Bella Sun Luci, Marinade Carne Asada, 12 OZ


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Bella Sun Luci Carne Asada Marinade

I haven’t been able to create or find a marinade as good as this one. Everybody who has had the skirt steak with this marinade has raved about it. Two thumbs up!
SalenaDanbury, NH

Amazing Marinade

Buy a nice piece of flat iron steak, marinade it for a few hours or overnight, then throw on a med. high barbeque checking it close until it reaches a rare to med. rare (I always bring my meat up to room temp before cooking). Then slice it thin and serve with a tortilla and garnishes of your choice. Unless you burn it, you will have an amazing eating experience. The only problem I have is that I can not remember where I bought it, so like it or not, I will pay the awful freight so I can have it on hand. Still wish I knew where I bought it. You will love this stuff…
RositaBartlett, NH