Bellagio Holiday Spice Cocoa, 7-Ounce

An Italian bastion of beauty, romance and culture, Bellagio is, indeed, a way of life. Where coffee is gently roasted to perfectly enhance the flavors of hand-selected, 100% estate-grown Arabica beans. Where full-bodied cocoas are nurtured to preserve their distinctly individual flavors. Time-honored expressions of this distinctive way of life can be found in this premium brand that deliciously blends Old World tradition with present-day tastes. Sourcing ingredients around the world to select only the finest, our Bellagio brand offers a unique selection of superior quality products, crafted in turn-of-the-century Northern Italian style.

Quick facts

  • Holiday Spice flavored gourmet hot cocoa mix
  • Perfect for lovers of fine cocoa and chocolate
  • Combination of European bittersweet dark chocolate and Old World attention to tradition
  • Unusually rich, satisfying choice for lovers of fine cocoa and chocolate
  • This is no ordinary cup of cocoa

Top reviews

One of My Bellagio Fave

First found Bellagio at TJ MAxx. Sadly, they dont have it this year because I hoard their brand.

For 4 cans at 12 dollars, its a great deal. TJ Maxx sells its for $6/7-oz.

Love the cinnamon taste with that creamy Bellagio flavor. No need for milk. Just right esp this winter season.

RodOkemah, OK