Better Bowls, Strawberry Gelatin, 4.0 Ounce

Better Bowls natural gelatin mixes taste great and are healthier than similiar items. All of our pudding, gelatin and shake mix products are made for individuals seeking to improve their own lives and/or the lives of their families and loved ones.

Quick facts

  • Delicious and easy to prepare snack that is ready in just 5 minutes; Makes 4 servings per pouch
  • All ingredients are Whole Foods compliant
  • Gluten-Free with only natural flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and colors added
  • Made with Kosher beef gelatin (Ko)
  • Provides 5g of Fiber,40% RDA of Vitamin C and only 90 calories per serving

Top reviews

I hated this

I bought it because it’s sugar free. It is awful and went right down the disposal. I also sent the rest back for a refund. It’s made with Splenda and NOT Stevia. My fault I didn”t read lable correctly.
RyanOxford, ME

Say What?

Like the silly consumer that I am there is plenty of information that always seems to escape my knowledge base. Dye’s and complicated chemicals that appear in the most common foods like, in this case, Gelatin. Dye’s, artificial ingredients and the now famous or infamous Red #40, it kind of puts one’s defenses up for who would want to be ingesting (together with the rest of the family) this supposedly harmful chemicals in something as legendary as jello, gelatin, call it what you will. And the funny or tragic thing is that the famous Jello we all come to know and love, where If I am not mistaken, even the wholesome Bill Cosby was a spokesperson for, seems to carry on its ingredient list some unsavory, not recommended ingredients that some savvy people seemed to have discovered as a threat and nicely shared with the rest of us. How was I to know the danger lurking in an everyday bowl of what I had categorized all these years as friendly and even healthy dessert. The company never addressed this harmful dyes and numbered Red?. So enter Better Bowls…They are obviously offering a healthier product from the old basic one. They advertised the difference and these days every one likes to be on the safe side (I know I am, my reckless demeanor a thing of the past now) so I bought Better Bowls Gelatin Dessert Mix, STRAWBERRY, Natural, Heart Healthy, High fiber, High Vit C, Gluten-free, All natural colors & flavors, (4 oz Pouches) Pack of 8. Found it to be a little pricey, buy hey, when it comes to a superior quality there is really no comparison. Kind of like drinking purified water to the riskier types perhaps? Yes, a few cents or even dollars for the best sound like good return for the hard earned cash. Specially when some of this chemicals may cause irreversible damage. Frankly I never worried about jello containing unhealthy items in its preparation. But why would it be mentioned by others unless it was true. So there it is. I received the order and immediately made a batch. Everyone liked it and color wise it fooled us all we were having strawberry jello. Added some fresh fruits, a dollop of safe whipped cream and dessert was served. So for selling a better jello and tasting almost like the now maligned one I must give it 5 Stars.
JasonPiedmont, AL

Natural great taste!

This is a great product! I was looking for a healthier alternative to jello! this is it, it have fiber and it taste very good! If I wanted a little bit firmer I just put less water in it! Looking forward to taste more flavors!
Healthy and Natural, the way everything should be
GeorgianaGrammer, IN

Move over “Jell-O”…

There’s a new gelatin in town!!

I’ve made a concerted effort to watch what eat the past couple of years. Because “Jell-O” contains dyes in their products, I decided to search for a healthier alternative. Being that this was on sale, and had good reviews, I ordered this and the instant vanilla pudding. Both are fantastic tasting; I’m extremely pleased! I actually ended up ordering a second pack of the (regular) strawberry before it sold out. It’s great plain, but if you really want a decadent dessert, try adding a touch of whipping/whipped cream over top =>O

I hope to continue ordering from this company in the future– so please keep selling it Amazon!! Also, if anyone from “Better Bowls” happens to read this, please try and expand your gelatin line!!

RoxannKittanning, PA

Great product

Like other reviewers, I was initially interested in this product because it did not contain food dyes. The fiber and vitamin C were an added bonus. After making it, I think the flavor is great and I would definitely buy again. I have a 10 month old who likes to try all kinds of foods, and I like that I can share this with him without giving him anything artificial. Even though this is the only flavor available, I like to add different fruits/toppings to change things up a bit. It is very easy to prepare–I just heated my water in the microwave and while it was not quite boiling, it still dissolved the packet and it set up quickly. Try it–you won’t be disappointed!
MarcelaChevak, AK

Yeah! No food dye!

I’ve been really wanting for gelatin lately, but I try not to buy the type at the supermarket because of the dyes and artificial everything in them. I searched Amazon and found Better Bowls Strawberry. It turned out perfectly and had a nice color of red (without red #40). Honestly, I don’t care what color it is as long as it tastes great and sets up well, which this does.

Would love to have more flavors (like lime or lemon) available so I can recreate some of my grandmother’s gelatin salads. Very happy there’s a more natural alternative out there, will be ordering some of the puddings next!

TinishaKilbourne, LA