Betty Crocker Helper Complete Meals, Cheesy Beef Taco, 24.6-Ounce Boxes

Cheesy beef taco flavor with savory sauce with beef, tomatoes and red peppers, rice and seasoning blend. It contains wheat, soy and milk. Our brands are known around the world for quality, beginning with gold medal flour in 1880. Starting with two flour mills in the 1860s, general mills revolutionized the milling industry, producing flour with superior baking properties.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 24.6-Ounce(Total of 147.6-Ounce)
  • Easy to prepare; requires little effort
  • Includes meat for the most convenient dinnertime solution

Top reviews

just needs a few extra ingredients

This really isn’t bad, just get some shredded cheese to top and have tortilla chips with it and you are in for an easy meal.
TiffaneySan Antonio, TX

Not very good

Some Complete Meals in a box are pretty good. Not this one. It ends up being mostly rice, and is pretty flavorless.
MerilynDenmark, TN

delicious, but needs more cheese…

This is easily my favorite of the “Complete Meals” collection; the beef varieties always taste more homemade and have a better texture than the chicken ones. It’s nice to be able to prepare quick dinners in the microwave on busy days, and this one couldn’t be simpler. To make your dinner really gooey and delicious, sprinkle a cup of shredded cheddar cheese over the dish in the last 5-10 minutes of cooking, whether in the microwave or the oven. This is also a fun option for a hearty Mexican dip–just bake, open a bag of chips (Frito scoops are great), and enjoy! <=]
AnnelieseTroy, AL