Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, 16 oz

May come in a 1 lb Jar Through a unique process created by Bell Plantation that does not involve the use of any chemicals; over 90% of the fat is removed from the peanut. Essentially the oil is squeezed out of roasted peanuts and what remains is a peanut powder. The resulting all-natural product is unbelievable!The possibilities for PB2 are limited only by the users imagination and creativity! An outstanding natural protein source sprinkle on shakes, yogurts, smoothies, great for outdoor sports. Excellent for ice cream as it will not seize while processing, ganaches, frostings, truffles, soufflés, cakes, muffins, brownies. Dissolves easily for savory applications- Asian noodle sauces, breadings and crust especially for seafood. It is also wonderful for baking either reconstituted or as a powder.

Quick facts

  • 4 Large 1 Pound – Jar or Bag
  • 85% Less Fat than Traditional Peanut Butter
  • All Natural, No Additives, Kosher
  • Works and tastes great in recipes that call for the use of peanut butter
  • Premium Peanut Butter Taste

Top reviews

PB2 – Peanut Butter with All The Work

PB2 is a great idea, and a much healthier option for PB lovers; however, when I want PB, I want PB, and messing with the PB2 is not something done quickly unless you are just making PB2 with water. Excellent mixed with honey, preserves, etc., but it takes more of those things that are not water to make the PB, and is there really a point of mixing PB2 with something other than water if you are looking for the health benefit?

As a huge fan of crunchy PB, and having eaten only natural PB for years, I already receive the benefit of not eating hydrogenated oil (we all have to have some fat), so I’m not gaining the same benefits from the PB2 that I would if I were moving from Jiff or Skippy to this almost no-fat product.

DagnyLedyard, CT

Better packaging required

Very peautty. I use it is frostings, on top of cupcakes, and in mixes to add peanut flavor. I would only ever use it for baking. The package is not resealable and I had to put it in another container. Bag rips when you open it
LatonyaPrescott, WA


WavaLe Claire, IA

UPDATE 07/12: OMG, this is AWESOME!!!! Finally a really good alternative to high fat peanut butter

Guys: Although this may not have the exact taste of a typical commercial brand peanut butter out of the jar, it is VERY CLOSE. THIS IS THE ONE THAT SATISFIES A CRAVING FOR CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER without all the fatty oil.. It has no chemical or weird aftertaste (it’s the most peanut-nutty tasting alternative out there which I’ve tried), and you really can adjust the consistency based on the amount of liquid you add. Although I previously favored the “Better-n-Peanut Butter” brand sold here Better N Peanut Butter, Better N Peanut Butter, Orig Lf, 16.00 OZ (Pack of 12)and at Trader Joe’s (which needs no mixing or preparation and has a real peanut butter texture), I must admit that the taste of “better n peanut butter” is not nearly as good as PB2 ( “Better n Peanut Butter” is less peanut-y and does have an odd sort of after taste) and it needs to be refrigerated after opening or it gets moldy (trust me…..yuck).

Anyway, back to this product:PB2. It has a very good peanut buttery taste and if you’re cooking with it or mixing it in drinks or smoothies (like a banana smoothie), the texture is a non-issue. And having it in these 1 lb packages makes it much more affordable than buying the small jars sold here or directly from PB2’s website (where they add $10 shipping). And if you get at least three bags at Amazon, it qualifies for free shipping (it works out to about $8.70/lb). I also ordered the chocolate which is also good (not a strong chocolatey taste, more like a hint of cocoa), but my favorite is still the plain PB2.

Guys: I just tried another product from Byrd Mill and searched under peanut flour product (basically peanut butter with the oils removed as well) that’s also very good (it’s cheaper than the PB2 product here if you buy the 5 1lb. option….I ordered -1- 5 lb bag and the total price with shipping was approx. $32.65 (therefore about $6.50/lb). The package comes in about 4 days after you order, but the one negative is that it is not vacuum sealed. It’s in a plastic bag with a twisty tied around it and then placed in a large paper bag with a folding top (the kind of bag that coffee beans come in, but bigger). In order to keep it fresh, I use about 1 lb. at a time and then vacuum seal the rest. They also sell larger and smaller quantities at slightly steeper discount with little change in shipping. You have an option of getting a dark roast (more peanut-y) or light roast (less peanut-y tasting) and either 28% fat left in (at 6g/serving) or 12% (at 3g fat per serving). I buy the dark roasted, 12% fat. It is definitely more peanut-y than PB2 and is smoother and creamier in texture. The only big difference from the PB2 product (which I prefer, others may not….) is that Byrd Mill does not have any salt and sugar added (it’s just pure roasted de-fatted peanut flour) so you’ll most definitely want to add a little salt (maybe even a little honey) to the mixture to suit your taste if your using it plain (like on a sandwich, or with crackers or right on a spoon. So if you find yourself snacking on peanut butter every day to satisfy your peanut butter cravings, go ahead and try this.

ClaritaMenlo Park, CA

Bitter and Awful

This tastes awful and nothing like peanuts or peanut butter. Very bitter, with an aftertaste that lingers forever. Blech.
EchoRawlings, MD

Just okay

I really wanted to like this product. I’ve used it a few times and it just doesn’t make it as a pb substitute. I may try it over ice cream or something like that but just plain on celery or crackers, I’m not a fan.
KristinaGrafton, NH

Just Okay

This product mixes nicely and achieves the texture of peanut butter very nicely.While it does taste like peanuts it lacks the SWEETNESS of pb.Maybe it will taste better on bread or crackers with jelly but i like pb right out of the jar.I like the pb with chocolate much better.
FedericoBonnots Mill, MO

Don’t buy this in bags, buy it in the jar.

First time ordering this stuff, and it shows up … hard as a rock. This is ridiculous seeing as how it’s supposed to be in POWDER FORM for crying out loud. What the hell is wrong with Amazon for even SHIPPING this stuff in this manner? Are their shipping dept. personnel completely braindead NOT to notice that this bag of powdered peanut butter should not be hard as a brick?? And from other reviews, Amazon won’t accept returns on this item? That is outrageous. Bad Amazon, just BAD!

I’m gonna TRY ordering the jarred version, and I freaking hope it shows up as it’s intended; in POWDERED FORM dammit :/.

SheraOrange Springs, FL

This stuff is sweet. Too much Sugar

I have had the PB2 for awhile now and realized I need to come up with some way to use it up… All by itself it is way to sweet. No where on the Bell Plantation web site did it say it had sugar and a lot of it at that. I eat plain peanut butter, because my body does not like cane sugar. So I think I’ll be making muffins or something so that there will be enough protein to balance the sugar.
I have eaten the PB2 with carob powder blended in … now that has got to tell you that this stuff is really sweet. bottom line … I am a wee bit bummed out with the sugar. Never would have purchased it, had I known.
BoCoyle, OK


I love this!!! Tastes exactly like peanut butter without the fat and the calories. Finally, I can enjoy one of my favorite snacks guilt-free with all it’s health benefits. The PB2 website has the nutrition info, how they make it as well as a number of recipes posted.

Here is a recipe for a delicious low-cal Chocolate PB2 Bread Pudding:
(4 servings, about 190 calories each)

1/2 cup egg beaters original
1/2 cup Skim milk
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 Tbsp dry PB2 mix
5-6 slices whole wheat bread (depending on how dry you like it)
2 Tbsp semi-sweet mini chocolate morsels

Heat oven to 350 degrees.
Grease 8×8 pan or individual ramekins.
Whisk egg beaters, milk, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and PB2 in a medium bowl. Mix well.
Tear bread into small cubes and add to egg mix.
Stir in chocolate morsels.
Pour into baking pan and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Top with sugar-free whipped topping or maple syrup if desired.

RenaldoMorland, KS

Not Peanut Butter, Peanut Flavored Peanut Butter

I ordered this at the asking of my wife because she is dieting. I was against it from the start, but I will make my review fair.
The product is not peanut butter, if you expect peanut butter than you will be disappointed. It tastes like peanut butter. If I could compare it to something it is like eating a regular Oreo and a reduced fat Oreo. The reduced Oreo tastes like and Oreo, but really just leaves you wanting the real thing. This product is no different. If you mask it will jelly and bread, the off taste becomes less noticeable, but there in lies the problem. You have to add more calories back in to make this product taste better. There by negating the fact that you have cut calories. As I explained to my wife after we both decided this product was not for us. The problem with any peanut butter food is normally everything but the peanut butter. The fat is the healthiest part. You wouldn’t eat omega free fish because it’s lower in fat, why would you do the same to peanut butter?
The only way I could recommend this is if you are doing a starvation sort of diet (i.e. you eating this with celery and water). If you are doing a healthy diet don’t cut out the peanut butter of your PB&J, cut out the jelly first and then the grain. I eat again “regular” non-hydrogenated peanut butter will celery, now there is a healthy food.

+lower calorie
+great price here on amazon
+does taste similar to peanut butter

-less nutritional value
-doesn’t taste like real peanut butter

I will give it four stars if you are doing a starvation sort of diet, which I don’t recommend, but it does taste alright for a lot less calories. For everyone else I give it one star as you should not be eating products like this and the product itself is not that good. Overall 2 stars, weighted towards everyone else.

KandiFort Harrison, MT

I never write reviews, but this is ridiculous

I ordered two bags of this stuff from amazon and both arrives hard as a rock. This is not powdered PB and I find it ridiculous you cannot return defective food products back to Amazon.
RanaAdvance, IN

It has SUGAR added as well as SALT

This is a good product IF you like sugar and salt in your peanut butter. I like plain old peanut flavor in my peanut butter, so I have a choice to make: either the oil from Smuckers or the sugar and salt from PB2. I’m not sure which I’ll choose long term.

UPDATE: PB2 is my first choice all the time now. Not having the oil is worth the little sweetness that is present in the PB2, and the salt tastes about the same as the salt in the Smuckers Natural. It’s very convenient to mix as needed, and it really is just as good as regular peanut butter. And one serving is only one Weight Watcher point. 3/15/3012

TaraCranks, KY

doesn’t taste the best…

I bought this because I love peanut butter, and am looking to eat healthier. First taste wasn’t that bad…but the more I ate the more it started to gross me out haha I guess if you used it on a PB&J sandwich it wouldn’t be so bad, but I was eating it with like apples and it just wasn’t tasting good. I wasn’t really thinking when I bought it.
ArdathDe Soto, WI


The second ingredient in this product is sugar! I purchased this product for low sugar baking and this kind of defeats the purpose. Being low fat does not really matter if it is full of sugar that will turn into fat!
VeliaImlaystown, NJ

Very good for my healthy food program

I am very pleased with the PB2. I have ordered it before and eat it with my green apple every day. It only adds 1 point to my food program. Regular peanut butter adds 4 points.
MatildeIndependence, CA

Great innovative product

I had heard about this product in a class I had attended and found it at one local grocery store. I checked Amazon and found the 1 lb bag at a much better price than the grocery store jar. We use it when we travel and at home. You honestly cannot tell the difference in it and a jar of processed peanut butter. You mix it fresh, when you need it and have none of the added sugars, salt and whatever else the manufacturers might add. Far less fat, too. It is a wonderful product. I just ordered my second bag of PB2!Powdered Peanut Butter – 85% Less Fat and Calories – 16 Oz
AubreyCrown King, AZ


I wanted this to be good. It was alright. A tad bit grainy and overly sweet. I failed to see the sugar listed on the label. I would not have bought it knowing that.
DorthaMazon, IL


FIRST TIME TASTING FOR ME. OPENED THE AIR TIGHT PACKAGE RIGHT UP AND FOLLowED THE DIRECTION. 2TBS WATER TO 1TBS PB. IT WAS ACTUALLY TASTY. I SPRINKLED SOME OF THE POWDER IN MY ELDERLY MOMS PANCAKE BATTER AND SHE ENJOYED IT. SHE CAN EAT PEANUT BUTTER RIGHT OUT OF THE JAR WITH A TABLESPPON SO THIS PRODUCT WILL BE EXCELLENT FOR HER RELATED TO HAVING FAR LESS FAT. ITS SO VERSATILE TO PUT A BIT IN VANILLA YOGURT ALSO. I CANT WAIT TO EXPLORE OTHER WAYS TO USE IT. I’M GLAD I MADE THE PURCHASE.I have received my second order of PB2 and couldn’t be more pleased to have the product. since my first purchase/use i have found many ways i enjoy it. i find it to be weight watcher friendly also. i have actually mixed the powder in with my moms steel cut hot oats cereal and she really enjoys it.
KimiPlainfield, IA

best of all

very good!- you can mix it with anything you like as food as source as cooking as topping for salad or green apple or shake!- please feel free to ask me- I will save this saving money- and health and can store for long time as for trip.
ShanellEast Ryegate, VT

Great on a cut…value not so much

To get this out of the way: No, this does not taste exactly like peanut butter. It is close, especially near the end where the roasted peanut taste really comes through, but unless you are strictly buying off-brand surplus peanut butter, this won’t fool anyone in a blind taste test. Then again, it has a quarter of the calories of regular while maintaining a (pretty good!) semblance of the taste and texture. Note, however, that this isn’t the greatest bang for your buck. While this and the smaller, peanut-butter jar size seem like they would last a while, it tends to go fast as you need to mix two tablespoons of what is a relatively loosely-packed powder with a tablespoon of water. Despite that, it is diet-friendly, a decent amount of protein, and a staple of my cutting diet. Definitely get this if you aren’t pauper-poor.
MerilynHassell, NC

Don’t listen to the negative reviews!

I don’t understand why other reviewers are complaining about the sugar content in this product. GO TO THE WEBSITE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. This product has 1 gram of sugar per serving! I don’t understand how people think this stuff is “too sweet”. All I know is it sticks to the roof of your mouth like no other peanut butter!
JohannaUlmer, SC

Diabetics, Beware: FANTASTIC except for the added sugar :

LOVED this except for the added sugar. People who order this are likely doing so to control fat or caloric intake, so why undermine their efforts? If a sugar-free version, I’ll order it again. Until then, I’m better off with the no-added-sugar varieties (as cutting out simple carbs has worked wonders for me for 10 years now). A plus: These make fabulous peanut butter cookies.
ChristopherEbro, FL

A wonderful product

I love to make “Reese’s” smoothies with:
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk, Unsweetened Vanilla, 32-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Mayan Superfood, 16-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 2)
Torani Syrup, Sugar Free, French Vanilla, 33.8 Ounce (Pack of 3)
100% Whey Protein-EAS 5 LB. Resealable Bag- Chocolate
Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood Powder, Outrageous Chocolate Flavor, 60 Servings, 360-Gram Container
peanut butter

Now that I’ve discovered this gem of a product my smoothies are even healthier and easier to make. This powdered peanut butter tastes delicious too!

If you are just looking for a way to change up your protein smoothies, this would work well too with just almond milk, EAS vanilla protein powder, sugar free french vanilla syrup, and a couple tablespoons of this. My kids LOVE this recipe!

NorrisWhiting, IN

Heaven sent!!

This product is nothing short of a miracle for peanut butter lovers!Absolutely fantastic taste, well worth the price when you consider the lower fat content for your body.
SaraYale, VA

Could not be more pleased

This product is good as advertised. I’ve only had it for 2 days and only use it in shakes. Even in the worst tasting protein shakes PB2 mask the taste and makes it enjoyable. I plan to buy more
MalvinaGypsum, CO


AikoAirway Heights, WA


How have I not known about PB2 before now? I’ve recently started making smoothies, and I came across a video mention of PB2. When it was delivered, I immediately made a smoothie with chocolate whey protein powder, banana, soy milk, and PB2. SO GOOD! I haven’t tried it simply reconstituted (which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5), but I’m guessing that will taste great as well!
TyrellDolph, AR


I like the powdered PB2; light in weight to put in my back pack. The best part 85% less fat and calories.
ThadAlex, OK

Not quite peanut butter, but a reasonable substitute

I’ve been on a diet and exercise program and was eating peanut butter as a snack and it started to get out of hand and I couldn’t lose any weight. Well with roughly 200 calories in 2T of peanut butter, it is easy to figure out why. My trainer told me about PB2 so I got some to try and I do like it. It is NOT peanut butter, it lacks the creamy smooth taste. I guess if I had to explain what it tastes like, I would say peanut butter cookie dough – basically imagine what peanut butter would taste like mixed with flour. But given that I can eat it for 1/4 of the calories, it is a reasonable substitute when I crave peanut butter.

As I recall, the instructions call for 2T of powder and 1T of water. I found that wasn’t enough water to mix it up properly and had to put in a little extra. Over time I’ve found 1T of water is needed for every 1T of powder (equal parts), and that provides a creamier texture.

If I’ve got a few extra calories to burn for the day, I will sometimes mix 3T of PB2, 3T of water, and 1T of real peanut butter.

So PB2 is a great product and it is helping me meet my diet goals, but I wish it tasted more like real peanut butter. I haven’t tried it in smoothies or anything like that (because I don’t drink them), but I can see how that could be good if you enjoy them. I’ve ordered some of the chocolate flavored and I look forward to trying it.

MargyKapolei, HI