Betterbody Agave Nectar Xagave, 23 Ounce

Agave Nectar Xagave

Quick facts

  • Probiotics^Non GMO^Organic

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Taste great!

No aftertaste. The best sugar replacement yet.

Low on the glycemic index .The problem: sugar raises your blood sugar levels of insulin, a hormone that signals your body to stop burning fat, and start storing it. agave, a low glycemic index food (approximately 30), does not raise your blood sugar levels.
Tastes like sugar. Try it, you’ll like it.

All natural nectar derived from cactus plant, not like splenda or other artificial sugar substitutes
It is sweeter than sugar therefore, you use less, thereby saving calories; and it moderates blood sugar levels leaving you feeling more “satisfied”. It will not “spike” your blood sugar levels and will let your body know that it is consuming calories. Xagave contains Fructose and Inulin that help moderate and manage consistent blood sugar levels.

CordeliaRiley, KS