Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea

Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea is an invigorating blend of high-grown Indian tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling. Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea has a creamy, malt flavor and a full bodied taste. Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea has a strong flavor is best enjoyed with the addition of milk.

Quick facts

  • Made in Ireland
  • Authentic Bewley’s Tea from Ireland
  • 80 tea bags per box

Top reviews

smashed packaging

I love the tea. I often give it as a gift. When this tea arrived, the package was smashed. The tea was uninjured, but I could not give it as a gift.
CarlotaPittsburg, KS

Great Tea

I’ve been drinking Trader Joe’s Irish breakfast forever. Then we went to Ireland and I discovered what real Irish tea was supposed to taste like. We were served Bewley’s a lot of the time, so I bought it when we got back, and it is indeed far superior to TJ’s. Then I bought some Barry’s Irish tea (actually from Ireland) in the grocery store and did a taste test. Bewley’s won, hands down.
FrancescoPutnam, OK

Like being back in Ireland

Smooth, creamy wonderful tea! I had this at a B&B in Kilkee and was so happy to find it here in the States!
Excellent value also…and shipping was fast as ever.
FloridaCooksburg, PA

This is awesome if you like strong tea

Bewley’s Irish teas are my teas of choice. I love strong tea and the Irish do it right. It’s not bitter at all. If you like the taste of tea and want a little more kick of caffeine, I receommend this tea. This is slightly more mild than their strongest tea, which I have trouble finding. The other one if you want even stronger tea is Bewley’s Gold (I think that’s the name). The box is schoolbus yellow, and one teabag makes two cups officially, but I use one bag for a large mug and am HAPPY.
JanettWatson, IL

Bewely’s Coffee & Tea

I lived in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s. I would drive the 140 miles into Dublin in order to stock up on Bewely’s coffee and tea. The coffee would be fresh roasted and the smell would permeate my car and would stay there for several days. The tea has a creamy rich flavor that I cannot find in any other brand. Whether you drink it black or white you are in for real enjoyment. I would recommend it to all for their morning tea choice or anytime black tea. You will not be disappointed.
AmyHiawatha, KS

cuppa worthy of a review

there are many bagged teas out there, too many at last count. but of all the brands my personal favorite is Bewley’s. this Irish purveyor provides a hearty cuppa every time. i’m partial to both the breakfast and afternoon teas, black and strong. the cafe in Dublin is an institution and worthy of a visit if ever you find yourself in that part of the Blue Marble. barring that, however, snag yourself a box or two of the bags and brew yourself a little bit of celtic heaven in a cup. Slàinte!!
DarwinRepublican Grove, VA

best tea

Bewleys Irish Breakfast tea is a wonderful blend of black teas. A great way to start your day! I have been drinking this brand of tea for several years and although I have tried other teas, this is my favorite
DonaCharles City, IA

Bewley’s Irish Tea

Just returned from Ireland and had this tea often there. I was so happy to find that Amazon had a resource for me to get it, too. Great tasting tea!
AnnieMerrillan, WI