Betty Crocker Potato Buds Mashed, 13.75-Ounce Packages


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  • Gluten free

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NOT Gluten-Free, Contains PRESERVATIVES, low-quality

Unfortunately, this is improperly classified as a Gluten-Free product. Foods containing preservatives are NOT gluten-free.
Ingredients: “Potatoes (Dried), Mono and Diglycerides (to Improve Texture), Freshness Preserved by Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bisulfite and Citric Acid.” (Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potato Buds Mix – 13.75 Oz.)

Gluten-FREE means the food is FREE / does NOT contain such products. Please be study the ingredients to avoid health problems.

ImaTuscumbia, AL

Formula changed dramatically

These new formula Potato Buds are horrible. Betty Crocker changed the formula recently and the result is the worse instant mash potatoes ever, as compared to their original version that was the best in class. Now the texture is sticky and gummy, and there is no potato flavor. To make it even worse, there is a disagreeable aftertaste that remains for several hours.

I strongly suggest trying a small box from your local store to try, before committing to this new version. I think you will find that any other brand is better. The change by Betty Crocker is a big mistake, and it will result in a loss of customer loyalty, including mine.

VeronaAnderson Island, WA

Stop!! Read this before buying this product!!

If you have bought Betty Crocker Potato Buds in the past, you probably liked them and that is why you would consider buying a case of 12. This is not that product! Betty Crocker has retained the name, but completely changed the product inside the box. These are no longer “buds”, but flakes that make up into an awful, heavy, sticky, gummy, pasty, mass. The box says, “fluff with fork” like it always has, but fluffing this stuff would be akin to trying to fluff thickened wallpaper paste. Plus, even if you are oblivious to texture in your food and on your tongue, the flavor is unacceptable and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Potato Buds have gone from the best instant mashed potatoes I have ever tasted to the very worst, without exaggeration.

To literally add insult to injury, the representatives have defended these changes by talking about things like “…coming into line with industry standards…” and,
“…assuring continued availability…”????? What? Bottom line though, is that they, rather than taking their customer’s responses under advisement, defend their position and indicate that they have no intention of changing back to the original formulation. They have the effrontery to suggest that consumers who are complaining just didn’t follow the directions correctly. I made them a second time, before I threw out the rest of the box, just to make sure I had not made a mistake in following the directions. Nope. They came out just as bad the second time as the first.

To find out what others have to say and to see the company’s responses, go to, click on “forums” in the drop-down menu under “home” and check out the thread, “New Potato Buds Are Terrible”. While you’re there, look at what they’ve done to “Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix.” You won’t want to buy that product, again, either.

MarshaCannonsburg, MI

New Potato Buds are NASTY

Have the people at Betty Crocker ever heard the saying. “If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it”? The orginial Potato Buds were the best instant potatoes on the market. That changed when Betty Crocker changed them! Now they are lower than the bottom of the list! They are so awful I threw them away. They are too nasty to eat! Please bring back the old style Buds!
ErlineDevils Lake, ND


I have been buying Potato Buds for over 35 years and will never again! I am now cooking potatoes and mashing them. The new and improved are garbage, I threw out my open box and got a refund for all three boxes I bought from the Betty Crocker company.

If they ever bring back the “ORIGINAL POTATO BUDS” I am back in, but until then bye bye!

MylesChristmas, FL

they really are that bad.

They have a rubbery texture and taste bad. I don’t know what they did, but it was a big mistake. The original Potato Buds were so good, please correct this Betty Crocker.
AaronValdosta, GA


I bought these because I make mashed potatoes so infrequently and was tired of wasting real potatoes (buying a bag and not using them all before they went south). My local grocer did not have a great selection so I got these based on the name and was really disappointed. They are gummy and have no taste, I’m glad it was just me and my husband, I would be embarrassed to serve these if I was entertaining. I know not all instants are bad, we use Excel Potato Pearls at work and they are awesome. I pitched the rest of the box of buds and switching to […]
SheliaLetona, AR

Potato Buds have been ruined

I could just bawl. This is just one of my favorite products that have been discontinued or “improved” in the last couple of years. I loved Potato Buds for thirty years and I will never buy them again, instead I’ll try all the other brands. I got at least four people (who said they would never eat instant mashed potatos) hooked on Potato Buds, because they were so different and so good. Now, they’re not buds any more. They’re a powdery concoction that has to be contained in a plastic bag, not poured straight from the box. I thought companies spent millions on consumer research before launching a new product, but somebody definitely screwed up here. They do not taste better at all and the consistency is not pleasing.
LeoraLittlefork, MN


If you have loved Potato Buds for years, stay away from the “new & improved” version. Horrible, truly disgusting, and what’s even worse…the company doesn’t care and intends to keep turning out this tripe. They even blame the poor reception of the “improved” version on the customers, saying they are just fine if prepared according to the box. Um, no. It tastes awful. It’s so sad, because this used to be a great product.
ConradBakersville, OH

Unbelievably disgusting. What were they thinking? And maybe a fraud?

Like all the other reviewers, I find this is a virtually inedible mess. Apparently it used to be a good product, but they changed it, no doubt to save a few bucks. And aren’t they committing some kind of fraud when the box says prominently “100% REAL POTATOES” – which I why I tried it – and then the ingredients list Mono and Diglycerides, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate,Sodium Bisulfite and Citric Acid.
No matter what small percent these things may be (they don’t give figures) then the product is NOT 100% potatoes.


DarrenDouglas, WY


I agree with all of the reviews here (except for the one that gave PB’s two stars; should have been one star, like the rest of them). I tried to give it zero stars, but it wouldn’t work.

I have been making Potato Buds for many years. It has been my favorite brand and I have tried many. I made my own slight changes to the instructions on the box to suit my taste and got accustomed to making them the same way every time.

But ever since Betty Crocker changed the formula, there is no way I can make these taste good. They used to be tasty real flakes of dehydrated potato, now it’s more like a bland powder.

I just came today to Amazon to try and find the old formula and didn’t realize until now that so many feel the same way I do about the present formula.

I have no idea why they changed it and I can’t believe they are blaming the consumers for the bad taste.

These are horrible and I am going to be another of the many who are going to find another brand.

Maybe if enough people abandon buying these, BC will get the message and change them back to the way they were before, but I’m not holding my breath. But I did have to hold my nose while eating these.

JonnaQuincy, KY

Agree 100% with other reviews

Have used Betty Crocker Potato Buds for years. Grabbed a box off the shelf recently and didn’t notice that they had changed the product until I went to make them last night. Well, they are terrible compared to the old version. I told my husband that now I will have to try and find a different brand to use. I much prefer homemade mashed, but like to have boxed on hand for emergencies. Did a web search and found Honest Earth All Natural Mashed potatoes on Amazon none the less! The reveiws are GREAT and I will be placing an order for them. Betty Crocker, like the other reviewers, you just lost my business.
CarlaTioga Center, NY

DO NOT BUY–Truly Horrible!

Seriously, these newly formulated potato “buds” are HORRIBLE! Taste and texture like drywall spackle. Yes, this used to be a great product–they best dehydrated mashed potato product on the market. But since they changed the formula–sickening. They are no longer “buds” but just a box of tasteless powder. Save yourself the money and pass this one by.
ChantalOsseo, MI

Disappointingly Disgusting

I have noticed it seems to be getting harder and harder to find Potato Buds. This new recipe is totally bogus. I have contacted Betty Crocker and asked about Potato Buds being discontinued and I was told they had no plans to discontinue them. What they failed to say is that they have completely discontinued the best instant potatoes in the world and are now selling some gummy, gooey mixture in the same packaging. I have been a loyal customer of Betty Crocker’s Potato Buds. Until now, it was the only instant potatoes my children would eat. I have tried and tried to make this new recipe work and it just doesn’t. It comes out crappy every time. Now I am searching for a replacement instant potato. Boo on Betty Crocker. Boo.
CliffRosedale, NY

Bud-‘git Potatoes

I always loved Potato Buds, I would make them at college all the time and they were even slightly (SLIGHTLY) comparable to homemade!

I’m making Shephards Pie and usually use fresh ingredients but it’s raining and I don’t want to peel and cook and mash potatoes. I bought a box of Buds hoping to launch my Pie into deliciousness, but WHAT DID I JUST TASTE??? Prepared they are horrible – crumbly, salty and dry. They can be doctored…but there are instructions on the box for a reason, right?

The uncooked product looks like flaky baby cereal.

If you are starving, why not – the price isn’t so bad and I bet you could add more liquid, more butter, WAY LESS SALT, and fix them up. But if I remember correctly, these babies used to be delicious as is. Feeling like Betty dropped the ball.

BellaVincent, OH

Gummy! Bad Taste!

I am in my fifties and grew up on Potato Buds. My mom was an excellent cook but in a pinch she used the (ORIGINAL) BC Potatoe Buds and boy were they good! I bought a box recently thinking they were the same. Not!!!! These were a gummy mess! I had to add a lot of extras just to make them palatable. Do not buy! Switch to Idahoan for good instant potatoes!
LucileRichfield, NE