Beefeaters Cow Hooves – 10 Pack

Stock up on special treats for your special friend with a 10 piece bag of all natural cow hooves. Your dog will flip for these tasty beef treats.

Quick facts

  • All natural cow hooves dog treats
  • Features a beefy taste your pet will love
  • Offers 10 per bag

Top reviews

great for dogs that love to chew!

My dogs just aren’t into the plastic bones and other chew toys – but they love the cow hooves! This pack of 10 contains hooves that are thicker than I have seen other places, which is important because they are less prone to splitting and chipping. You do have to watch your dog when they are chewing, in case a piece breaks off, but this is the only product that I have found that my dogs love. I have two labs, one is an agressive chewer, and if we have the hooves around I don’t worry about her chewing something she shouldn’t (my shoes!). I do have to warn you that the smell isn’t great when they chew it for a while, but its worth it for them to be happy. I would absolutely reccommend this product to anyone with a dog!
BelenBrady, MT

Durable but they smell TERRIBLE.

I bought these a few months ago for my Brittany Spaniel pup, who was about 10 months old at the time (he’ll be a year next month). He’s a little chew monster if ever I saw one, chewing through braided rawhides in a manner of minutes. Since I read that rawhide isn’t healthy for dogs anyway, I looked for alternatives. The Busy Bones were a joke, and I’d been warned away from deer antlers because they splinter. So, I did a little more research and found out about cow hooves.

Pros: These things last, and last, and last, even with a very enthusiastic chewer like my dog. One hoof lasts him at least 3 or 4 days.

Cons: SWEET BABY JESUS, DO THESE THINGS STINK! When I first got them for my dog, I thought they were just giving him a really bad case of gas. But it was such a persistent and distinct stink (see what I did there?) that one day I wondered if maybe it wasn’t the hooves themselves. I took one away from him that he’d been chewing on for a day or so and took a whiff. WHEW!!! I rue the day I did that. It smelled absolutely horrible. I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised at the scent when you consider that a cow hoof is nothing more than a giant toenail. In fact, that’s actually the closest thing I can compare the smell to–a giant, stinking, toenail that’s been inside of a funky, humid, leather sneaker for a very long time; take that scent and multiply it times 100. Ladies, maybe you’ve never experienced that scent, but I’d wager most of us guys have at some point or another, particularly the big toenail during summer months.

Another huge con for me is that these aren’t made in America, but Chile. From all the research I’ve done on my own, animal treats/food made in countries other than America should be avoided at all costs because of the chemicals they use in processing, particularly dog treats like rawhide and such.

In conclusion, these things are very long lasting, but because of the God-awful stench and the fact that they’re not processed in America, I haven’t given one to my dog in nearly two months. Once the whole bag is gone, I doubt I’ll ever buy another.

AlysaClifton, NJ

Great item

Its getting harder and harder to find these around town where I live. Great items, I agree with the other review that after a while the smell is terrible. However its a small price to pay. Both my dogs love their hooves. I have a coon hound and cocker spaniel/beagle mix. They will chew on the hooves for hours.
GinnyRadiant, VA

Good but brittle

Its been hard to find something our German shepherd will enjoy while at the same time occupy her for more than two minutes. Hooves have been the ticket, but sometimes they don’t last long because of the way they are processed. If the hooves are too brittle she goes through them too quickly. This brand had that tendency. I know we have to be careful of hooves that aren’t “clean”. She digested them fine but a lttle too brittle.
ElkeSheridan, WY

Beef Cow Hooves

This is a great product. Shipping was fast also. My little chihuahua loves these for some strange reason so I bought her a bag of them. She spends alot of time licking and chewing on them. It keeps her out of trouble!
MintaNorth Jay, ME

Great item

I’ve purchased hooves before but the were always spendy. This is an excellent quantity and quality for the price. If your dogs love rawhide but chew through it like paper try these. They last for days.
MarieCoeur D Alene, ID

Lasting treats for dogs

Great price, came shortly after ordering. Was tired of making trips to pet stores that have every other treat but these. Keeps my dogs happy and quiet so I can watch TV, and occupied when left alone . Each hoof lasts 2 weeks to a month depending on size of dog.
ValenciaBantam, CT


DirkArcola, PA

Need a minute?

The Twix of dog chews! Time consuming with no unnecessary additives. We have a 8 month white Amer. Bulldog and the smoked hooves from Petsmart would discolor her fur around her paws and mouth. Looking to see if this company has larger sizes but if you find a better brand let me know
SharronSpringfield, IL

ODOR FREE… almost completely!

Dogs love them. and these have been nearly completely ODOR free. unusual for these products without the pak saying so. was very pleased with this brand. no basting and no smell. dog loves to sneak into my bed, and still NO smell while chewing. Will definately purchase again and again.
MarySandgap, KY

For your favorite furry chewer

I had started buying these 1 at a time from the local pet store, until I was buying 3 a week. It definitely made more sense for me to purchase online in larger quantities. I’ve always given my dog (1 y/o female pit) things to chew on, and this is the best to meet her need to chew. This is great for their teeth and it’s really no calories. The only downside is a funky smell. The hooves do have an odor to them once they get moist. I’ve tried all kinds of brands and the ones that smell the worst have a filling which is some type of mystery. Also, do watch for small peices as they break off. I give it 5 stars inspite of the odor because I really encourage people who have chew driven dogs to consider this product. It will occupy their time and save your shoes!
RyannLeroy, IN

Cow hooves

My dog adores these. He likes to throw them up in the air & chase them when we throw them for him.
SanoraSalida, CO

keeps pooches busy

These are alot cheaper than in a retail store, stinky but the dogs love them and it takes them along time to finish them off, I means weeks.
CorazonScobey, MS

Not chewy, but crunchy

My dog crunched one of these into bean sized pieces in about 5 minutes, and swallowed all the pieces. That night he threw it all up.
I will not get these again! The rest of them are going into the trash.
GriseldaHunlock Creek, PA

Good for teeth but STINK

Cow hooves are great for getting a dog’s teeth clean, but after they have been chewed the hooves as well as the dog’s breath just reeks. There is no other odor like nasty cow hoof. Think on this before buying.
EvelinWakefield, RI

Quality sub par

I have been trying to find cow hooves for my dogs that have thicker walls, perhaps these were from calves rather than adult cattle. They splinter and chip very easily and do not last long. Plus, they are somewhat hazardous for the animal if they crack off pieces and swallow them.
EarleMarble, PA

Great Treats

My 20 month old Springer Spaniel just loves these. They are supposed to be good for the dog too. The smell isn’t all that unpleasant although it is distinct.
And this is a good price.
RolandoDulce, NM