Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls, Peanut Butter, 1.7 Ounce

As the founder of Betty Lou’s, I have always believed that there is a connection between what we eat and how we feel. Everyone wants to feel their best, and when I decided to remove refined sugar from my family’s diet over 30 years ago, I began creating recipes that were made with honey and brown rice syrup instead. Children know what they like, and my sons were my very first taste-testers. As I fine-tuned the recipes my boys’ friends took notice, and soon I had the most popular yard in the neighborhood! I chose “Just Great Stuff… and Plenty of it!” as our motto because it truly reflects the dedication that we have to the quality of our products. I always use the best, healthiest, cutting edge ingredients because I believe that they taste better and make you feel better. Today we still make Nut Butter Balls as well as our very popular layered Fruit Bars, Powdered Peanut Butter (with 85% less fat than regular peanut butter!), Low Glycemic Protein Shakes, Angell Bars, Cookies and a line of Organic Just Great Stuff Bars that contain interesting, whole food ingredients… like organic cacao nibs, freeze-dried acai and raspberries, goji berries, mangoes, bananas and even freeze-dried spinach, kale and broccoli sprouts. Every day at Betty Lou’s we challenge the notion that healthy, all-natural, gluten-free products have to compromise on taste. We’ve proven that the opposite can be true! Our delicious products have been made that way from the beginning and it’s what we do best! Betty Lou

Quick facts

  • Made with organic peanut butter and sweetened with organic agave and brown rice syrups
  • 40-30-30 formula favored by athletes; packed with protein, B-complex vitamins, and electrolytes
  • All-natural energy source free of wheat, soy, gluten, and corn
  • Wholesome treat with no preservatives or trans fats
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews

Peanut Butter Balls Fall Flat…

The “balls” were squeezed into the box and flattened. The taste is not very “peanutty”. I’m disappointed.
LucyOrion, IL


These peanut butter balls barely taste like peanut butter. They came up in a glute-free” search, which is why I bought them, but they aren’t gluten-free. They lack in flavor greatly and, for the price, I thought they would be a really awesome treat – nope!
BenniePolo, IL


I had never heard of these, and when I came across the product listing I thought these were going to be more like “around the house snacks” given the description and comments.

These are only really enjoyable to eat in the same way whey protein shakes or powerbars or other “good for you” meal replacement or snack-like food units are enjoyable: they stop the hunger with a minimum of fuss.

The balls are fairly dense.. prepare to “gnaw” on them. Taking a bite is a commitment. The texture with all the exterior seeds is coarse. The peanut butter flavor is, well, faint. Using the words “great tasting” in the marketing is stretching the truth a bit, IMHO. (I would not buy these for taste alone.)

On the plus side, they work. I was running out of the house without having had breakfast, so I threw two balls in my pocket and ate them in the first 10 minutes of driving. My hunger reacted the same way it would to any other 400-calorie breakfast — it went away, and stayed away until lunch. There was no negative aftertaste or other unpleasantness, and it made me feel like I had eaten food rather than some sort of snacky candy thing.

I don’t have a particular allergy related need for this product, although I like the fact that it doesn’t use refined sugar. I’m not sure how much of this product I will order in the future, but I can foresee finishing this pack.

IzolaAdelanto, CA

A delicious surprise!

My wife & I tried Betty Lou’s Peanut Butter Nut Butter Balls for the first time just last night. What a delicious surprise they turned out to be. The chewy texture & peanut butter taste are delightful. They are a good source of protein, not too high in carbs or fat ( with no trans fats) and are good soucre of B-vitamins. An all-around tasty, convenient snack that is a far sight better than many other empty calorie treats we might have chosen. We can’t wait to try any number of Betty Lou’s other healthful products. Quite highly recommended!
RobbiGrafton, MA


I was very pleased with these energy balls. Not too sweet and very filling. I am looking forward to purchasing different products from Betty Lou’s.
KeciaRiley, KS

Gluten-Free Energy!

I’ve tried some of the other versions these, but I keep coming back to the Peanut Butter. They taste great, are very satisfying and high in protein! They beat Balance bars for me.
RosyDenison, KS

A Nutritious Snack

If you need something to take with you to keep your blood sugar up, this high-fiber, high-protein snack is just the thing.
EnidStoneham, ME


This snack is superb in several ways. First it is very good tasting. The flavor is very much like a soft peanut butter cookie. Nutritionally, it has quite a bit of protein, very very low in simple carbohydrates (or sugars) and is high in fiber.

I carry these with me to work and eat one in the morning and one in the afternoon to help me keep away from junk foods and excessive caffeine.

These would be excellent to carry with you on a hiking trip.

JoanOlympic Valley, CA

Yum! Corn Free!

I bought these because I have a corn allergy and wanted to substitute them for the LA Weightloss bars that list corn syrup as the first ingredient. I was pleasantly surprised that they were pretty tasty! My favorites are actually the Fudgie Filberts that taste similar to a Little Debbie brownie if Little Debbie’s were diet. Following that I would say Almond and Coconut are tied for second. Third is the Peanut Butter which is the highest in protein but not as good as the others. My husband didn’t like any of them but could tolerate the one I liked least, Peanut Butter. Over all I think these are great as a healthy snack for people with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. I think I would have picked a different name than Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls. Nut Butter Balls doesn’t sound as appetizing as what they actually are!! Nut Butter Balls…..Mmmmmm!
ChrissyToms River, NJ

Good pick me up!

I bought these on sale recently from Vitamin Shoppe and am pleasantly surprised, given their mixed reviews. They’re not overly sweet, no, but then I find many of the protein bars and shakes on the market overly sweet-tasting (and I’m a sweets lover), and they have a chewier texture than other Betty Lou nut butter balls (try kneading them a bit). I’m enjoying them when I’m in between lunch or dinner or even as a meal replacement. Very filling and a decent protein count (15 g) with fairly low sugars (11g). I was a tad disappointed that they didn’t have a stronger peanut butter taste as I could live on peanut butter, but give these overall high marks.
DessieOyster, VA

Artificial tasting

Thought I’d give these a try because I was looking for an afternoon slightly sweet snack bar that’s high in protein, low-fat and great tasting. Well these are high in protein(which I like), are low in fat(which I like), but I think in their processing to make it low-fat they compromised on the flavor. I was expecting a more natural peanut butter taste but was disappointed with the texture and taste. Artificial!! I will not buy these again. I’m stuck now with the whole box. My hunt continues for that great snack bar.
PhungLowland, TN

Fabulous product

These peanut butter balls are great, full of protein and very satisfying. There is only one caveat. Keep them off of the counter if you have a tall dog. My basset got the box down while I was out and enjoyed about 12-14 of these balls. He was very satisfied, however he had a severe case of diarrhea for 3 days. He, however, was very happy. LOL
JoycelynElko, NV


Barely sweet. Could not distinguish the flavor of peanuts over any other nut. Just a rich fatty taste with a hint of alcohol in the background. The packaging led me to believe that these were going to be a wholesome treat both in nutritional value and taste. At the end of the day there are much better protein and health bar solutions.
MarylouiseHollenberg, KS


These are tasty, sweet and very filling. Yes, the texture is kind of strange, but 16g of protein in one “ball” is great! They are also gluten and dairy free. My kind of breakfast!
TawnyaSweetwater, TN

Filling and tasty!

Yum! These peanut butter treats are so filling! One kept me satisfied for five hours. Perfect to keep in my desk at work, my car, my purse…anywhere I might be when I’m hungry but don’t want to end up eating something unhealthy. As for the taste…you need to be a fan of peanut butter to like these, which I definitely am. There is a slightly odd aftertaste to them, but it’s minor and minimal and I don’t mind it. The texture is a much denser, peanuty, heavy rice krispy treat in my opinion. I’ve tried the almond flavor, too, and they are great, but peanut butter is my favorite flavor in anything. The fact that these are high in protein, filling and gluten free is fabulous. I’ll buy these again for sure!
DarbyHawthorn, PA

Tasty? Maybe not. Useful? Incredibly!

No, these aren’t Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They have a distinct “health-food” taste. But they certainly are filling and they have a lot of energy. I ate two before the LSAT, a 5 hour ordeal, and they kept me going. Also great if you sleep late and need to run to class…just grab and go.
HelenaSkaneateles, NY

Thumbs down

Sent a box of these to a college co-ed. She likes chewy granola bars, and the South Beach Diet meal replacement bars. I thought she might like these. NOT. She describes them as “nasty”, and didn’t even swallow her first bite. Did break the ball apart and the inside wasn’t any better than the outside, so she will now gift these to fellow students.
KarenShook, MO

Good gluten free snack

These peanut butter balls are very good for gluten free diets, filling & tasty. I carry one in my purse all the time, just in case I need a little pick me up & can’t find any gluten free food around.
KarlySouthold, NY

Delicious on-the-go-snack

I originally bought these for my kids who can’t eat gluten (and they liked them), but then I found myself eating them when I needed an energy-packed snack on the go. I keep them in my car and they are a great afternoon snack, full of protein, that I can munch on as we drive around to various afterschool activities. It’s not empty calories and I am full until dinner. Will definitely try their other flavors. I had never heard of them until I saw them on Amazon, so I am thrilled to have something new in the pantry!
JohnettaHillsdale, IN

Something that needs to be disclosed.

I have a sever alergy to Gluton. This product States that it is Gluton Free. But in the fine print about posabile alergic warning It States that this product is made in a factory tha might make products with wheat and other alergins. This is a problem with me My alergy is so bad the least bit of contamination by wheat could cause me to have a relaps. Now so saying the chance of contamination may be slight. I can’t risk it and and anyone with a Gluton alergy should be made aware of the chance no matter how slight. Other than that the product is good. I ate a few before I read the fine print and was made aware of the posability. I was not harmed, but I was not willing to risk any fruther chance of exposure.
JoniTaunton, MN


For people with who need to eat something between meals to keep their blood sugar levels up, these Peanut Butter Balls are a godsend. Many’s the time I’ve felt the familiar lightheadness and oncoming headache from low blood sugar and been saved by these things. I always carry one in my pocket or purse, and keep one in the glove compartment.
ArnulfoQuinlan, TX

My kids couldn’t chew them

These are too dense for my kids to bite (yes they under 5), but I really wanted this for a snack-on-the-go. Now I have to cut them into pieces and then they can chew them. They have a mild “protein-bar” aftertaste. I like them o.k. That’s about all I would rate them… just o.k. Betty Lou’s Crispy Bites are better.
MartinHermansville, MI

Peanut Butter Balls

Faster than expected shipping! Great Tasting Product and Good for you too!
HerlindaReisterstown, MD

Excellent Product

Betty Lou’s Peanut Butter Balls

This is an excellent product which is both healthy and good tasting. I would recommend the entire Betty Lou product line to anyone wishing to have a delicious treat and maintain a healthy life style. Easily well worth the cost.

LenitaHamilton, IL