Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea, 20-Count Boxes

Tea with a smooth taste and distinctive flavor. Individual fresh pack. Take your favorite tea wherever you go! Bigelow’s individual flavor-protecting envelopes ensure great taste and freshness. Indulge in the soothing ritual of tea. Sipped throughout the day, tea quenches, soothes, satisfies, and delivers healthful antioxidants. From the wonderful aroma that fills the air the moment it starts steeping, you’ll know that Bigelow tea is like no other. To create each of our distinctive teas, we blend tender, hand-picked tea leaves from high-elevation gardens where the best teas are grown, then individually wrap our tea bags in flavor-protecting pouches to seal in its goodness. Remember, adding a cup of Bigelow tea throughout your busy day can contribute to your overall well being. So sit back, relax and make tea time your time to refresh mind, body and spirit! Blended and packaged in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 20-count boxes of calorie-free tea (120 total tea bags)
  • Oolong tea with a smooth taste and distinctive flavor
  • Gluten free, with no calories and no carbohydrates; Kosher Parve
  • An excellent source of healthy antioxidants
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Did not work for me

Did not work as a diet tea.I expected it to work like 3 ballerina tea it didn’t.I,ll never buy it again.
KatiaKasson, MN

Bitter, and not like oolong should actually taste.

If you are a tea snob, you know that Oolong isn’t just another kind of tea–it’s meant to be steeped multiple times, with fifteen and twenty second timings to bring out the layers of taste.

A tea sommelier would also tell you that what’s in tea bags is the ‘fannings’ or the dust from tea production, so you’re not getting great tea from tea bags. (And frankly, you don’t drink champagne every day, either, so why be bothered by having less-than-perfect-tea?)

Um, well…having had reasonably good loose Oolong in the recent past, I can tell you that this doesn’t compare. Good oolong, like the stuff Twinings sells in their Origins line, is a little like drinking grass in the initial steepings and then like drinking liquid teak, but it’s not so bitter that it needs sweetener.

This, on the other hand, is just bitter as a main taste. I’m wondering if it’s because Amazon’s stock is old; more oxidation might make this more bitter than it should be.

Kudos to Bigelow for even trying to bring cheap Oolong to the masses–but if you really want to know what oolong is supposed to taste like, look elsewhere.

ErmelindaHancock, NH


I am so disappointed with this tea. Got the tea today and couldn’t wait to drink it but it tastes nothing like the oolong you get in a Chinese restaurant.
IonaSomerville, MA

Delicate, flavorful Tea

I was very happy to find this tea, as it reminds me of wonderful Saturdays spent when I was a young girl. Prior to World War II the main amusements available were movies and my best friend and I had a standing date to see the latest matinee at a nearby theatre. But first, we went to a lovely little Chinese restaurant across the street and had a delicious plate lunch, complete with ice cream for dessert. The tea was served in small egg-shaped cups by an older Chinese waiter who looked like he had just stepped out of a tapestry, and it was delicious! Our mothers had provided each of us just enough money for our repast, plus 10 cents each for a tip, and we had our admission, 20 cents, 10 cents for treats and a nickel for the phone call home when we were finished. We were too shy to ask about the tea, but my mother found out it was “Oo Long”, which had the same flavor blance as this Bigelow Tea. The memories are priceless but this tea is reasonable and worthy of tasting!
OleneSaint Marys, GA

Energy Throughout the Day

I started buying Chinese Oolong Tea after reading that it increases the metabolism by 10% which is much higher than the green tea I had been drinking. I’ve read green tea only increases the metab by 4%. I’d have to drink almost 5 cups of green tea to get the benefits of drinking only 2 cups of Oolong. Green tea has been my good buddy since 1998 when my sister introduced me to it, but I have to say goodbye. Oolong tastes better than green tea as well (at least the Bigelow brand does anyway).

Being over 40 I was looking for something natural to increase my metabolism without downing extra caffeine. Although Oolong has caffeine in it, it doesn’t have as much as coffee. Oolong doesn’t give me heart palpitations like coffee does.

I start my morning off with this tea and it keeps me from taking a nap or becoming sleepy around 1 or 2 p.m. as I usually do. As a matter of fact, if I’m looking forward to relaxing and curling up for a good nap, I have to remember not to drink any oolong.

Bigelow is by far the best tasting Oolong I’ve had. I have an organic brand that I regret buying as it tastes horrible. I couldn’t even finish one cup of that stuff. I’d give Oolong by Bigelow more than 5 stars if I could. I recommend it over coffee and for those of us who need more energy throughout the day. It is definitely more healthy than drinking these energy drinks as well.

I find Bigelow Oolong at my local grocer. I go through the stuff so fast, I don’t want to wait for mail delivery.

CinthiaReese, MI

Bigelow Oolong Tea

Surprisingly it works as prescribed. I used two cups for each tea bag however I only let the first cup steep no more then 5 minutes, then leave the tea bag in the second cup. It reduces the strong flavoring.

I drink this tea and jog maybe twice a week and see results. With a more efficient work-out the tea would work better. I drink maybe 5 cups a day.

BerniePortland, NY

Great oolong tea! Where have you been?

I have been looking for a good Oolong tea for a long time. The stores don’t carry any. I ran across this one on Amazon and thought why not give it a try. Thank goodness I tried, because it is what I have been looking for, a real Oolong tea! Great taste! Like you get in a great chinese restaurant. It also comes in a nice well made package. You don’t have to worry about a cheap bag busting in your cup. Give it a try!
MatildeOskaloosa, KS

good product

It is taste good and surely everybody would love it. I been using this for 3 weeks now and i like it whats is happening. I hope people will used this product and they will enjoy have a nice day everyone!
JuttaFarmington, NY

This is an excellent tea.

We are both big tea drinkers. This is is of the better teas we have tried. Very flavorful not bitter at all. I did not think it reminded me of the chinese tea of my childhood. My wife did. My wife pointed it that we use high quality reverse osmosis water, while the chinese restaurants use sink water. On that basis alone, it wouldn’t taste the same.

Verdict by both of us. An excellent mild, but well flavored tea, with no bitter aftertaste.
This and Bigelow’s unflavored morning blends are now my favorite teas.

AlexandraSpringtown, PA

Love, Love, Love Bigelow’s Oolong tea

I was happy to find this Oolong at Amazon because I can no longer find it at my local grocer’s. It may be a little different from other oolongs but I like it’s deep earthy flavor better. If you like a robust tasting tea without being too strong or bitter then try this oolong!
ElaineHanover, MN


Excellent tea, very mellow and mild. I do not even use honey or sugar when drinking this tea, and that is highly unusual for me. Just a little stronger than another brand that I highly recommend, it is better in my larger capacity travel mug.
HelenCanton, GA

for The Best Iced Tea

I usually drink the regular Bigelow Constant Comment for hot tea, but this Bigelow Oolong is the only one I’ll drink for iced tea because it is absolutely the best. It is also good hot.
FloyEast Meadow, NY

The Best Tea Out There

Oolong is my favorite tea but every store does not carry it. Bigelow is the brand most seen when they do. I have found it at Amazon for a very good price and now I can have it delivered for less than going to the store. I can now have my tea everyday without having to worry if the grocery store has it in stock. Also, has the same benefits as green tea with a richer flavor.
CedricWantagh, NY


I have been searching for a quick and easy to make oolong tea that is comparable to that of my favorite local Chinese restaurant. This is it!! This tea is fabulous because I can take it on the go or enjoy it in a relaxing atmosphere. It is darker than the typical oolong, but don’t let that turn you away. I appreciate the robust flavor to the last drop and find myself making my way back into the kitchen for another cup. I had been looking for this tea for many years. I used to drink this very tea as a child but my local supermarket stopped carrying it and I could not find it so I figured Bigelow had stopped making it. I did some research and found out that I can buy it here at Amazon and that makes me a happy panda!!!
MagaretBath, PA

Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea

is my favorite tea. The bags are individually packaged so they travel well. This is one of the stronger Oolong teas and may take some getting used to. Once your tastebuds adapt, you may not want to drink any other tea. I have tried many of the other so-called “best” Oolong teas and Oolongs promoted by “experts.” I always come back to Bigelow.
My corner store has been sold twice over the past 7 years. The company that owns it now quit stocking the Oolong, so I am very happy that I can still purchase it through Amazon!
WillianScipio, UT

Bigelow Oolong Tea

This tea’s flavor was better than I expected. Slightly-strong, earthy flavor is a nice twist to those teas which barely zest the water. I purchased enough boxes to negate shipping. The result, one of the best Oolong teas I’ve tasted at about $.50 cheaper than I can find it in the store. Having nearly ten-times the flavenoids as regular green tea, with its great taste, it the logical choice.
CarmeliaRockwall, TX

Great taste and good price

Could not find this tea at my local grocery store, bought here. Great taste and good price. Would like to have been able to order a bit less than 6 boxes just in case we did not like it, but thankfully we do. Do not see any weightloss benefits just love the taste.
NohemiPocono Lake Preserve, PA

Exactly what I was looking for!

I am not much of a tea drinker, but always liked the tea that was served in most of the Chinese restarants I’ve been to. I decided to give this a try…..and yep…it was perfect for me! Not too “earthy” and a bit sweet!
MelidaAllenspark, CO

Very good for the price

I have tried 4 different kinds of oolongs, and found this tea to have a very rich, woodsy taste. It brews a dark red/brown color in comparison to some other lighter oolongs, which brew golden. Although it tastes quite strong, which I like, it lacks the sweet aromatic flavors that I love in a previous oolong I’ve tasted. Those tend to be much more expensive, so I settled for this one. It tastes pretty good & seems good quality for the price. I’m pretty much addicted to oolong tea, so I needed something that I could buy at a good price & still enjoy.
ExieWalnutport, PA

unique flavor

This a good unique flavored tea. This brand is better than other oolong I have tried.
ChiMilesburg, PA

restaurant quality

Nice , dark , Chinese restaurant flavored , tea. Smells , and tasts great !
RuthaDuke, OK

Delicious Tea!

This Bigelow Chinese Oolong tea is so good! It’s darker than the Oolong teas that they serve at your favorite chinese restaurants and in my opinion way better tasting! I’ve always loved this tea and this is my first time to try the Bigelow Chinese Oolong and I was so delighted. It is delicious and is my new favorite tea! I was introduced to Bigelow teas a few years back and my favorites include their English Breakfast, English Teatime, Earl Grey and Darjeeling teas. I always wanted to try their Chinese Oolong but it’s not available in my area so I decided to order online and I was not disappointed. Great tea! Bigelow makes some of the best tasting teas around and what’s even better is that you are buying american-made teas. They are grown right here in the U.S.
ElanorSuquamish, WA

the best oolong tea

this biglow tea is as good as all other brand and the cost is about the same and the quantity ,too. if you want good oolong tea ;it is worth buy.
IluminadaFranklin, MO

Great Tea!!

This is that wonderful tea you get in your fave Chinese restaurant. I drink it all the time in the winter. Just take care not to brew it too long if you do it by the potful as it tends to get a bit bitter.
SparkleTylersburg, PA


Generally I do not like tea, but I ordered this because I heard about its health benefits. I was surprised that I really love it. The taste is so smooth and delicious. I will be ordering more.
RobertWorthville, KY

Bigelow Oolong Tea

Been getting this tea as a subscription for about 2 years and love it. I think this is one of the best Oolong teas out there and I’ve tried many including ones that were several times the cost per ounce. Being in individually wrapped teabag form it is convenient to use and carry when traveling and brews to a wonderful rich flavor that never seems to get bitter no matter how long the bag sits in the water. It does seem to brew much darker than other oolongs but who cares it’s the flavor that I love.
EliasClayton, NC

Bigelow – more flavorful than the other Oolong bag teas

I have tried numerous brands of packet Oolong tea, such as Twining, Choice Organic, etc. but each time I have been disappointed by the flavor. I recently realized that even though my grocery store doesn’t carry Bigelow… well, the internet does! I was curious to see whether I was remembering the tea properly (if it was as good as I remembered), and I’m happy to report that yes, it IS better. This brand of Oolong is by far more the most flavorful of the ones I have tried, and it does not become bitter easily – you have to brew it a long time for that to happen. It’s nice to drink something that actually tastes like tea, rather than hot water. 🙂 Anyway, feel free to try the others as well, but I think you’ll find that this brand brews with a superior taste.
DominqueEmory, TX

Can’t find it anywhere else . .

In my opinion, Bigelow makes the best bagged tea out there on the market. NONE of my local stores – either grocery, drug or specialty – carry the Chinese Oolong. Many Chinese restaurants serve oolong so I also serve it in our home.
EusebioNewport, PA


This tea has the most out of this world aroma and taste. Not to high in caffeine, it entices all your senses. Had my first cup this morning and i’m in love. I ordered six boxes so I dont know when I will be ordering more, might be soon.
BambiThornburg, IA

Great tea

Love this tea! It tastes very much like the tea served in Chinese restaurants. It’s a light, mild tea. The flavor is enhanced with a drizzle of honey. It is the perfect tea to serve with a meal or it stands alone as a morning or afternoon beverage. The price for a six boxes is well below what I pay in the local stores.
SooDighton, KS