Big League Chew Grape

This great Grape flavor has just enough tangy tartness to keep your mouth from getting dry the whole game long – whether you’re a player or a fan!

Quick facts

  • 12 packs/box
  • The ballplayers bubblegum

Top reviews

One of the best gums out there.

There’s alot of good tasting gum but this is easily one of the best. It’s extremely soft and you can eat alot at a timem the taste is pretty good too, the gum is stringy, and it’s purple, if you didn’t eat these when you were a kid here’s your chance.
VenitaSpringboro, PA

the best all-American gum ever!

No unwrapping of 5 pieces to get a big bubble-enducing wad of gum – just rip open a bag of shredded Big League Chew! Sticking a piece between your cheek & gum is not satisfying, but pretty hilarious. Super juicy fake grape flavor is awesome and you can blow one seriously huge bubble if you can cram a whole pack of this gum in your mouth!
CoralLead Hill, AR