Big Train Blended Creme, Vanilla Bean, 2.8-Ounce Bags

Coffee-free. Create your own frappe or smoothie with our coffee-free blended creme. Made in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Case of 25 2.8-ounce single serving pouches of vanilla bean coffee-free iced beverage mix (70 total ounces)
  • A coffee-free mix that’s great on its own or blended with coffee to create a rich treat
  • Simply add the contents of pouch to a blender and blend with coffee, milk or water and ice for a 16-ounce refreshing treat
  • Conveniently packaged in single-serving packs
  • Product of USA; Big Train is based in Foothill Ranch, California and distributes its drinks to coffee houses and retail outlets throughout the world

Top reviews


I first tried this product on Princess cruise and since bought it online from Amazon. I like how there are 25 bags which retains its freshness. I will definitely be purchasing this product on a continuous basis for my coffee each morning!
MyungFrenchburg, KY

COOL and creamy GOODNESS

WoW, who wouldent love this mix for extra creamy and thick milkshakes or add coffee and it a latte or frappe ! I love the milkshakes, add milk and ice and blend to an amazing flavorful milkshake that is just the best ! My son loves it with cold leftover coffee, and ice a touch of milk, and he has cut some of the calories and has a ‘guilt free’ dessert and loves it soooo much. Family fun for everyone!
AllanRosemary Bch, FL