Bernard Low Sodium Barbecue Sauce

Complete this sauce mix product with only the addition of water and vinegar to make a superb Barbecue Sauce for use on meats such as ribs, chicken, chops and anywhere you would use a barbecue sauce. So feel free to dress up those otherwise bland Low Sodium entree dishes with Bernard Barbecue Sauce.

Quick facts

  • Low sodium sauce; only 5 mg of sodium per one ounce serving
  • A dry mix of choice ingredients
  • A convenient pre-measured package
  • Can be used with meats, ribs, poultry, chops or fish

Top reviews

The best bbq for low sodium!

I am always searching for low sodium bbq for the family and my in laws are raving about this one! Easy to prepare and just the right flavor for adding zest to a dinner. So good , it put me in the will again! lol
JaneeIdaville, IN