Benefit Nutrition Simply Fiber Cereal — 8.5 oz

Fiber Is In!Fiber and Whole Grains are more in vogue than ever before with people of all ages for their possible benefits on dieting and how they may help reduce cholesterol. How Fiber HelpsDietary Fiber helps the intestines work smoothly. It includes Soluble Fiber (thought to mix with food controlling its absorption into the blood stream) and Insoluble Fiber (thought to absorb water for bulk to promote regularity). Based on scientific evidence the FDA authorized certain foods that contain 51% or more whole grain ingredients, to make a “may reduce the risk of heart disease” claim provided it is low in fat and cholesterol. Simply Fiber meets all these criteria so getting your daily fiber has never been easier or tastier! One bowl of Simply Fiber cereal provides 56% of your daily Fiber! Crunchy Bran O’s with tasty whole wheat & corn with No Sugar or Sodium!Every tasty serving delivers 14 grams of total “functional” fiber, (13g insoluble & 1g soluble fiber) from a delicate balance of only 4 ingredients (believe it or not just 4!) providing pure natural bran and healthy whole grains from wheat and corn all rolled up into crunchy & lightly browned toasted O’s. On a diet? Watching your cholesterol? Want to feel better? With you first bowl of Simply Fiber you’ll begin to feel the powerful benefits of All Natural 14g of Fiber plus Whole Grains. There is no better Fiber cereal!Once in a rare while a food comes along that can really make a difference in how your feel. Simply Fiber is that food. With one serving of Simply Fiber to start your day, or any time, you’ll feel your best, and when you feel your best you can be at your best all day long. Simply Fiber cereal, with Whole Grains, 14 grams of Fiber and No Sugar or Sodium, is the healthiest, most effective and enjoyable Fiber cereal you can buy.

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  • Benefit Nutrition Simply Fiber Cereal 8.5 Oz

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To expensive, works great, poor taste.

Much, much, to expensive, but it is great, it works. Taste is not great. I will not buy it again. I can get fiber elsewhere.
JacintoPalmerton, PA

Simply Fiber

I am a senior citizen who has been eating this cereal daily for the past 4 years to ensure I am cleaned out every day. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you buy Simply Fiber over any other high fiber cereal because: 1) It really works, 2)NO Salt or Sugar, 3) High protein, 4) No preservatives. If you do not believe me read the labels on the other cereals and compare yourself. I have always exercised very hard most of my life to include the present. I lose a lot of water during my non-stop 1.5 hr daily step arobics and weight exercises. I do drink alot of water (2 liters), but I still need help from Simply fiber to ensure my regularity. I am a serious food label reader, I stay away from Sugar, Salt, Fat and eat only natural wholesome foods. No, I am not a vegetarian, but I try to be careful of the quality of the foods that I eat. I eat my Simply Fiber once a day with Non-Fat Yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit. If you do not drink any water during or after you eat this cereal you will still usually have successful bowl movement. However, if you eat liquid with this cereal you will be absolutely sure it will work for you the very next morning!!!!! This cereal really absorbs liquid like a sponge. This cereal is crunchy and has a very neutral taste (no-taste). So you can use milk, silk milk, orange juice etc. I alway add a tablespoon of almonds, frozen managos, frozen blueberries and/or strawberries, prunes, dried cranberries etc. It tastes great!!!!!!!!! Fiber One has a bunch of JUNK IN IT! I will not eat it. It is the usual processed junk with preservatives, sugar, salt, artifical flavor, etc. “Simply Fiber is just pure plant fiber, nothing else”. It tastes great and is crunchy. Note: even when I eat steel cut oatmeal I always add a few tablespoons of Simply Fiber to ensure I am regular next morning.
CarylonOdem, TX