Beignet Mix 28 oz

Enjoy Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix with a cup of cafe au lait made with Cafe du Monde (CDM) Coffee. Cafe Du Monde’s Beignet Mix gives you an opportunity to bring a New Orleans treat to your kitchen.

Quick facts

  • The original French market coffee stand
  • Made using enriched wheat flour
  • Natural and artificial flavoring

Top reviews

Too much effort.

Cafe Du Monde makes the most delicious beignets ever and this is the package that they brand and sell all through New Orleans at every tourist trap in the city. If you’re lucky you can find them around even if you don’t live in Louisiana. The mix produces rather tasty beignets, but the effort it takes to make these makes me wonder if it’s worth it. It’s a lot of rolling and shaping and of course they’re fried, so one has to be prepared to heat up a big pot of oil to make these.

I think I’ll stick to eating these when I make it out to New Orleans and just go to my local donut shop otherwise rather than go through all this effort.

TraceyNorth Egremont, MA

Beignet cafe du monde

The beignets from the cafe du monde are really delicious. Very difficult to do better. also the price is reasonable.

I would recommend.

RosalineLoretto, KY

Better at the cafe.. insufficient instructions.

Having recently had New Orleans beignets at both Cafe Du Monde and Morning Call, I had been excited to try them at home. I made both a Du Monde batch and a batch from scratch (using a food network recipe) and was very disappointed in the Cafe Du Monde mix.

The box has a simple 3 step (well four if you include the “enjoy!” step) instruction for making the beignets: Stir together 2 cups of the mix and 7oz water, roll it out on a liberally floured surface, fry. Unfortunately the mixing step results in a way too wet dough for rolling, unless one works in at least another 3/4 cup or more of flour. Once one has achieved a sufficiently roll-able dough the resulting beignets are okay, but not nearly as tasty as ones you could make from scratch for only slightly more effort.

GennyWeir, KS