Belgique – Belgian Chocolate Signature Box

Belgique Chocolate Combines The Most Blissful Tasting Pleasure with Gift Giving Feelings, By Taking Chocolate From The Premium range Handmade Pralines from the distinctive European “SYMPHONY” Chocolate of London, And Wrapping It in Belgique’s State Of Art Facility’s With Their Unique Beautiful Wrapping & Classic Gift Boxes!!

Quick facts

  • Finest Hand Made Kosher Belgian Truffles, Presented in Beautiful Gift Box!
  • Fine fresh Belgian Truffles filled with the best stuff on earth!
  • Chocolate that makes the atmosphere for every event!
  • Chocolate contains; 53% Cocoa solids minimum.
  • Goodies which Expresses the most heart loving to family & friends!

Top reviews

Great Gift

I bought these imported chocolates for a coworker they were delicious it was a great choice and beautiful gift! (hope to see results really quick).
FrancieMid Florida, FL