Beefeaters Great Fillin Porkhide Rolls with Bacon and Cheese Filling, 8-Inch

Irresistible, tartar-fighting rawhide combined with mouthwatering soft filling – it’s like getting two treats in one. Crunchy Filled Rawhide Rolls have easy-to-chew ground rawhide wrapped around delicious filling.

Quick facts

  • Crunchy and chewy all the way through
  • Unique combination of rawhide and treats
  • 5 delicious flavors

Top reviews

SKIMPY for the price charged!! Shocked!

Was shocked at the skinny size of this item!! They are five inches long as I expected, because that’s the size I wanted and ordered, but can’t be any bigger around than even a pencil and that’s a BIG stretch!! WOW, I’m sure disappointed considering the cost ~~ $7 and shipping. Won’t be ordering these again.
Of course my dog likes them ok, but wouldn’t call them her fav by any means. 🙁 Will I send them back? Don’t know if it’s worth the hassle at this point. But I will NOT recommend them either. Because of the size quality and high price compared to so many other products to choose from! Keep looking is my advice. 🙂
The other Beefeaters’ products I ordered well met my standards. This one was a DUD!! What’s the old saying? Buyer beware? I fell into that trap big time!
Here’s the product link at this time:

Beefeaters Great Fillin Porkhide Rolls with Meaty Chicken Filling, 5-Inch

Wish you luck if you try this product…but again “Buyer Beware!!”

UPDATE 2.15.2012: My little dog got VERY SICK not too long after I wrote this review…I contacted Cust. Service with even more reason to not like this item and they refunded my money!! How’s that for Customer Care?? 🙂 Great!! Thank you ~~ you are TERRIFIC!!

LianneEunice, MO


My Scottish Terrier inhaled hers in about 2 hours, but my finicky Pomeranian, who usually turns his nose up at chew toys, loved it! It kept my Pom busy for a few weeks, but he really enjoyed it!

Affordable price, fast shopping, great product!

YangWhiting, ME