Beneful Dry Dog Food

Healthy dog food that tastes great too. No, it’s not too much to ask. Just fill your dog’s bowl with the protein-rich nutrition in Beneful IncrediBites With Real Beef and you’re giving him 100% of the nutrients he needs to help him thrive every day. All in a mix of tender and crunchy mini bites for small dogs. It’s everyday healthy and all kinds of yum.

Quick facts

  • One (1) 15.5-Pound Bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food, IncrediBites for Small Dogs with Real Beef Formula
  • Protein-rich Nutrition Including Real Beef
  • Tender and Crunchy Mini Bites for small dogs
  • 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • 23 Essential vitamins and minerals

Top reviews

Beneful is great!

I have a miniature dachshund that is addicted to table food. Normaly I leave dry food available at all times and 1 bowl of wet food a day. He has always been a picky eater, basically just wanted human food. Recently he would take a bite or 2 of his dry food and barely touch his wet. So we decided to switch dog food, and ended up choosing this. He LOVES this stuff, I can’t leave dry down anymore because he gobbles it up before it hits bowl! Also we buy the containers on Beneful wet food, he loves that as well!
Another thing that I love about this food is it makes his coat shiny and soft. Not sure how but ever since he started eating this he has had softer and shinier coat.
AshaUncle Sam, LA

Two Beneful lovers

We have two dogs, a Chihuahua and Sheltie. I started buying Beneful after I kept my daughter’s dog for a week. She feeds him Beneful so I tried our dogs on the Beneful and they really liked it. I like to buy the Incredible Bites because of the Chihuahua is 13 years old. I enjoyed buying them in individual packages but then the dog food started coming out in the big bags. I have a problem, I cannot seem to find the bags when I need them. I want to find the l6 lb bags instead of the 5lb.
VernonPaw Paw, MI

My Welshie loves this stuff.

My Welsh Terrier, Nevsky (long story), is now well on his way to 15 years old. He’s slowing down a bit and he’s a little creaky in the hips but he still has the energy to run around and play when the spirit hits him. He has been eating Beneful for several years now but he would occasionally get into a temper mood and refuse to eat for a day or so. I always mixed the dry Beneful with “wet” meat food from Iams or, more recently, also from Beneful.

When I spotted Beneful’s Incredibites (smaller food morsels) in the 14 pouch box, I gave it a try. Half a pouch plus half of a plastic container of Beneful’s meat food per day. Nevsky is 22 pounds. He loves this combination and he has never refused to eat since getting Incredibites. In fact at 5:00 pm, he starts following me around the house flashing Incredibite eyes.

My only complaint. I found the pouches to be very handy but Beneful’s Incredibites has dumped the box of pouches, replacing it with bagged food. We’ll continue to buy it, but it certainly is less convenient.

MaraGlen Ellen, CA