Bentley’s Oriental Treasure White Tea, 50 Count Tins

Like a warm bubble bath by candlelight, be comforted by the delicate, soothing flavor of our tender, young Chinese white tea, which is harvested only in early Spring when the Camellia Sinensis plant produces tight tiny buds.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 50 count tin (total of 100 count)
  • Low in Caffeine
  • Certified OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher
  • Mellow and delicate in flavor

Top reviews

Lousy tea

This so called treasure is not a treasure at all …. a big disappointment.
AlexanderStamford, VT


The tea is delicious, but Amazon sent it in the same box with several bars of soap in the same order, not protecting them from each other, and the tea tins along with their lids (which I was looking forward to using) are so smashed up they are unusable. The tins are seriously dented on all sides as well as on the lids. If you’re looking for good tea and don’t care about the containers, go ahead and order, but if you are hoping to use the tins to store and serve the tea bags, pick it up in a store, unless/until Amazon learns how to ship these tins with more protection for shipping.
RaymundoPapaaloa, HI

Used to be great, not so anymore

Bentley’s Unflavored White Tea used to be the best white tea ever. Subtle delicious flavor. They used to have the green labels back then. When they moved to the black labels, the quality went down. Now they have a third version with a new black label, which is even worse. It takes two bags to make a cup and the taste is no where near the original. I’ve tried writing to Bentley and have had no response from them. I’m cancelling my subscription.
TawandaNorth Franklin, CT

Bentley’s White Tea

We had wanted to try white tea so we chose a Bentley brand. It is a wonderful tea and being on sale made it a great deal too. My husband is now hooked on white tea and we will definitely buy it again. Super service and packaged very well.
EzekielNewtonville, NJ

White Tea

Bentley’s White Tea Oriental Treasure – Mild white tea with good flavor, easy to brew to desired strength level, goes with an afternoon snack or evening refresher by itself
CorinnaUniversal City, TX

Quality Control Issues

I bought Bentley’s Oriental Treasure White Tea a couple of years ago and was amazed at the delicious flavor and subtle aroma. I coveted my tin and only used a bag on occasion to make it last. Then I found Bentley’s tea here on Amazon. I enthusiastically ordered two tins! I wish I hadn’t. This is NOT the same tea I had previously. I have to agree with the reviewer who noticed a terrible change in the tea’s quality along with a change in the label color. This second batch of tea smelled like weeds, not tea. The flavor is so aweful that it even ruins other teas if you blend them together. Shame on you Bentley’s for allowing such a load of crap to leave your company disguised as tea in your pretty little tins. I won’t buy Bentley’s tea again.
FreidaLivingston, MT


I was so pleasantly surprised by this tea. I’m a big tea drinker and have been trying to drink as much white, green and red tea as possible. Sometimes the flavor behind the white tea is so subtle, that you almost feel like you’re drinking hot water! Not with this tea. I leave the tea bag in the cup, which I normally rarely do, and the tea gets better and better. I find this tea to be so delicious, that I drink more of it. Enjoy!
ChuVilla Rica, GA

good, not great

Very good white tea, but nothing special. You can probably find a comparable white tea for a better price in your local grocery store.
CaseyCarlisle, LA