Betty Crocker Homestyle Reds, 100% Real Mashed Potatoes, 3.3-Ounce Packages

Betty Crocker Homestyle Reds is a blend of red and russet potatoes with butter and natural flavors.

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, 3.3-ounces per unit (total of 26.4 ounces)
  • A blend of red and russet potatoes with butter and natural flavors
  • 80 calories per serving
  • Good source of fibre
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews


These taste synthetic. There is a big difference between mashing your own potatoes and the contents of this package. The second ingredient is powdered cellulose and that’s what they taste like – something that just can’t or shouldn’t be digested.
AlysonShrewsbury, NJ

Pity the poor potato

I love mashed potatoes. But I goofed on this batch. These are much too highly seasoned for my taste. Betty Crocker tried too hard to be distinctive. If she had let the poor reds be themselves they would have been wonderful.
NiaColumbia, CT


PatienceKingstree, SC

Disappointing taste

This was quite a disappointment compared to the Idahoan potatoes I bought previously on Amazon. Very thin texture, flat taste, bland, will not get again.
NickiHarper, IA

Quick and easy

I am not a huge fan of instant potatoes but these are better than many others on the market. They are quick and easy to fix when your running late and everyone seems to like them. Amazon makes it even easier by selling at a comparable price to the stores and shipping. It’s nice to have them on hand when I’m rushed or unexpected guests show up and I need more in a hurry.
SoniaVerona, ND

Quality Potato Product

For a quick carbohydrate side dish it’s hard to beat these light weight dehydrated potatoes. They are not the equivalent of fresh mashed, but they come closer than most similar products. For me the seasoning is right, and they have good texture when prepared as instructed. Incidentally, I heat two cups of water in the microwave and pour it into the potatoes in a bowl, whip for a minute or so with a fork, and they’re ready.
LanDrifting, PA


You cannot go wrong with these instant potatoes. They make a great side if you are in a hurry and do not need seasoning. I usually microwave them and sometimes they come out a little too watery so I keep a box of generic instant mashed around to add a little bit just in case. I am not 100% certain that this is an issue with the product or my microwave, but thought I would mention it in case anyone else had a problem.
BambiGarfield, KY

Perfect for me

I love the flavor and consistancy–and they are real Potatoes.

These packets are perfect for a large appetite or a small family. They taste great with my meals. I usually put half in the fridge overnight and they still taste yummy the next day.

I like mashed potatoes with just about anything–but these Betty Crocker reds , real mashed potatoes are the best.

EstrellaSpringhill, LA

Fix it up with Spam and REALLY go to town

I thrive on these mashed potatoes, and also the equally excellent Betty Crocker Loaded Mashed Potatoes. I think I can hear an inner voice of my mother telling me 60 years ago that I shouldn’t like prepared foods, but I ignore that voice a lot. These are extremely easy to make (I heat my water for four minutes in an 1100 watt microwave), and they taste pretty good just as they are.

Of course, I rarely leave things just as they are. I sometimes add in some milk with my water. It gives the potatoes a richer taste. I also dice various versions of Spam, mix in some canned string beans and pitted black olives, heat everything up, and mix it in with the potatoes. That way it becomes a quick and easy entree.

I suppose homemade mashed potatoes have their points. Just try making them when you’re over 60. This product starts looking pretty attractive at that point. And the texture is actually better than the best homemade potatoes I’ve had (most homemade versions usually just end up lumpy, though).

Anyway, I recommend these. Don’t pay attention to those inner voices telling you otherwise. This is a winner.

KarrieCrestline, KS

Delish & easy.

I’ve ordered these potatoes again they are probably the best for an instant mashed potato. No need to add salt or butter it’s already in there. It calls for 2 cups of water, that is a little thin for me, so I use just 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cup water to make them a little more thick. If you are short on time and need mashed potatoes this is it!
ArdithMohall, ND

Pretty good and very convenient

No, these aren’t as good as “real” fresh mashed potatoes, but they are about as quick and easy to make as it gets and they do taste pretty good for instant. I’m no fan of instant mashed potatoes, but these are good enough to do in a pinch. When I’m making a quick solitary meal, these will be a welcome addition from time to time.
JesusitaMobeetie, TX

Oh! My Instant Potatoes

I don’t like instant mashed potatoes, but when I came down with a very bad cold/flu and the power went out in Southern California, I was forced to eat Instant Mashed Potatoes and these weren’t bad tasting at all they were pretty good. So I decided to keep them on hand for emergencies and for lazy days.

I still love homemade mashed potatoes. But these are good to have as a standby.

RoderickNorth Vernon, IN

Quite a surprise

Absolutely delicious perfect sized for the empty nester’s or young couple. I have never found this type of flavor in an instant potato.
MaireHerman, PA

Fast and almost like homemade.

These are not quite as good as the ones they make with four cheeses. But they are good. I would rather have fresh made. But if I need a quick meal, these are a good base. And are so easy to do, just add boiling water and stir.
JcWeldon, NC

Yummy mashed potatoes!

The potatoes are so easy to make. All you add is water. I was so surprised at how delicious they are. The size of the 3.3 ounce package is perfect for two, three or four people who love mashed potatoes. I will never buy another brand. I’m so pleased with this product.
RosalvaMoscow Mills, MO


I’m not a big fan on package potatoes but my kids love them so I thought I would give them a try I have to say that they are pretty good will be buying more shipping was fast.
HoaFlatwoods, WV


We use instant mashed potatoes a lot but these – I’m not sure what these are. The taste is horrible. Cannot describe it short of an almost spoiled sour cream taste. Off to toss the rest of the packs because they are truly that bad.
MariellaKeller, TX

Betty Crocker Homestyle Reds 3.3 Ounce Pkgs ( Pack of 8)

This is my first time trying BC mashed potatoes. They are very good. It gives you a choice of making them with just water or milk and water. To me they tasted more like homemade with just water with butter added. Good to have on hand for quick and easy.
DallasWilton, IA

Not bad….VERY convenient.

These are good in a pinch, especially since they don’t need milk, which I always seem to be out of (no little ones at home). Although the other Betty Crocker mashed potatoes that do require milk has a better texture and fluff up better, with these you just need to watch the amount of water, or they’ll end up too thin. They have a slight butter taste without that fake butter taste. Serve them up plain, with butter, with gravy, or any other way.
Now, I’m off to order more…
GerardoRiver Forest, IL

A little butter does it!

After reading some of the reviews,I decided to add 2 tablespoons real butter(melted in microwave),and some garlic powder to the mix.After stirring the mix well, simply heat in the microwave as per instructions and WOW…Yummy !!!
OletaBloomfield, NM

Surprisingly Good Considering You Only Add Water

These couldn’t be easier. You pour one packet into a bowl, add 2 cups of cold water, and microwave for 3-4 minutes. They are already flavored, although I did add butter to mine as I didn’t initially anticipate that they would be flavorful on their own.

They have a bit of a sour bite which implies that there is some sour cream in the seasoning (I didn’t bother to check). It’s not overbearing, but my first few bites took me aback a little as I was expecting more of the usual blandness from powdered mashed potatoes. I also didn’t need to add any salt, but I wouldn’t say they were too salty; just right.

I thought the flavor, texture, and quantity were good and better than many instant mashed potato products I’ve tried. Each packet says it makes 4 servings (that would be 1/2 cup each); I would usually eat more than that for a serving; but they are filling, like real potatoes. I’d guess for most people a packet makes 2-3 servings.

DorthyJonesville, MI

Exactly enough for two people.

No leftovers going to waste, no measuring and no trouble. Just add the water/milk and microwave. One pouch means one meal and there’s nothing to reseal. This is probably the best plain instant potatoes brand I’ve tried. They really taste “real” and they taste great! We stock these in the pantry for everyday eating, camping, and for those emergencies like power outages, blizzards, and zombie attacks etc.
CarolynnDes Plaines, IL

tolerable at most

While I prefer homemade mashed potatoes, I am a busy Mom so I have to use instant quite often. I was hoping for a new taste with these, instead I have a case and a half of something we will not eat again. My husband s a Marine, and will eat almost anything except mushrooms, cauliflower and now these potatoes. Even my kids hate them and they will eat anything in the pantry and fridge! The only thing I like is the size of the package which is perfect for a family with 2 younger kids.
JinLake Delton, WI


SarinaTajique, NM

Reds make life easier

Potatoes are great. Easy is wonderful! Great and easy on busy
nights. Very simple to prepare. Very fast ship and great courteous swervice.
ElkeKinsey, MT