Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix, 15 oz, 6 Pack

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix is the resource for people with celiac disease who want to live happy, active, and healthy gluten-free lives.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 15-ounce boxes (total of 90 ounces)
  • Gluten free
  • Pack of six, 15-ounce box (Total of 90-Ounce Boxes)
  • Gluten free yellow cake mix
  • Made in a gluten free processing facility
  • Betty Crocker Kitchens tested and approved: Each Betty Crocker product promises delicious homemade taste every time

Top reviews

Betty Crocker is Gluten Free Pantry

Don’t give them too much praise as Betty Crocker is just Gluten Free pantry. They are just buying into the market and haven’t come up with any of their own recipes.
GaylordBart, PA

Can’t eat phosphates- this sucks!

The cake mix is really good, my friend likes it.
I was hoping to be able to eat it but I can not have any foods with phosphate ingredients and almost all baking mixes do (with the exeption of a few canadian ones for cornbread).
Guess I’ll have to stick to making my own cakes with phosphate free baking powder.

Don’t know why companies insist on putting phosphates ingredients in everything when they are so bad for everyones health….cheapness I guess as the aluminium phopshate baking powder costs $4 for 250 grams….

OswaldoLaporte, CO

No Joke – Ingredient People, Take a Little Initiative

Seriously – I get the importance of seeing the ingredients – go check the website instead of giving it a one star review. Or send an email to the folks at Amazon. If you are a celiac, then you know the importance of finding good gluten free food, and I lean heavily on reviews and ratings to determine if a product is worth the effort. Your one star ratings unfairly dings a product YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TRIED!

Objection noted- I never buy anything without the ingredient list – but to go through and give one stars just to get your point across is ridiculous. It’s also lazy.


DonaldEssex, MT

Do not buy!!!!

I bought this in bulk unforntley!!The cake was hard as a rock nd I made it 3 different times. The taste of this cake is just awful.My three teenage boys tried it and spit it out fast,and they will eat just about anything.I would have returned the boxes if I didnt have to pay for the shipping.
WilburPlain Dealing, LA

New to Celiac

My 2-year old daughter was just diagnosed with celiac and I have been doing a lot of research on products. We haven’t tried the new Pillsbury mixes, but I for one am very glad to see a major manufacturer realize that there is a huge market for gluten free products, especially ones that taste good. We will definitely be trying these products.
GenovevaWakefield, MA

Betty Broke My Heart

Oh Betty, you vixen, you flirt, you tart! I longed for you all summer long, but Betty, you are all show and no go. You promised me the moon and the stars and great taste but you gave me a ghost town in the dessert. You are pretty, Miss Betty, but you are dry and spongy. I had the feeling that I could bounce you across the floor, and then wash the dishes with your silken sponginess. I tried making this cake twice Ms. Crocker, and both times, I was less than enchanted. I did not live happily ever after. My gluten-eating husband ate the first cake, and he loved the taste and texture too, and the fact that it wasn’t crumbly and annoying. I gave Betty high marks for that too; most gluten free products leave you feeling like Hansel and Gretel in the forest, with a trail of crumbs. I used this mix for cupcakes the first time. The second time I baked a cake and frosted it, thinking that if I under-baked it for a shorter time, at a lower temperature, that I would finally feel the love. Sadly, I did not. I still found the texture too spongy, and the cake too dry. I ended up tossing the cake out. I do however recommend the chocolate cake highly. It compared favorably to my favorite homemade gluten-free cake. The brownies were also pretty good, and I have bought both the brownie and chocolate cake mixes more than once. I am hoping that Miss Betty gets it together and improves this formula. The price point is excellent for this line, but I just am not loving yellow Betty. In general, the line is superior to most of the commercially available mixes. I would recommend using yellow Betty for cupcakes, because you can freeze them and frost and eat them one at a time, or toss them one at a time. The texture is definitely better the second and third day, but the first day left me annoyed, both times. When Marie Antoinette was sent to the guillotine for saying “Let them eat cake,” it was probably a cake very similar to this one. She deserved death for that, I say. I would not have been the first or last citizen to scream, “Keel zee beetch, Crockaire!”
RayTwentynine Palms, CA

no actual product reviews that are negative…

Has anyone noticed that none of the Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes have gotten any negative feedback from anyone who has actually TRIED the product? Just a lot of whining from people who complain about how hard it is to research a gluten free diet but then don’t even know enough to call Betty Crocker if they have a question. I have Celiac disease too and am just thankful the disease is getting enough attention that a mainstream manufacturer will invest huge $$$ in developing products for us. Pick up a phone if you have any questions for pete’s sake!
WilburnBuffalo, ND

tasty but tiny!

I purchased this for my Dad. I even e-mailed Betty Crocker a question concerning a recipe. They never got back to me! I bought a box and followed the directions. to my dismay, it only makes one layer. If you want a double layer cake, you must buy two boxes! It is very expensive.And a lot of fat! I found the best way to bake is from scratch.I use a gluten free baking mix and follow any recipe. just use xanthan gum, a bit more leavening and egg if necessary.
ShawanaDrexel, NC

Not bad

If you are desperate for something resembling cake, this will do nicely. It was a little dry, however, that may have more to do with how long I baked it than the mix itself. Give it a whirl.
VanWeyerhaeuser, WI

Difficult to make, strange taste but good texture.

I just made this cake and I had to spend forever mixing! (perhaps that was because I didn’t soften the butter). When it came out of the oven it was a nice golden brown color and smelled good. However, it’s not really a cake in my opinion. Perhaps the rice flour made it taste like cornbread, but it definitely is not sweet or fluffy enough to be a cake. I like Bob’s red mill cake mix much better. However I am still on the hunt for the perfect cake mix!
AsleySophia, NC

so disappointed!

I was so excited to find a commercially available gluten free cake mix. I figured Betty Crocker would make a great cake. I was so disappointed. It was so dense….did not taste at all like cake! I am buying some flour to try to make a cake from scratch. My kids loved it but they were just happy to have cake after not having any for a long time. Luckily, we do not eat a lot of cake but I want to make something that the whole family can love when we do have a special occasion. Try again Betty Crocker! I will try the chocolate and brownies too…maybe we will find a winner yet!
CristineRifle, CO

A box of sugar!

I decided to try Betty Crockers GF yellow cake mistake, and what a mistake. It’s more sugar based than anything else. I had to add lemon zest to give it a flavour. The worst part is the sweet taste. Ugh. I’ve called the company to complain as well. There is no need to put so much sugar in any cake mix, not even GF!

Will never buy this product again.

KellePearl, MS


I gave this product a 4 star rating for several reasons. I have never tried any other mixes nor have I made my own yet. My daughter has a problem with wheat and I am attempting new things first for myself to see what I could feed her without her becoming discourage about certain types of food. My daughter is only 19 months.

First you should know I made this in a counter top oven/ toaster oven (black and decker x-large oven) in a 9×9 square analon (dark pan) so I used the 325 degree setting. I kept a very close eye on this cake, because I didn’t want to dry it out knowing it was going to be a totally different texture cake then I am normally used to with wheat. It turned out good when I only left it in for around 21-25 minutes and then took it out and tested it with a toothpick in the middle (it came clean). Remember my heating elements are close to the food in this oven and it is a small cooking area. I did exactly as the recipe called with the butter, vanilla, water and 3 eggs(egglands best x-tra large).

The texture and aroma reminded me a little of corn muffin. It isn’t a complete texture like that but if I would have kept it in any longer it would have dried out and possibly tasted moreso like corn muffin. I didn’t mind it… I was really expecting something really different and possibly something I would totally snub. But Hope is there. It really wasn’t bad. I like vanilla cake over chocolate, so I would definatlely do it again. It may be really good with a fruit, like cherry pie filling and COOL WHIP (NOT SURE IF EITHER IS GF). I used the betty crocker “fluffy white” frosting which is also gluten free.



TamishaHarbor View, OH


For those that have negative comments about the product…please check out the Betty Crocker website…it would take you less time to get all the information you are looking for than to write the negative reviews. By the way, yes, these products are made in a gluten free facility…Betty Crocker has a whole website dedicated to their new gluten free products and definitely worth checking out.

Now – I’ve given up on trying to make a gluten free yellow cake – I haven’t liked any of my recipes or any mixes…Until the new Betty Crocker mix. It really is yummy and has GREAT texture – very smooth and moist. will buy over and over again!!! Thanks Betty Crocker!

HertaColbert, GA

A great mainstream gluten-free option

People, PLEASE don’t review a product before you’ve tried it. It gives the impression that the product is not good, which is not the case here. I understand your concerns about the ingredient list. Call Betty Crocker or go to their website.

I think we need to do all we can to SUPPORT mainstream companies coming out with gluten-free products. The more we do this, the more products will hit the market. This will make products easier to find (local grocery stores), cheaper, and tastier!

That being said, this product is actually good. The Betty Crocker website has a lot of recipes to use with the gluten-free mixes. I tried the carrot cake recipe with the yellow cake mix and it was GREAT. The only downside is that it only makes one layer, so if you are making a two-layer cake, buy two. Yes, that gets expensive. It’s part of gluten-free living,is it not?

KirbyHouck, AZ

So excited!

So excited that there is an easily accessible product that is good and GF! Now it will be easy for those that want to bake for GF friends/family. Here are the ingredients for those that are interested:

Rice Flour, Sugar, Potato Starch, Leavening (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate), Xanthan Gum, Salt. May contain soy ingredients.
It calls for water, 1 stick of butter, 2 t of vanilla and 3 eggs.

Hope that helps!

VannesaPost Falls, ID

Tasty, moist, works great

I found these at the grocery store, and used one box to make “shortcakes” in a Fat Daddio’s 6-Cup Muffin Top/Crown Pan for berry shortcake.

They don’t rise as much as wheat cake mixes will, but the texture was good, the flavor was very tasty – not packaged at all. They made an excellent base for shortcakes, and also for scary big ice cream sandwiches. Oh my.

Yes, the ingredients are not listed here on Amazon, and they aren’t on the Betty Crocker site either (last I checked), but they do clearly state that the facility is dedicated gluten-free. Giving a one star review for this lack of info is just tacky, and ultimately very unhelpful to the rest of us.

NelsonPresho, SD

would not purchase again

I was excited to try one of these before purchasing in bulk. I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed in this product. I have used Bob’s Red Mill in the past. I will stick to that. Sorry, I am not being “negative”, just being honest with my opinion.
TyraGarneill, MT

gluten free yellow cake

I am so pleased that Betty Crocker has made a gluten free line. Maybe I had high expectations for a yellow cake recipe…it turned out a little dry and with the typical gritty texture that is associated with gluten free cakes. I added a package of instant pudding to it and did not overbake and that helped alot. Overall not bad and pretty easy.
DonellaMonson, MA

Really wished that I liked it!

I was so happy to see that Betty Crocker had a gluten free line out and that I could get it on sale at my local Target! I bought the brownies and the devils food cake mixes first and LOVED LOVED LOVED both of them. I eat gluten but my 3 year old does not and I couldn’t even tell that they were gluten free. Being as excited as I was about the brownies and chocolate cake I decided to give the yellow cake a try as well. I really wished I liked it but I didn’t. The cake looked great but had a funny taste to it and a strange smell. First I thought I did something wrong so I went over my steps but I did what the box said and even used real butter and a good vanilla extract. I really think that this can be great because the texture is amazing. Hoping Betty Crocker changes the recipe because this has potential.
LashaundaFitchburg, MA

mandarin orange cake

this mix makes the most wonderful Manderine Orange Cake! The last time I served it I was asked for the recipe, never mind it happened to be gluten free! Thanks Betty! Carolyn Snively
ErvinEdgemont, AR

Professional baker says great job

I’ve been baking gluten-free for 30 years, both at home and as a professional baker. With three celiacs in the family, we were thrilled to have the ease and convenience of this mix. The yellow cake mix lends itself to many variations, with good recipes posted on the website. I’m very impressed with the way the product was formulated.
JarrodCampbell Hall, NY

Cake mix

This is the best cake mix I have found, well up to now 02/14/2010. Who knows, I may find better?
CyrilWewela, SD


My husband was thrilled with this cake. To put it in his words “I think I died and went to heaven”. Thank you Betty Crocker.
GerthaCleveland, UT

Cake mix

Excellent, made cup cakes and tasted just like I remember, ordered a case of the devils food.
JoeCheltenham, PA

These are very tasty, but…

The cupcakes I made from the mix tasted and felt (weight and texture) more like shortcake. Unfortunately, my craving for a cupcake was not satisfied.

(Please note that I do not bake often, and have not tried any other cake recipes, so I can’t make any kind of comparison.)

The bottom line is: I will definitely buy this mix again because the flavor is quite good!

SaranTalking Rock, GA

Finally an inexpensive, good-tasting GF mix!

I admit, I was very skeptical of this mix, since it has most a rice flour base. Most of the products we enjoy have a blend of flours, including bean and sorghum. However, I heard good things from other at our Celiac group, and tried it in a fruit cobbler recipe in one of Bette Hagaman’s books. It was SO good! Everyone enjoyed it, and couldn’t tell it was GF.

Now, making it as a cobbler may have meant that it had plenty of moisture to avoid the dry taste some others have mentioned, so if I make it as a plain cake or cupcakes, I will try the suggestion for the pudding mix and increase the liquids slightly. However, you can’t beat the price. In our local supermarket, it is far cheaper than other GF products, and only a tad bit more than non-GF cake mix. Amazon’s subscription-price isn’t much lower than our supermarket, so I’ll still buy it there. We’ve had well-meaning people ask over the years what they can buy to make for my son, and I haven’t wanted to burden them with the typical expense of GF mixes. This product is available everywhere and is very reasonably priced, so kudos to Betty Crocker!!!

RaymondeGrand Portage, MN


Never thought I would get so excited over a boxed cake mix. But after spending way too much money on Gluten-free products that taste awful with a sawdust texture. This tastes like the real deal. i did listen to previous reviews and add a box of instant vanilla pudding. No one in my family could tell that they were GF. Even my finicky non Celiac teenagers could tell the difference and they ate the whole cake! Thanks to Betty Crocker for making affordable GF products!!
VennieRochester, IL

Thank you Betty Crocker!

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix, 15-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) Thank you Betty Crocker! We have waited a long time for this! Excellent flavor, moist and just like the real thing! Nobody knew it was wheat free, gluten free!
ShellaStapleton, NE

Thank you Betty Crocker

I love this cake mix and the other 3 mixes as well. They are incredible & amazon offers the best price around. I am so thankful for Betty Crocker for coming out with these mixes since my 3 year old has celiac disease and can’t eat gluten. This makes my life so much easier since friends and family can also purchase these products as well and no one can tell the difference between the gluten & the gluten free!!!
DinorahNineveh, PA