Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard, 13-Ounce Squeezable Bottles

Rich with honey. Gold medal winner. The original since 1929. Family owned and operated for three generations, we are committed to the creation of world-class condiments. Serving these award-winning products to your family is our greatest honor. Enjoy!. 13. Unit of Measure: OZ. Case Pack Size: 6

Quick facts

  • Case of six 13-ounce mustard bottles (total of 78 ounces)
  • Rich, gourmet flavor seasoned with honey, balsamic vinegar, and tangy spices
  • Vegetarian-friendly mustard from innovative, award-winning condiment producer
  • Convenient, squeezable bottle
  • Specialty condiments produced in Oregon since 1929

Top reviews

Family is hooked on this mustard

Roast Turkey, Pastrami, Corned Beef and Roast Beef sandwiches, all with Swiss Cheese and sliced tomato are a daily happening in our household. For years we used, Grey Poupon mustard. We tried the Beaver brand HONEY Mustard and really liked it so decided to give this, the Sweet Hot Mustard a try. We LOVE IT. We try to minimize the Mayo for fat purposes so mustard is our condiment of choice.

Personally, what I like about this mustard is that the “hot” doesn’t keep your mouth burning long after the bite. You get the heat, then you’re okay, It’s not going to make sweat beads on your forehead.

We still love Grey Poupon and this is not a true substitute for it. It’s a completely different flavor. But if you’re into mustard, go buy a bottle of this from your local grocer. Then, if you want to stock up you can always come back to Amazon for the six pack which may save you a few cents per bottle.

If you don’t like the heat – try the Beaver Brand Honey Mustard. It’s really good too.


JermaineFirebaugh, CA

Nothing on this earth like eating beaver!

This stuff is wonderful. It enhances just about anything you use it on. Corned beef on rye, a little in the potato salad, or tuna. You get the idea. It does have a little bite to it so I wouldn’t recommend it for children. They do however make a honey mustard perfect on those bologna sandwiches only ten calories a serving about 1/3rd less then a light mayo.
TiffanyNorman, AR

Awesome if you let it sit for a month

Awesome once you let for a month. I have to wait a month to eat this mustard. It’s just too hot. After a month it is awesome. If you wait too long it will lose it hot and turn just sweet.
FairyFarwell, MI

Always in my fridge

I’ve been addicted to this hot and spicy mustard for about five years now. It’s great for sandwiches, or in a dish when serving ham or other cold meats that need a good hot mustard. Neither the heat, nor the sweetness are overplayed for a novelty factor, Beaver Sweet Hot has a balanced flavour that won’t dominate your sandwich.
KinaChesterhill, OH

Delicious Hot & Sweet Mustard

I first had Beaver Brand mustard in Las Vegas at the Wynn hotel. The deli mustard was spicy and delicious. My favorite kind of mustard, however, is sweet and hot, and Beaver Brand delivers with theirs. It has a great horseradish-style kick and is nice and sweet, a perfect mustard for turkey or ham sandwiches and all manners of hot dogs and bratwurst. It’s not as versatile as some mustards, like a good Dijon, but that’s the nature of the flavor profile.

I will say that it is not a mustard you slather on heavily. I shared with some family and one family member put it all over like it was a regular mustard, and not long after he was tearing up. If you get a lot at once, it will feel like your sinuses have exploded. In a good way. Just a great mustard.

VenicePelzer, SC

best mustard ever

This mustard is great for peole who do not like the taste of horseradish. It has a sweet taste with an after bite of spicyness.
DrewStandish, CA

Caution! Very Spicey Mustard!

Great mustard but use with care as it is VERY HOT! I enjoy spicey flavors, but this is a bit over the top, so I use sparingly!
TamaraMenard, IL

Sweet with a “kick”!

As a previous reviewer stated, this mustard packs a punch. But if you like things on the hot ‘n’ spicy side, you’ll love this. Use it in moderation the first time, just to get a feel for the spiciness level. Then adjust later as needed.

I love it on brats, kielbasa, knockwurst, hot dogs, burgers, and I use it in marinades for chicken (mix with some lemon juice, oil, and a little minced garlic) or for grilling salmon (thin with a little oil, then brush on the salmon and grill).

I’m a big fan of the Beaver line of sandwich spreads/mustards/etc. This one is near the top of my list.

LaticiaBarhamsville, VA


Recently discovered this mustard at one of my favorite delis and now it’s a must-have in my kitchen, I use it on everything!
TheodoreMahanoy City, PA

Hot and tangy

I grew up in Oregon eating Beaver Brand hot mustard when we made Chinese food. One day I decided to try it on some turkey. A new favorite snack was born! I now use the hot mustard in marinades and all kinds of dishes. A little goes a long way! We split our time between Oregon and Florida. Since I discovered Amazon has the B.B. in stock I ship a case of the hot mustard and the honey sweet to our home in Florida as we can’t buy it in the stores on the east coast or the south. I’m also shipping the mustards to our Oregon home when we’re there because it’s cheaper than buying it on the shelf. Thank you Amazon!
HaMorton, IL

Love at first bite

I lived in the Pacific Northwest for a number of years, and distinctly remember the first time I tasted Beaver’s Sweet Hot Mustard. It was love at first bite. Since returning to my Northeast roots, the only mustard that comes close to Beaver’s wonderful flavor is Nance’s Sharp N Creamy, but Nance’s is a bit hard on the wallet given the size and price. Thank you Amazon for making an affordable reunion with Beaver mustard possible.
ElliMineral Springs, NC

beaver brand is the best!

This stuff is great! Makes me want to move to Oregon. Works as well on hots, burgers & subs as it does in BBQ sauce or potato salad.
JoniLeckie, WV

sweet & hot

If you like spicy things, this is for you. It is tastefully hot!
DariaGallaway, TN

Best mustard for any brat, hot dog, or burger!

First tried this mustard when I lived in Seattle. Highly recommend it on an all beef hot dog with a little pickle relish. Phenomenal on burgers and brats too. I moved to the Midwest and stockpiled 5 bottles to bring with me. Every time I go back to Seattle I stock my suitcase with them. Now that I know Amazon sells them I can save the $350 air delivery fee!
StanleyNew Hampton, MO