Betty Crocker General Mills Fruit Roll Ups, 48 Count

Crocker fruit roll ups 48 -0.5 ounce. Excellent source of vitamin C.

Quick facts

  • Excellent source of vitamin C

Top reviews

NOT Fruit Leather

Just wanted to make sure its clear that this product is NOT a fruit leather. This is a fruit flavored snack. The packaging clearly states as much. Only one of the first 5 ingredients is fruit, the rest are 3 sugars and one oil.

Hopefully Amazon can re-categorize this product appropriately.

YanBrownfield, ME

Product recieved not as pictured

I bought this product because I was looking for solid colored fruit roll-ups. The ones in my local grocery stores all have writing on them and I need them for an edible project. When I received these, they have 2 colors on each roll. I will still be able to use them but am very disappointed that the product received is not as pictured.
YasmineStehekin, WA