Bernard Michaud 1000, Flower Honey, 26.45-Ounce Pails

Bernard michaud 1000, flower honey, 26.45-ounce pails (pack of 2) has a single source : the flower or living part of the plant from which the bee gathers pollen and nectar. After careful selection, these have become our reference flavors. Our honey is 100% natural, nothing added, nothing taken away.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 26.45-ounce pails (total of 52.9-ounces)
  • Unique flavor obtained by a longstanding, secret recipe
  • Packaged in an elegantly decorated metal pail

Top reviews

product fine BUT

First shipment arrived smashed and unusable. The postman particularly enjoyed the honey dripping all over his vehicle and himself. After a lenghtly search for a contact number at Amazon, I finally found the setup for emailing a request for a call-back and through this means, reached a voice. This person promptly shipped a replacement order. This honey containers (alum), in this shipment were ALSO dented, but thankfully not leakiing.

Summary: Caveat Emptor!

TaiOakhurst, OK


If you like honey, you are going to love this one. It is incredible, awesome and gorgeous. It is so good, you are not going to want to ‘waste’ this honey over toast bread. I eat it with teaspoon ever day and night, sometimes put a tiny bit of it in my home-made oatmeal reduced in organic milk and stir it together. Oh my god, it turns my oatmeal to the best recipe on Earth! I have not yet received a single negative or even a so-so reference from any of the people around me who has tasted this honey.

A shopping tip: Due to its unique and wonderful taste, and the pretty package, it makes one of the best gifts for honey lovers. Two of these together makes a better Christmas gift than useless & cheap electronics or textiles.

BryonLumberton, MS

The perfect honey with a lot of taste for a change!

This honey is of great quality!

It comes from the “Pays Basque” region of Southwest France in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain.

I have traveled many times in this region and have tasted a lot of food specialties in the many open air markets that you can find in almost every small towns in France.

You can really taste the many flowers used by the honey bees. It has a very hearty taste, great to eat on hot toast for breakfast. I will buy more!


EugenaPort Sanilac, MI

Exceptional Taste!

This honey has a very sweet and unique taste to it. It has a thick and creamy composition, and possesses a smooth rich flavor unlike any other honey that I’ve tried. Interestingly, though much sweeter than other brands, it still has the same calorie values – 60 calories per 20g. The honey is packaged in a sealed container, which is placed inside the decorative metal pail. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves honey.
CarolineJasper, MI

Practically Perfect In Every Way!

This honey is the best honey we’ve ever eaten. Silky smooth we eat it on toast, off the spoon, a little bit of heaven. Relatives clap when they open their gift and see we’ve given it to them as a present.
BrunildaWaimea, HI

GREAT !!!!!!

If you love honey, you will really love this!!!! We love to eat it on toast. My wife eats it by the spoonful. Very glad we tried it. This will be one we continue to buy, and have on hand.
ErinBloomington, IL


This is the best honey I’ve ever had. At first I put it in my tea since I always put honey with my tea. After tasting it by itself, it’s probably too good to be put in with tea. It looks like caramel, and is very viscous.
KaHolland, IN

Amazing Honey

Amazing honey! Smooth texture and nice, light flavor. A GREAT find! Try it. You’ll be glad you discovered it too.
DonetteOlamon, ME

best Honey

This is the best honey we have found.Thick and creamy, not clear like some honeys. However because the price has almost doubled lately we use it more sparingly.
TamiClearbrook, MN

Best honey you’ll ever taste

Best honey I have ever tasted. The only problem I encountered was one bucket was poorly sealed and was leaking. Aside from this, the honey is excellent – so good that I have ordered it under Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.
SaundraClay City, IN

Ridiculous packaging, good taste

Like others, I had a sticky surprise when I opened up my Amazon box. A small amount of honey had leaked out, which given the price, wasn’t welcome. I also worry about ant access. Be that as it may, this is a very good honey and I eat a spoonful of it most days. I’m on the fence on the price/value equation but I certainly don’t regret buying it. I do hope they consider a glass jar for packaging.
JunieSun Valley, AZ

Best choice

This is the second time I have ordered Bernard Michaud 1000 Flower Honey and for obvious reasons. It has a smooth, almost creamy texture with a rich taste. By far, this product is well worth the price. I enjoy it with whole grain oatmeal and a sliced banana almost every morning. I highly recommend it to the individual who is looking for premium honey.
BrittTaylor, TX

great honey

I use this honey for my tea and won’t go back to sugar. Adds a nice flavor to anything.
TheresiaCraigmont, ID

Disappointed in this first time Honey purchase

I thought I would try a different brand of honey from Amazon. The package arrived in tact in the box with no outside honey drippings as I had read in previous reviews, so I thought the purchase made it fine. However, upon opening the package, I found that both cans of honey were placed in a single plastic bag placed inside the box with no cushioning wrap around them. This did not protect what was in the plastic bag. Both cans crushed into each other in transit with one that popped open a leak in the top of the can, leaking half the contents out in the plastic bag inside the box. I was able to clean up both the cans, so I received a can and a half of usable honey for my purchase. Overall, the honey is ok, packaging is not good, so I was very disappointed in this purchase. For the price of this honey, I would suggest for anyone looking for a daily honey to use trying the Ambrosia honey from CO. Ambrosia Honey from Colorado is much better in taste, texture, price and packaging.
RosanneRiverdale, IL

Best Honey Ever

Very long time user and will be one for life. The last shipment came and one can was leaking honey. I contacted Amazon and they gave me a full credit and did not me to ship the product back. Needles to say, I am ordering a replacement! Love Amazon and Love this Honey!!!
MylesChester, VA

Honey of a deal!

The best honey I ever ate and worth the money-I have it every morning with my cup of tea.
TaishaBronson, MI


I have truly never tasted honey with the character that this honey has. I was a bit shocked at what I had to spend to acquire it but now that I have, it is impossible to go back to average store bought honey. A side by side taste test with clover honey will make a believer out of anyone!
SandeeVictor, WV