Beaver Brand Tartar Sauce, 11.5-Ounce Squeezable Bottles

With capers and dill. Award winning. The original since 1929. From our family to yours – since 1929. Family owned and operated for three generations, we are committed to the creation of world-class condiments. Serving these award-winning products to your family is our greatest honor. Enjoy!. 11.5. Unit of Measure: OZ. Case Pack Size: 6

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 11.5-ounce tartar sauce bottles (total of 69 ounces)
  • Gourmet seafood sauce made with capers and dill
  • Versatile relish from innovative, award-winning condiment producer
  • Convenient, squeezable bottle
  • Specialty condiments produced in Oregon since 1929

Top reviews

Best tartar sauce ever tasted

I prefer tartar sauce instead of lemon on fish. If you do too then this best of market tartar sauce is the one to buy. Beaver Brand, while a ‘curious’ company name, makes the best. This tartar sauce has excellent taste due in part to dill weed ingredient, yet it does not have that sweet, pickled flavor common in other brands. I was concerned about trying this in a six-pack purchase, but it has worked out deliciously. Packaging is recycleable plastic squeeze bottle with inner seal. It can be stored without refrigeration until opened.
ShaunaDavisboro, GA

What a mess!

I was thrilled to see that I could get our favorite tartar sauce on-line–our local shop had stopped carrying it. Not so thrilled with the separated mess I received–looked a little like blue cheese dressing! Also not so thrilled that it could not be returned.
VestaMount Pocono, PA

I love it…

This, to me, is the best tarter sauce I have ever bought. I was a bit skeptical ordering 6 containers of it. But I read the ingredients and it had dill in it. I don’t like the sweet tater sauces and took a chance.

Im very happy that I bought it. It’s excellent!!

GayleSouth Hill, VA

fully separated inedible mess

The six bottles I received were so fully separated that they contained at best a thin, grainy, inedible mess. I would definitely not order these again. These also have high fructose corn syrup as their third ingredient. (yuck)
LeonDalton, NE

Good Tartar Sauce

Received a pack of 6. Way more than what I needed but must admit it taste pretty good and also, it has motivated the entire household to consume more fish so we can finish them someday. For some reason I also like the name of the maker and that is a plus. Been using this sauce in specially made fish taco sessions and also with mahi mahi and the occasional salmon. Must admit Tartar sauce is not a daily must in our kitchen but there are times when nothing else will do. Very nice taste, long expiration dates (we needed that) and better than what is available for us locally. If buying this product makes a nice amazon reader consume more quality seafood (not the contaminated kind, mind you) then it is well worth the purchase. 4 solid Stars (above average) for Beaver Brand Tartar Sauce, 11.5-Ounce Squeezable Bottles (Pack of 6).
LawrenceKnob Lick, KY

Excellent Tartar Sauce

This tartar sauce is GREAT! It seems that most of the tartar sauce available at stores is sweet, which I don’t like. This tartar sauce is what tartar sauce should be!
WallaceIndian Rocks Beach, FL

Fantastic tartar sauce!

This is the best tartar sauce that I’ve ever tasted! Delivery was fast and the product was in perfect condition. I will definitely buy again!
GenevaSanta Clara, NM

Best tartar sauce on the market.

I have tried all the brands out there, and this is by far the best one. It’s not the goopy mayonaisey usual flavor; it has much more flavor. It was hard to find locally, that’s why I bought a case of it.
SheaBendena, KS


This is hands down the best tartar sauce you will ever find. I enjoyed it when I lived in oregon and was unable to find it in my current region, so thank goodness for amazon.
AlvaReeders, PA

My Review.

My order was packed nicely and shipped promptly.I cannot find this procuct in my local grocery stores.
KimbraClayton, ID