Bellagio Epicurean Freeze Dried Espresso, 4.25-Ounce

Bellagio Epicurean is a natural line of kitchen favorites made with the finest ingredients to help create gourment desserts and beverages at home. 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted and brewed to perfection for authentic European taste and freeze dried for your convenience. This is the ultimate way to add rich espresso flavor to desserts and beverages. We even include a recipe for everyone’s favorite espresso flavored dessert–Tiramisu! Each can of Bellagio Epicurean Freeze Dried Gourmet Espresso contains 4.25oz. or 120g.

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not a bad cup a joe!

I purchased the Bellagio dried Espresso to make desserts….chocolate espresso cookies, etc. I decided to try it first as per the instructions, for a cup of espresso. It was pretty good! It reminds me of the Starbucks single cup instant. I’ve had two cups so far and enjoyed both. I think I might just use it when I want a strong, fairly good flavored cup of coffee in the afternoon, when making a full pot is too much trouble and drinking a regular instant is out of the question. This espresso powder does not have that instant flavor so common among the store brands. And even at the price I paid, its far less than the one dollar per cup of Starbucks instant.
LaquandaOakdale, WI