Belly Flops® 1 Lb. Bag

Belly Flops from Jelly Belly. Irregular jelly beans in weird shapes, sizes and colors, but taste just as good at half the price! Did you ever wonder what happens to the Jelly Belly jelly beans that are a little less perfect? Or the ones that somehow escaped the Jelly Belly logo stamper? Well, those are our beloved Belly Flops! Belly Flops are no less flavorful, or lovable, than regular Jelly Belly jelly beans; they just come in wild shapes and sizes. You may find one that’s round, one that’s square, or you may even find a bunch stuck together. On very rare occasions, a flavor may not match a color. A red Belly Flop might taste like Blueberry, or a white one might taste like Chocolate Pudding. Crazy! Belly Flop bags contain a lot of different assortments, and each bag is randomly packed. But you’re sure to get a good variety of flavors in each bag.

Quick facts

  • 1 lb Bag
  • Irregular jelly beans in weird shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Mixed Flavours

Top reviews

not in canada?

Very disappointing to keep receiving emails with this stuff and not being able to order in Canada
ModestaMagnolia, TX


I eat Jelly Bellys all the time. Why can’t we order these in Canada?? This hardly seems fair to send out these emails to us when they aren’t available to us at all. Totally totally not fair!! Please hurry and make them available to all of us who recieve your emails!!!
CarolineNovi, MI

Not in Canada Eh ?

Was sorry to find out that I am not able to order and we are neighbours.
AntonettaBakewell, TN

Looks like another kind of Flops from here

We got a bag of brown, squished Jelly Bellies. Maybe. As the bag only contains Brown Flops, no one here will eat them, comparing them to other more bovine flops.
TaiEddyville, KY


MicaelaHonomu, HI

You guys need to think bigger

I have enjoyed your product for many a year but why send these e mails to people about ordering online knowing full well that they can’t. Waste of my time and yours. If you dont send to NZ then remove us from the selection of countries in the account set up. You guys haven’t thought this through have you. Nice beans but not worth the hassel. Im never buying your product again.
NoahPratt, KS


I get emails tempting me to buy jellybeans which I love, but you dont ship them to England!
StaceyMoline, MI

I liked them!

You people are crazy giving a bad review. I got a great bag!
ShawndaDawson, AL

yucky pear and coffee beans

I got a bad selection. Around 70% was coffee or cappucino and pear. I hate THOSE FLAVORS 🙁 WON’T BUY AGAIN.
WilberHillsboro, WV

Poor quality control

Belly Flops are supposed to be misshapen Jelly Bellys, but just as good, as they come from exactly the same production line as “perfect” Jelly Bellies. The quality of the flops doesn’t seem to be an issue, just the quality of the assortment. The manufacturer doesn’t seem, in my opinion, to put much effort in creating a good assortment of flavors, they just bag whatever flops are produced at the time. My two bags of mostly root beer and coffee had only about 200 beans of another flavor. I don’t like root beer at all, and only slightly like coffee, so about a pound of each bag went in the trash. This means I paid about $16/pound for what I actually ate. Sometimes you get what you pay for, not what’s advertised. What I’d really like to see is Jelly Belly offer quantities of Jelly Bellies and/or Belly Flops in single flavors you could pick. I’d place my order for 5 pounds of licorice now. James salt water taffy does this, why not Jelly belly?
GertrudVillamont, VA

Only 4-5 flavors

I ordered 3 belly flop bags about 2 months ago, and all I received were 3 bags that contained the same 4-5 flavors, two of which I hated (black licorice and coconut). I was really disappointed! You say that you promise you’ll give an “excellent variety of mixes” if we order more than one bag, but that definitely was NOT the case for me.
JeanneVan Wert, IA

The joy from a JellyBelly.

I found this site after calling the JellyBelly company. I then ordered, JellyBelly flops, my entire family was looking forward, to the arrival, of the mysterious JellyBelly flops. When they arrived the entire family,
watched as we opened the box, we all went ahh……..! They looked great,
so we opened one package, and we all set down, and tried to discover all the wonderful flavors. We all fell in love with the JellyBelly flops at that very moment. Now we never let our stock get low. We re-order all the time. The price is great. It makes my whole family smile, when the box arrives, with all the wonderful flavors packed inside. We all know that we will soon be lavising in own little, JellyBelly heaven. Thank you so much, for the joy you have brought my family. It is amazing how a little tiny piece of sweetness can bring so much joy.

Diana Proesch
Rockville, Indiana

MarquisCee Vee, TX

Love the big bag of flops!

I love the huge bags of mixed jelly bellies. I fill a huge glass bowl for parties. Always a colorful hit with guests!
RaeNewcomb, MD

Love the big bag of flops!

I love the huge bags of mixed jelly bellies. I fill a huge glass bowl for parties. Always a colorful hit with guests!
EfrenVaughn, WA

Few flavors

I ordered thinking I would get the normal assortment of Jelly Bellys, just mishapen. It seems that only a handful of flavors have regular accidents and get discarded to the Belly Flop pile. I received about 5 flavors in the entire 2lb bag. They’re still good, but not exactly what I expected. I would just as soon buy the normal 2.2lb bag of assorted flavors for twice the price and receive all the flavors.
EnidPreston, MO

Avert your eyes, open your mouth

My bag of flops was quite varied. I was afraid of a pound of pina colada and nutmeg or something, but I got a good combination of all sorts.

I thought these would mostly be minor defects, misprintings, that sort of thing. There are some freakishly huge jellybelly monsters in there though: five or six ugly mutants all fused into a sugar bomb you can barely get in your mouth, or weird distorted oddball shapes. Some of the colors also seem…not right.

Once you start chewing you can’t tell any of this of course, which is why this is such a good bargain.

MarcellusWood Lake, NE

Unfortunate extra ingredient – live ants

Unlike most of the other low reviewers, I got a pretty good variety of intact jelly bellies. Inside the sealed bag, however, were four live ants crawling all over the candy. Yuck. I inspected the bag for holes and couldn’t find any, so I think the problem was there pre-shipping.
BulahLexington, AL

Belly Flops are not that great of a value

I love Jelly Bellys, I am certifiable addict. I originally thought Belly Flops were a terrific value, I ordered 2 bags and with shipping the total was almost $22. I was at Costco the other day and happened to stumble upon a plastic tub of Jelly Bellys which were not defect and their total price for 4 pounds, the same equivalence as 2 two-pound bags of flops, was about $15. I’d recommend getting them at Costco if thats possible–more variety, better taste, and you don’t have to pay for shipping, or wait. It’s a win win!
JenelleAmbrose, ND

All the same….

I ordered 8 bages- yes 8 bags a couple of months ago and they were all the same…i really wanted variety… I was disappointed. I am a huge belly flop fan so I was beyond excited when I learned I could order them online…now I am too scared to order more if there is no variety… 🙁
MarcoChilton, WI

Belly Flops are a flop!

The mix of jelly beans is terrible, there are only 3 flavors per 2 pound bag (and they do not go well together at all!) It was a complete waste; I will never order this again!
KarinaMeeteetse, WY

Won’t order again

I have seen bags and bags of the “flops” you can get at the factory so I ordered a bag thinking that I would be getting close to the smaething. NO, mostly all one color not the varity I expected. I feel they ship out the ones that won’t visually sell at the factory in their gift shop. I was very disappointed as I had to through the bag out because they were inedible. I won’t buy again through the mail.
JohnHancock, MN

They all taste the same!

There’s nothing like the taste of a Jelly Belly, no matter what shape they have ended up in.
RoyceTerlton, OK


Perfect for any jelly bean lover.. especially jelly belly jelly beans. you get a wide variety of flavors when you order belly flops. and they are so neat to look at. some are deformed, but taste just as delicious as the regular ones.
AlvaBaxter, IA

The Belly Flop

I was excited to get my big bag of jelly beans, but it ended up being pretty limited in flavors. I like a little of everything, but I have gotten to the point where i keep feeling like I am getting the same jelly bean over and over. I would recommend getting smaller than a 2 lb. pound bag to start off with!
LindsyHavana, KS

belly flops

name got my attention. these are great. my son and I love jelly belly beans and these were awesome. our first bag had lots of variety and a good deal compared to the small bags at the store
LynnaGenoa, CO

Great variety!!

I was impressed by the variety I got in my two bags of belly flops! It’s so fun to try to figure out what you’re getting next, and I love the triplet and quadruplets stuck together that you sometimes get when you grab a handful. I was able to fill my round candy jar at a fraction of the cost.
IanLincoln, CA

One bag good, one bag not so good

I had ordered 2 of the 2 lb bags. One came with a great assortment of flavors (I find the odd shapes very amusing!). However the other bag came with a limited amount of flavors in it (2 lbs of blue, red and yellow jellow beans mostly – not what I would consider an assortment by any means). If I knew I would get another of the assorted jellybeans I would def. order again. But the 2nd bag has me leary now.
ColetteBlythedale, MO

flops are the best

I just discovered the jelly belly flops and think they are the best thing out there for a single mom struggling to get by. We love Jelly Belly’s but they are pretty costly. The flops are a bargin and taste the exact same. They may look funny but we get a ton of laughs eating them.
ZoniaMonument, OR

belly flops

The order for the belly flops was here within a couple of days. The only problem was one of the bags was broken and they were all over the bottom of the box. That, however did not stop our office staff from eating them.
There seemed to be an awful lot of root beer flavored jellys but that did not keep my staff from loving them either.
Barbara Aupperle
DelphineGrant Park, IL


I got a good selection of Belly Flops. They are absolutuley wonderful and a great bargain, especially since they were on sell!
TreasaEure, NC