Bellrock Growers Pet Greens Cat Treat

The only cat treats made with organic wheatgrass

Quick facts

  • Gives Cats a healthy green treat alternative to houseplants and outdoor grasses
  • Does not contain wheat gluten, corn, or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Superior source of Green Nutrition
  • Provides fiber for improved digestion

Top reviews

My Cat Loves these!

Although a bit hard for my cat to chew at first, she loves them now and can’t wait to get her treats!
BernardSuamico, WI

This is the equivalent of kitty crack!

My cats go INSANE for these treats. I am a veterinarian, and my cats are pretty spoiled. I have bought all kinds of treats, the Evo ones, the Friskies temptations, the Pounce, the Greenies, the moist hairball treats; you name it. One of my cats is a piggy; you really can’t trust her opinion. She’d eat anything. However, my other cat is super finicky, and she simply adores these treats. I also love that these appear so ethically made. I can’t always say a product is green just because it is green on the label; lots of manufacturers dupe consumers into buying “natural” products that aren’t any healthier than the feline equivalent of a Snickers bar. But after reading the label, I can’t say I seriously knock this manufacturer. The ingredients look pretty good. Can’t say Amazon is the best place to buy these treats, though. I saw em for 3.99 at another website. So shop around, but when you get a good deal on these treats, buy them. Your kitties will thank you. And follow you all around the house begging loudly.
SharleenGarden Valley, ID

Only treats our cats will eat!

We have a very picky cat. He turns his nose up to well-loved kitty delights such as Fancy Feast, Friskies, or anything too low-brow for his tastes. He LOVES these treats, which says a lot. You never can predict what your cat’s taste buds will enjoy, but I’d recommend these treats on the basis that a) a picky kitty likes them; and b) they don’t stink to high hell.
TreenaTampa, KS

Greens for your indoor pet!

Our cat absolutely loves these “green” treats. Esp since she’s indoors and unable to eat plants/grass they give her the greens she needs as part of her diet. We’ve been giving them to her for years and have had no issue – We actually toss them down the hall to her to give her some exercise which she loves. Just give them time to chew etc. HIGHLY recommend!
StaciEloy, AZ

Happy kitty cat, empty piggy bank

My cat really enjoys these pet greens. We need to break them in half for him or he finds it impossible to chew them. No big deal there though as it makes the bag last longer. I was floored on the huge price increase on these. In september 2011, I ordered these for 3.99 a bag and now in November 2011, they are 7.07 a bag. (same size bag and everything) Wowsa! Hoping that the price comes back down soon. ^..^
JameUpland, IN

Salmon cat treats

You have to get kitty used to them, as they are kinda rubbery, and smell funny. My cat took to the treats well, after a bit of coaxing; and sometimes if she doesn’t eat them, I just pinch them in half, and she gobbles them up. My cat is equally fond of both flavors, salmon and chicken; If I don’t store them away properly, the next morning I find the pouch torn and chewed up.

This is a great treat if you can’t/don’t grow cat grass.

GillianWestchester, IL

Good, just not what I wanted

Now that the Pounce Hairball Treats are discontinued, I needed to find a new way of hiding treats for my cat’s twice-daily medicine. I was hoping that these would be pliable enough to wrap around the very small pill. Unfortunately, they crumble whenever any pressure is applied. The cat adores them, but I have to be very careful when giving her her meds now, and make sure she eats the pill, not just the treat.

Once these are gone, I’ll be looking for something else.

PriscillaWeston, ID

Two paws up from Chicken and Biscuit

My two boys LOVE the semi-moist Pet Greens treats. Admittedly, Biscuit is not overly choosey, but Chicken has turned up his nose at the other treats I’ve tried. Now, if I say “treat” or even reach toward where I keep them, Chicken comes running. They DO smell weird — kind of like not-so-freshly mowed grass, but the odor quickly dissipates and the kitties love ’em. So far we’ve tried the chicken (ironically enough) and the salmon and both have been equally well-received.
EarleSecaucus, NJ

Sadly, not a winner here

Well, I had high hopes for these treats, which are small, and smell terrible. They are semi-moist treats. Other than the smell, they seem like a fine product, just not for my boy Wesley. He was totally uninterested. He sniffed it once, and that was it. He wouldn’t even chase it when it rolled across the room. (A clear poor sign.) So, although the resealable packaging is great, and the cat depicted on the bag is cute, this won’t be a winner in our household. Perhaps a different flavor would be better.

One thing to note, Wesley has not had semi-moist treats before, so that could be it as well. Hopefully your cat will have happier results!

LakeshaMesa, WA