Beggin’ Strips Littles – 6 oz

Purina Beggin’ Littles Bacon Flavor Dog Snack. Littles. Mini like me! Made with real bacon! Bacon flavor. Meaty meets mini!

Quick facts

  • Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon
  • The low fat treat made with real meat that dogs beg for

Top reviews

My Dog Likes Them But…

My dog likes them, but I do not. I mentioned in a couple other reviews that I have an older dog who is missing quite a few teeth. I look for soft treats that can be broken into smaller bites. I also prefer ones that are not wet or gooey. Our go-to favorites are Canine Carry Outs and Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites Chewy Treats.

These Beggin Littles are small of soft. My dog likes them. Unfortunately I don’t like the smell. They are quite strong and stinky.

I will buy these again for my dog since he likes them. I just wish they weren’t so pungent. Dogs have great noses. They don’t need to be blasted with such a strong scent.

LouettaAntonito, CO