Bell Lifestyle Products Bladder Control Tea for Women 120 Grams

All natural ingredients: Pleasing aroma No caffeine Bulk packed with instructions – This large box contains a 2-4 week supply

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  • Pleasing aroma
  • No caffeine
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Bladder Control Tea

I am very satisfied with this product. It really does what it says it will. I am also amazed at the speed I receive it from Amazon when I order it. Thank you all. I will continue to order this product.
TajuanaDardanelle, AR

bladder tea

Did not seem to work for me, but have only used for a month, so will wait and see if with longer use it is helpful.
AnnettaChiloquin, OR


This product is excellent. I have ahd an overactive bladder for years- since I was a teen. but this tea really works. I went from not being able to hold my bladder for only a little over an hour- bot being able to hold myself for up to 3 hours. This means I can watch an entire movie without losing out on bits and peices of it– or stay for the whole chruch service. I highly recommend it. I intend to comtinue using this porduct as long as it is available.
BambiLake Villa, IL

Didn’t work

Was anxious to give this a try, hoping that it would work, but no such luck. It tasted good but didn’t work.
ShirlCanyon Country, CA

Bell Lifestyles Bladder Control Tea

I purchased this product from Amazon and was very satisfied with delivery of the product but very disappointed with the product as it did not live up to its promise of helping in bladder control. After two weeks of use my wife found no improvement in her bladder control, so I gave the product one star for prompt delivery but the product was
a complete disappointment.


RegenaDemarest, NJ

Excellent for Cleansing and Less Frequent Urination Feeling…

I live in the Southern CA area in San Diego. We have had a lot of chemtrail activity in our area and one of the health issues that a lot of people are having are kidney and bladder related inflammations. It is due to the heavy metals in the air that are being transmitted into our foods. They have increased the fluoridation of water also, so this is adding to the problem.

I drink a lot of caffeinated teas, so make more frequent trips to the bathroom than most people. This tea really helps cleanse your system where you are not feeling that bloated feeling like you need to run to the bathroom as much. Within the first day or two of drinking this tea, I could tell a difference.

I was able to sleep over 5 hours after drinking this tea and clearing my bladder, where as I was normally waking up 2-3 hours into sleeping and needing to go to the restroom again. This makes a big difference! I’m buying my 2nd box of this tea now!
Great stuff. Try it… I don’t think that you will regret it!

I wish I had found this a few years earlier!

MargueriteGrandy, NC

Works well!

Bought this tea for my old mother as she has problems with having to go the the bathroom 5-6 times every night. It has helped her well and most of the time she does not have to get up so often. She also likes the taste. Will buy again.
MalloryCaulfield, MO

Common ingredients do not merit price

I noted that it was very expensive for tea, but the reviews made me give it a try. When it arrived, the ingredients list is nothing but common herbs recommended in books and readily available in any decent size bulk herb store. Bell did not even put the tea in tea bags. So I really fail to understand the expensive price. I probably will not pay for this product again, but rather mix my own.

Uva Ursi
Willow herb
Natural citrus flavor

LesterChappells, SC