real kicker to make it tasty & authentic is adding rice or cider vinegar to taste. DELICIOUS!

JanayGwynn Oak, MD

Good soup.

I like this soup. It is very close to the quality of a restaurant and easy to make. We mix in some egg-beater and add a few mushrooms to make it perfect. Enjoy.
KyraRiva, MD

Fantastic soup!

I absolutely love this soup. I add tofu, mushrooms and sometimes bamboo shoots. It makes a huge amount so I actually split the mix in half and make half at a time. It satisfies my craving for hot and sour while being low-calorie.
HowardKilleen, TX

Bear Hot and Sour Soup

Could not find the hot and sour soup anywhere or at any grocery store… bu there it was at a great price on Amazon. Arrived on time and shipped in a protective box. I am very satisfied!!!
JimmieMarissa, IL

Hot and sour soup

My hubby and I really like this soup, especially with added straw mushrooms. Although there may be better restaurant hot and sour soups available, it’s hard to find one that tastes this “authentic”.
ElianaBelle Center, OH

best on the market

i’m not a big fan of prepared package soups (especially those awful chik-n-noodles types), but i was simply astounded by the great taste of this product – others have chimed in with their ‘upgrades’ to the mix, and i’ll add mine: dried mushrooms – especially the shredded wood-ears you can get at your local Asian grocery…

i keep this item in stock at the casa at all times! fabulous product!

DannieSpringfield, OR

Good soup, but

This is a nice tasting soup. Perhaps a little salty, barely, with a robust big flavor! The bad thing is the noodles they put in the pack. There are a lot of rolled up noodles that unroll like flat spaghetti when cooked. I enjoy the ‘Asian Home Gourmet’ hot and sour soup more, but this is good for those who like a wholesome meat and tatters kinda soup. If you want the best hot and sour though, buy the Asian Home Gourmet paste packs.
SetsukoBaldwin, MI

Easy & delicious

Low in calories, makes a large quantity, very tasty and lends itself to adaptation. I add extra firm tofu and grated vegetables, this and a multi grain roll is all I need for a delicious meal. I will buy this again and again. Amazon grocery also makes finding it and getting it super easy.
JuniorBremen, KS

Great Soup!!

I first bought this at my local grocery store. They couldn’t keep it in stock. I went to buy more and none of the stores carried it anymore. So I was delighted when I found it here on Amazon. My husband loves this soup, we add a few things like pork, green onions, and sometimes tofu, but it is really good even if you don’t add anything. Bon apetite
AronBelpre, KS

great soup

nice to eat a different soup. sour flavor. Hard to find locally, but a must have soup.
RandellDonora, PA

If you love hot ‘n sour soup, buy this

Not all Chinese restaurants have great hot’n sour soup and not all packaged soups are good but this product rivals the best authentic Chinese hot ‘n sour soup from restaurants. The flavor is great, there are lotsa noodles and other goodies. I sometimes add additional chopped shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Also great to add is cooked pork (julienned). If you enjoy hot ‘n sour soup, do yourself a favor and buy this item.
LeonaPortsmouth, NH

Much better than any restaurant!

Follow the directions for the Egg Drop Soup- very tasty! I added more low carb noodles. All the Bear Creek soups are good, but this is a standout.
DallasFarmington, MI

great soup

so happy to find this item on Amazon as food chain stopped carrying it I always have some in the frig.
BrittaSpencer, TN