Bel Aria Nonpariel Capers – 32 oz

These petite capers from France are considered to be the finest variety. They are sun-dried and then pickled in a vinegar brine. Their pungent, aromatic flavor lends splash to many sauces and vegetable blends. They are paired most frequently with fish.

Quick facts

  • 32 oz jar
  • Imported from France

Top reviews

Great deal

You get a huge jar of capers, of larger size than those crummy little jars in stores ( 3.5 oz. for 5 bucks ), and are of superior quality. 32 ounces for ten bucks? You bet! Packed very well and sent fast also.–Excelsior!
DonShadyside, OH

Great Capers!

The capers are terrific! Way below what you would spend in the grocery store. Company was fast and true to description.
NanDunn Loring, VA

Big fat capers

These are excellent capers in flavor. They are, however, about twice as large as the ones I’ve always used. The flavor is the same.
GustavoPettigrew, AR